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My Schoolmate, The Shinobi

Part 2: Red FacePaint

By PikaFlash

Disclaimer: All characters, songs and scenes belong to their respective owners...

Sasuke was standing at the entrance to West Konoha High.

Sasuke takes out his cell phone. "Kakashi, is this the school? West Konoha High? I see. Thanks."

Sasuke hangs up and rode his bike in.

Sasuke walks up to a janitor.

"Excuse me, but where is the principal's..." The janitor pointed the way to the office before Sasuke finished his question.


Sasuke walks around the school. He reaches the stairs, only to find a student with red facepaint sitting on some steps, speaking on his cell phone.

"Excuse me."

The student looked up from his cell phone. "You're asking me to move? Are you new or just stupid?"

"Yeah, I'm new here," answered Sasuke.

The student raised an open hand. "Then, pay me a toll and you may pass."

Sasuke tries to walk through but the student steps his foot on the wall, blocking Sasuke's path.

"Otherwise I'll make you pay."

Sasuke tries to walk past the student. "Hey! Hey!"

Sasuke squeezed past student and accidentally knocks away student's cell phone, causing it to break on the floor.

"Hey! You broke my phone! Do you know who I am?!"

"I'll ask the principal about this."

"You want to talk to the principal?" The student stared at Sasuke in disbelief. "Are you suicidal?"

Sasuke enters Principal Iruka's office.

"Principal Iruka."

"Welcome, Sasuke Uchiha, welcome," greeted Iruka.

"That's ok," said Sasuke. "Just call me Sasuke."

"Your brother is famous in Konoha and it is well known that you are an excellent student," said Iruka. "And I say you're handsome too. With such excellence you bring as a student to this school, it's like Pikachu in Pokémon. It is our honor indeed."

"Principal, you're flattering me."

"I mean it, most of the students in your year wouldn't get all Bs in the finals but you alone can get As and distinctions in all your subjects. So its worth having you here and to have a new school thanks to your brother's donation. It is worth it."

"Oh, and which class do I go to?" asked Sasuke.

"The top class of the year, of course!"

"Thanks, oh, by the way, I have met a schoolmate and he seems furious."

Iruka pulls out a handkerchief and wipes off a bit of sweat off his face. "Well, all of the students here are furious."

"So, who should I complain to if someone does something to me?"

Iruka began to fidget around. "Well, I'll look into it, but the best idea is to call the police."

"So, there is no counselor here?"

The Principal took out a handkerchief and wipe off some sweat.

"Well, he's in the hospital since the beginning of the year and is still there," the principal explained.

"I see. I'll go to class now."

Iruka nervously nods. "Sure."

As Sasuke walks off, he decides to ask about the worker. "What happened to the counselor? Did he get beaten up too badly that he had to be sent to the hospital?"

"H-he...he fell off the roof," was the answer.

Sasuke figured that someone must have pushed the social worker off. "I understand. Thank you, Principal Iruka."

Outside Iruka's office, the students were trying to look inside when Sasuke walks out. The students took a few steps away from Sasuke, waiting for something to happen.

"Hi, I'm Sasuke."

"OH!" The students walked off.

"What was that about?" mumbled Sasuke.

"I really pity you," said a voice.

Sasuke walks to a black-haired student sitting on a tree trunk.

"Excuse me, but why do you feel pity for me?"

"You'll understand later," said the student. He takes out a drink out of his bag and hands it to Sasuke. "Here, have a cold drink."

Sasuke looks at the student's bag. "You have a cold drink in your bag?"

The student looks at his bag. "This? It's actually an ice-box. I even have potato chips and some fruits, in case there are those who are on a diet."

"Are you a student or a walking Convenience Store?"

"I am a student, but I'm also the mobile shop around here. I even have oil, massage cream, painkillers and even condoms."

"I get it," said Sasuke. "You're like Brock from Pokémon."

"The name's Sai. If you call me, I'll come and sell you whatever I can get for you.

"My name's Sasuke."

"I know who you are," said Sai. "You are a student who will get the top marks in the final exams, from East Konoha, but some crazed fangirl framed you to get you expelled."

Sasuke looks at Sai.

"Are you a paparazzi as well?"

Sasuke and Sai entered the classroom with the students mostly doing whatever they want, from playing cards, putting on make up, reading mangas and sleeping. Then, a Pink-Haired student sees Sasuke and started screaming...


Sakura quickly ran past Sasuke and Sai, out of the room screaming.

"How do you keep yourself sane?" Sasuke looked at Sai for answers.

"There are some who have PTSD here..."

A familiar student wearing red facepaint walked up to Sasuke.

"Hey pal. I don't like you. You'll know why once you meet me at the top floor of the school after class."

"I won't fight you on the roof." said Sasuke.

"You scared? Well, too late for you!"

The student walked back to his seat with his gang.

Sasuke looks at Sai. "So, where should I sit?"

"Anywhere, except for that corner." Sai points at a corner with empty desk with a sleeping Blonde occupying one of the desks.

"Why not?"

"No one has the balls to sit next to Naruto," explained Sai.

"Is he very furious?"

"He is the former 'Fighting King' of this school last year."

Sasuke looks at Sai. "And the present one?"

Sai points out of the window upstairs, where a student with pale white eyes was punching and kicking a helpless student acting like a punching bag being held by two other students.

"His name is Neji Hyuga."

Sasuke watched the beating. "I wonder how they study here."

"No one really studies here."

Sasuke looks around the classroom and sees that the seats around Naruto are the only ones available. So, Sasuke sits next to Naruto.

"Get lost," mumbled Naruto.

"Excuse me?"

"I told you to get lost!"

"Hi, I'm Sasuke." Sasuke raised out his hand.


"I'm not trash," retorted Sasuke.

