Since I've been on a writing spree ever since summer started, I knew I had to update my most popular fic. This chapter is sort of a filler (but still important in developing the plot) and I actually had this written for a long while but I always felt something was missing. Enjoy!


Departure. Arrival.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong International Airport is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok, which gives it its alternate name of Chek Lap Kok Airport. The third busiest airport in Asia, it was here that Kinomoto Sakura's flight landed on a cloudy day two weeks after she was given a job at Nang Hua Technologies. When the plane docked and its passengers headed to customs, Sakura stopped for a moment to look around her. It was the first time in years that she had left Tokyo for reasons other than "vacationing"-partying, spending money, getting so drunk that the next morning the toilet became her best friend and a random stranger was entangled in her bed sheets.

Thank Kami-sama for toilet bowl cleaner and laundry detergent.


Sakura turned to see the flight attendant who had served her on the plane looking questioningly at her. "Yes?"

"Customs is this way," he said, pointing towards the group of people who were being filtered into separate lines for the customs officials.

"Oh yes, I'm sorry," she apologized and followed the man and his group of coworkers. A few minutes later, she was called to a desk where a petite woman with her hair pulled back into a severe bun sat.

"What's your purpose for coming here, Miss Kinomoto?"

"I relocated here for my job."

"For whom may I ask?"

No you may not you nosy bitch.

"Nang Hua Technologies."

"So you do not know approximately how long the duration of your stay will be?"

For as long as your ass is going to be sitting at this dead-end job.

"Hopefully a very long time."

The woman handed Sakura back her documents before saying, "Good luck Miss Kinomoto, and enjoy your stay."

Sakura gave the woman a light smile that barely touched her eyes. "Oh I will." Gathering up her papers, she left the cubicle and headed towards the baggage claim area.

He was busy reviewing some papers when the door to his corner office opened and in strode the devil himself.

"Did your mother ever teach you to knock before barging in on someone Eriol?" Syaoran asked, his eyes back on the sheets of paper in his hands.

"It's not like you're having sex with your secretary in here."

"That's because my secretary is a married woman in her fifties with two children in college."

"Exactly." Eriol walked over to the desk and took a seat in one of the chairs across from Syaoran. "She's here," he announced unceremoniously.


"Kinomoto Sakura."

Syaoran looked up sharply. "What?"

Eriol grinned. "Two weeks ago her sister-in-law Mizuki Kaho called asking for a job for one of the company's shareholders. How do you refuse two Kinomotos?"

"Why didn't you tell me this two weeks ago?" Syaoran asked, slightly irritated.

Eriol shrugged. "Slipped my mind."

Syaoran rolled his eyes. When it came to his best friend, few things were important except when they dealt with him or his girlfriend.

"You want to know more?"

"Do tell."

"She's the new senior executive director of our advertising department."

Syaoran froze. "Senior…executive director?"

Eriol nodded. "Senior executive director. As in just a couple spots below you on the food chain. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

Syaoran leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. "That bastard," he muttered. "I should have known Wang would try to come up with some plan to kick my ass out onto the street after that meeting. God he brings in an outsider so he can replace me!"

"Calm down she didn't get your job."


"Exactly. Yet. So make sure that the possibility of 'yet' never occurs." Eriol leaned in. "Our plan…?"

"Yes, yes, I know." Syaoran waved his hand impatiently. "Seduce her, convince her to hand her shares over, buy out the executive board, and become chief. But what if she's promoted and I'm kicked out before I can do everything I just mentioned?"

"Stop being a dumbass. Even if plans to fire you are underway right now, your mother would raise hell so that you wouldn't be sacked for a couple of years."

Syaoran said nothing.

"Lighten up. Miss Kinomoto has arrived in Hong Kong and will be coming to work in a few days' time. In fact, she'll probably make her first appearance at the company party this weekend." Eriol's eyes bored into Syaoran's. "I hope you'll make good use of that opportunity."

Syaoran smirked. "I will."

The Kinomoto family had numerous properties scattered in various locations throughout the world, but the apartment in Hong Kong was one of the most luxurious. Located in the downtown apartment building of Pacific Place, it was a serviced three-bedroom suite that overlooked Victoria Harbour. Sakura was well acquainted with the place, having traveled to Hong Kong multiple times before, but this time, it was a different feeling. As she unpacked her things in the master bedroom, she reveled in the fact that she was no longer in Tokyo and that in just a few days' time she was going to be working at one of the biggest companies in Hong Kong. Lost in her thoughts, she almost missed the shrill ringing of her telephone.

"Hello?" She breathed, having ran to the kitchen to pick up the call.

"Sakura Kinomoto?" A man's voice asked.

"Yes, who's calling please."

"This is Wang Xu Huan, president and chief executive of Nang Hua Technologies."

"Oh! Well this is an honor Mr. Wang, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

"Who else to welcome the granddaughter of one of the company's founders?"

Sakura laughed. "I'm afraid you have to add another title to that Mr. Wang, my job title."

"Of course, senior executive director." Wang chuckled. "Have you settled in yet?"

"Mm…getting there." Sakura replied as she went back into the bedroom.

"Do you think you can take some time out of your unpacking to come to a company party this Saturday?"

"Considering you're my boss am I not obligated to?"

Wang laughed. "Yes, yes you are. You won't regret it, we're going to dine at Felix at the Peninsula Hotel. Fine Euro-Asian cuisine, you'll like it."

"Sounds like an offer I can't refuse."

"Exactly. Seven o'clock sharp. I expect to see you there."

"You will, Mr. Wang."

"Good. I'll see you then." And the phone went dead.

Walking back to the kitchen, Sakura placed the receiver back into its hook and paused for a moment to think. It didn't surprise her in the least when Wang Xu Huan called to personally welcome her to Hong Kong-after all, she was one of the company's biggest shareholders and he of all people knew that. Rather, it was the sudden revelation that with her family name, those in the company who knew what it meant would be catering to her. Not that it was anything new considering the opportunities that were afforded to her back in Tokyo, but the fact that this time, she could use the Kinomoto namesake for something other than getting into restaurants and clubs. This newfound sense of her power made her feel exhilarated.

Sakura grinned. She was going to make her stay in Hong Kong a memorable one.

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