Title: The Reason they were Late for Potions
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG-13 I guess.
Warnings Unbeteaed. One angstly line at the end. Fluffy otherwise. Short. And um... bad title?
Words: 424
Disclaimer I do not own the characters, universe, or anything else from the Harry Potter Books. I am not trying to make money off of this.
Summery: Remus and Sirius choose McGonagall's classroom to kiss in between classes.
Author Notes: This is for a friend who has had a really bad week, and she doesn't deserve to. Something to cheer her up. A short little drabble.

The Reason they were Late for Potions

The thing about kissing Remus was once Sirius started it was awful hard to stop. This is the reason he pulls Remus urgently into the empty classroom.

"Sirius? Are you okay?" Remus asks. He is nervous, until Sirius presses him into the wall behind the door. "Sirius…" he protests, but only so it looks like he is even attempting to stop Sirius' rash behavior. Then he gives in with zeal.

It isn't until Sirius' hand begins to wander up his robes when Remus realizes what they are doing. "Sirius," he protests again, "We can't just start going at it in empty classrooms. It's not allowed. Anyone could walk in. Bloody hell—this is the transfiguration classroom, Sirius— McGonagall is going to walk in." Remus explodes fervently.

Sirius just pulls Remus closer. He kisses him gently. "I don't care if anyone catches us. I don't care if McGonagall catches us."

"Well, in that case Mr. Black…" A sharp voice behind then causes Remus and Sirius to spring apart.

"Oh! Professor I—" Remus stops and blushes then proceeds to let his mouth hang open in fear.

"Well, you see Professor, Remus here was choking on a macadamia nut… and I was trying to get it out…. with my tongue?" Sirius finishes his excuse lamely.

Remus closes his eyes and braces himself for a detention.

"Now, if it is completely necessary, I suggest you boys find somewhere that isn't my classroom to carry on this activity. For what it's worth, Mr. Black I would not recommend any broom closets. Mr. Filch will not be pleased to find you there." McGonagall stood firmly before the boys with the start of a smile twitching on her lips and her eyebrows rose at their shocked faces. "Don't just stand there. Run along. I'm not going to write you a note and I doubt Professor Slughorn will accept snogging in my classroom as an acceptable excuse for lateness."

"But detention—"

"I'm not going to you a detention, but if it will clear your conscience Mr. Lupin I'm sure Professor Slughorn will if you dawdle any longer."

The two boys ran out in absolute shock.

"I've always liked her," is all Sirius can say as the tumble into the potions classroom.

Professor McGonagall can't help but smile as the two boys sprint out of the room. How could she give them a detention when they have just made her day? She sits at her desk with a sigh as she prepares herself to tell another student his parents are gone.