Naruto sat up. "You'll soon know why you'll become trash after studying here."

"I'll never become trash." Sasuke took out a few books for studying.

"You must be very stupid or very trashed."

"I'm not stupid."

"If you're better than stupid, I'm sure you'll change to another school in 3 days."

"I won't change to another school and I am not stupid."

Naruto lay his head on the table. "Well, then you'll better get used to the slow life here."

As the final bell rang, most of the students left the classroom and Sasuke was in the classroom with Naruto woke up...

"You better run away or you'll die," said Naruto.

Sasuke looks at the time. "My ride won't be here in 15 minutes time."

"Then, you're finished."

A group of students blocked the exit as Sasuke walks out of the classroom.

"Please, I won't fight."

A larger sized student grabbed Sasuke by the shirt. "Come with me!"

As Sakura watched Sasuke being dragged away, she was unsure with what she can do, so she did the only thing she could think of doing. She screamed.


As Sasuke was pushed up some stairs by Choji, Sai was following Sasuke.

"Come on, you must fight."

Sasuke was pushed in to the classroom with the ring, made from desks put together where the student with red facepaint was waiting.

"Take off your shoes and get onto the ring," ordered Choji.

The students were outside watching, cheering. "Come on! Get on the ring!"

Sai runs to Sasuke. "You must fight. If you fight, everyone will respect you if you win or lose, but if you refuse, everyone will call you chicken," explained Sai.

The students cheered. "Get on the ring!"

As Sasuke walks to the ring, he starts to imagine things.

Sasuke's imagination

Sasuke was at a grass path near a river facing Choji and the red facepaint student, all dressed as swordsmen.

Sasuke suddenly defeats the two warriors with ease.


Sasuke was back in reality as the student looks at Sasuke.

"So, you finally chose to show up now," said the student

Sai and Sakura ran to a window to watch the fight as Sasuke removed his shoes and got onto the ring. Choji switches the ceiling fans on.

"Look, we mustn't rely on violence to solve everything. I mean, it was a misunderstanding since the beginning, so it will be alright if you let me explain. I am not afraid of you."

The red-facepaint student lands a kick at Sasuke's head, which sent Sasuke flying out of the ring.

The last thing Sasuke saw was Naruto watching him.

Sasuke was sent flying to a wall, the students cheered and Sakura was screaming as she watches.

"Come on, get back on the ring, don't pretend. Get up! Are you very weak?! Come on, I haven't started fighting yet," yelled the red-facepaint student.

Sasuke blacks out.

Sasuke wakes up in an apartment to see a pink-haired student looking at him.

"Sai! He's awake," said Sakura. "Quickly!"

Sasuke looks up. "What happened to me?"

Naruto was sitting at a window still playing with a guitar.

"You were knocked out."

Sasuke felt his head. "My head hurts."

Sakura takes a glass of water and gives it to Sasuke. "Here, drink this. Hey, Sai, do you have some aspirin?"

"Sure. I have many brands. Which one?" Sai picks up his bag.

"Any one would do, Sai," said Sakura.

Sai gives the pack of aspirin to Sakura.

"How about my payment?"

"Don't worry, I'll pay later," Sasuke said.

Sai smiled. "I was kidding. We're buddies, don't worry."

Sasuke takes the aspirin and drank some water. "I must talk to Principal Iruka."

"It's useless," said Naruto. "The fights are a tradition that existed long before Iruka became the principal. He knows about it, but cannot do anything."

"But we mustn't let them fight like this."

Sakura nods. "I agree, so I'll back you up!"

Sasuke looks at Sakura. "Thanks." Sasuke returns his focus to Naruto. "Naruto, I heard that you used to be the 'Fighting King' but why not now? Did you get knocked out?"

Naruto continues playing his guitar. "No one has ever knocked me out of the ring. I left the school for one year, and then came back."

"Then, will you back me up and help change the situation here?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura nods in agreement. "I'll back you up!"

Sasuke looks at Sakura. "Thank you, but please keep quiet."

"If you want to change the situation, you must defeat Kiba or else everyone will use you as a sandbag," said Naruto. "If they continue to defeat you, they'll gain back confidence."

"I'll never fight," said Sasuke.

"Even if you say you won't fight, but you did," Naruto pointed out. "If you don't want to fight, then there is only one way, drop out."

"No!" protested Sasuke. "The finals are in 2 months and I have no time to change to another school."

"Then you must learn self-defence to protect yourself or you'll die before the finals."

Sakura nods. "I'll back you up, Sasuke!"

Sasuke looks at Sakura. "Thank you, but I am beginning to find you a bit annoying."

Sakura blushed. "Well, I find that I am a bit annoying too, but I still back you up."

Sai has an idea. "I got an idea, why not let Naruto be your bodyguard."

Sasuke looks up to Naruto. "I swore to myself that I will never fight again," said Naruto.

"But I thought they forced you to fight?" Sasuke asked.

"Who in their right minds would dare force me to fight them? No one knows about my promise as they fear me. Only one person has tried to challenge me but I refused..."

"Neji Hyuga," mentioned Sai.

"Let's be more practical," said Naruto. "What about letting me teach you how to protect yourself."

Sasuke was a bit hesitant. "But I don't think violence can solve problems."

"The authorities use appropriate violence," explained Naruto, "So if you learn to protect yourself when being beaten, it will be like taking defence at a soccer game."

Sasuke didn't see anything wrong with Naruto's logic. "Well, I'm not against that."

"Great, we'll start learning tomorrow," said Naruto. "My fee is only 1000 ryou a lesson."

"Alright, you said so," said Sasuke.

Sakura smiled. "I'll back you up!"

Sasuke groaned in pain and lay back onto the bed.

End of Part 2