by Halys

The first time he had been with Yuugi, they had both been clumsy and awkward; completely unpracticed in making love. That had been the first night he had his own body, when he had forsaken the afterlife and ran into Yuugi's open arms.

Now, neither he nor Yuugi were unaccustomed to exploring each other's bodies. He knew, now, that if he grazed his knuckles along Yuugi's neck, his aibou would shudder gently. He knew that a well placed kiss on Yuugi's palm would elicit a soft murmur of pleasure. He also knew that if he gripped Yuugi's hips tightly and gave a strong thrust to the left, Yuugi would scream out his name in ecstasy.

He knew more about Yuugi than anyone else ever would (for even if he allowed another to touch his aibou, they would still know infinitely less than him) Then again, why wouldn't he? He was Pharaoh and Yuugi was a god (in his eyes). Only Pharaohs could touch the gods and be one with them. And he worshiped Yuugi every night.

Oh, and how Yuugi truly was a god. He glowed during the day, as his friends gathered and worshiped his kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. At night, when they were one as only they could be, Yuugi shimmered. Starlight and moonlight glimmered on Yuugi's sweat-slicked skin as the Pharaoh worshiped the temple of Yuugi's soul.

After, as Yuugi slept, the Pharaoh would pray to his god. He whispered thanks to Yuugi for saving him from his golden prison, for giving him a name, and for the undying love that only his god could give. The Pharaoh prayed for forgiveness, quietly begging his aibou to forgive him for all his transgressions, all his sins, and all the moments when he had hurt Yuugi. Finally, the Pharaoh prayed for the future. He pleaded to his sleeping precious one, asking him to love him always and that his god would never forsake him. That was what he feared the most: That Yuugi would one day realize his potential and strength, and would leave the Pharaoh for someone better.

Then, morning would break, with sunlight streaming into the room to make Yuugi glow once more. The Pharaoh's god would awaken with the sun, and give his other a radiant smile. The Pharaoh knew, then, that his prayers were answered. Just like the last time, and every time he loved Yuugi. Even like the first.

Takahashi owns Yuugiou. This is my way of coping. D: