From the team that work on the Maito Gai Fanfiction Series and the Hokage Files:

My Schoolmate, The Shinobi: Prologue

By Team PikaFlash

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At a school on a normal school day, the students were busy doing whatever they want in class as the teacher writes whatever stuff on the blackboard that has something to do with the lesson. One student stands out from the class. A Blonde in school uniform was laying his head on the table with his arms covering his head from the distraction and ignoring everything around him.

West Konoha High, a low-standard public high school throughout the country of Fire which is similar to any typical low-standard public high school, where the students there are lousy at schoolwork.

The Blonde walks out of the classroom with other students watching him.

However, the students in the school has no influence from the Orochimaru gang as the students there are more barbaric with an underground tradition of a conflict between students, with no sign of outside help or he'll be boycotted by the whole school. The teachers and staff at the school have no power over these conflicts, as one Student will guard the classroom on the top floor and have the one thing that fits in with the barbaric tradition...

The Blonde walks up to the classroom to see a large-sized students waiting for him on a stage made from desks placed next to each other.

The rules of this fight is simple, a one-on-one fight, with no help at all. The ring is made up of all the desks in the classroom. Whoever lands out of the arena will lose and the battle ends.

Suddenly, all the students run to the classroom window to watch the fight.

"Naruto, I have some ointment for you after I beat you up!" The fat student on the ring jeered as he prepared for his fight.

A group of students were outside watching the battle.

"Choji is great! Choji will win this time!" One of the students yelled.

Naruto unties his shoelaces on one of his shoes.

"All of us have betted that you will win, Choji," yelled that particular student. "Go and eat shit, Naruto."

Naruto instantly kicks his shoe at the taunting student's face and knocks him out. Naruto removed his other shoe and jumps onto the ring. A student near the doorway out turned the ceiling fans on.

Naruto prepared for battle. "Let's begin then."

Choji has begun charging towards Naruto, but Naruto dodges in time and blocks a hit from Choji. As Naruto jumps around, each jump begins to break the ring apart, but with one quick reaction to a punch from Choji, Naruto finally lands a kick straight onto Choji's head, making him land on the desks, breaking the ring much further apart. Naruto calmly walks towards Choji, but Choji quickly recovered and tackled Naruto. As Naruto tries to escape by elbowing Choji's behind before he gets pushed out of the ring, and with a little bit of extra strength, Naruto slammed Choji onto the desks, causing more desks to fall over, but Choji's heavy weight was overpowering Naruto. Choji got up as Naruto jumps onto his feet and tries to attack Choji and finally grabs Choji's head with his leg and lands a couple of kicks. But Choji grabs Naruto and suddenly raised Naruto off his feet and as Choji pushes Naruto towards the ceiling fans, Naruto instinctively kept his body down as much as he can as the fans suddenly rips off a bit of his school shirt. At the same moment, Naruto suddenly grabs Choji's neck with his legs and flips Choji out of the ring, onto the hard solid floor. Naruto stood up as Choji got himself off the ground.

"Naruto, you really are the "Fighting King of West Konoha High". I guess I was wrong. Sorry," apologized Choji.

Naruto looks down at his defeated opponent with no signs of celebration. Another victory for the "Fighting King of West Konoha High."

End of Prologue

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