Be With You

Took me 3 hours and however many minutes to conjure this up. On impulse again. If you like a little senseless DannySam goodness and a little angst wrapped up in a nice little oneshot, you've come to the right story. The subject is a bit touchy in the story, I know, and I may have some errors floating around, I'm not entirely sure. Fact is I finished this at 12:43 at sue me I'm a little rusty. It's an alright story for something made in 3 hours, didn't turn out the way I wanted but eh, what are you gonna do?I thought I'd share it with you! I hope you like it, and as always, review if you please. Much appreciated.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belong to Butch Hartman. Not moi.

A sticky summer day declined overhead.

On Tuesday afternoon, one of the most humid afternoons for children to play outdoors, within the gates of Bartlett Day Care, Danny Fenton asked Sam Manson for her lollipop when the playground bully stole his and smashed it into the hot blacktop.

She had only unwrapped the paper and handed it over under the premises that one day; he would return a favor to her.

The four-year-old with the droopy purple pigtail braids smirked in a manner she thought was superior, reminding young Danny exactly why he didn't like girls, but dutifully crunched and sucked on the strawberry prize.

A span of many years lapsed between the two children, tricycles were sold at garage sales, size five shoes were outgrown, middle school was no more then a painful sequence of events they didn't plan on looking back at, and Danny and Sam became inseparable so to speak. A lot of the kids at Casper High rarely saw these two alone; one of them would either be tagging along with the future Bill Gates, Tucker Foley.

After the fourth quarter of their freshmen year, Sam disappeared for a week. When she returned around the last day of school, she returned looking devastated beyond any of her two best friend's knowledge.

News leaked out one way or another. Leukemia.

Sam was dying.

The sentence stopped Daniel Fenton's heart cold in his chest. Of course her parents would spare no expense on helping their daughter recover but money wouldn't save her. He knew people died, he knew the young died. But not his friends. Not Sam. The girl who never cried in front of him, even when they were made to watch a particularly gruesome documentary about the slaughtering of innocent creatures for harvest, the only girl he knew who could play football without complaining about her hair or clothes getting dirty. He had to admit, Sam looked cute with a little smudge of mud on her cheek.

She was the definition of invincible. And he was a hero but he couldn't save her from this beast. There was no ghost to suck into the Fenton Thermos, nothing physical to beat, no villain. He was useless to her.

Absolutely worthless.


Storm clouds rumbled lowly in the distance. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, the young girl relived her favorite dream.

---took her in his arms. Arms that were thin but strong joined with hands that crossed over her shoulders, feather-light. His lips lowered to her ear, hot puffs of air sent electrifying shocks down her spine. When her body quivered with that electricity, she let out a weak moan and pressed her back against his chest. With one wet kiss just below her right earlobe, she was powerless to his control. A satisfied laugh came from his throat and he smiled against the kiss he placed on her shoulder blade. She was his…and only his…

Vague knock on her glass window. One loud, two softer.

The window slide open an inch or two, she could tell from where she laid, and a husky breath asked, "Sam? Sam, are you awake?"

"I am now," she replied, sitting up as Danny crawled in from the old oak tree in the back, halfheartedly she was surprised he still remembered which branch was the stable one and which wasn't, and at one in the morning no less. The bedroom door was already locked so Sam got up simply to draw the curtains shut and turn on a lamp. Her best friend slipped off his windbreaker and seated himself on the end of her black sheeted mattress as she sat across from him at her headboard. She didn't have to inquire an explanation to why he was there; they had been past that stage since seventh grade.

Ice blue examined her décor; it gave him a terrible shiver to associate black with the inevitable.

No…he couldn't think that…….he wasn't going to let that happen…..

Meanwhile, Sam sleep-mussed in her baggy purple pajamas, baggy to hide her colored disfigurations, stared down at her coverlet and picked at a stray thread on her arm sleeve, uncomfortably aware of what he was probably thinking about at that moment.

Up through her thin lashes, she found that he had changed from his everyday school clothes to something more comfortable, a navy hoodie and sweats, and had with him his keys attached to that lame Florida keychain she gave him as an apology for missing his baseball game for a short vacation at Cocoa Beach at eight. He twirled it around his index finger nervously.

Danny jumped slightly when a pair of cool hands touched his sheepishly, and his insides stirred when a pair of warm violet ticked in his direction, "Easy there, I'm not going to hurt you. Despite what some people believe."

When he didn't react, her soft mouth twisted up into a scowl, "It's like I'm contagious or something."

Tan quietly closed over ivory.

"But you are."

Sam frowned at him, upon seeing his mischievous smirk, she decided to let the crack slid, knowing he was doing no harm. Rather she was glad he could at least joke unlike Tucker who had broken down at the prospect of his friend's possible demise. Danny changed the subject, catching a glimpse of a dark emotion in bright purple, "How are you feeling? Any better?"

Her symptoms wasn't what she wanted to talk about; there was only one topic that needed to be crossed. The sooner she waited, the harder it would be to bring up.


She must have been thinking too deeply because Danny had noticed her troubled far away expression and leaned over from his end. What brought her back to reality was not his whisper but the shock of warm flesh touching her cold face. Astonishment glowed visible in her features and he dropped his hand, the area he had touched with his palm began to redden.


"I went to the hospital today."

He nodded, numbness creeping over him at the mention of the word. Sam released a shaky breath she had been holding in for a while and chose not to clutch his hand but instead get a fistful of blanket for consolation, "There might be a treatment to cure me."

She said to the immediate relief in his eyes, "It's not a guarantee so don't hang onto a false hope Danny. It's a bone marrow transplant and there's only one other person on this side of Illinois who comes closest to matching me."

'If it's Dash….I swear…..'

Dread dripping from his voice, he questioned, "Who is it?"

"...Do you remember Morton?"

One of his black eyebrows quirked, "The playground bully?"

"On Susan Anthony's birthday everyone got a treat and Morton broke yours on the playground when we went outside."

"What about it Sam?"

Violet narrowed seriously, "There's no easy way for me to approach this but we made a pact then. In exchange for me doing a favor to you one day you do return it to me. I know it's stupid, comparing a lollipop to a body part bu---"

Two fingers pushed against her mouth to stop her. Danny's face scrunched up mildly in outrage, he declared, "You don't even have to ask me." Sam heartbeat picked up heavily until he confirmed lowly with less anger, "I'm your match, aren't I?"

Sam croaked, "Yeah…" A veil of moisture fell over her eyes and she let it burn as punishment for her weakness, refusing to let anything show, she would never cry in front of him, if she showed weakness, asking him might go in vain. And she had never asked anything from him before, damned pride.

He started shaking his head slowly, almost in hesitancy, "Sometimes Sam, I think you're just too good to be true. Sometimes I want to shake you andI know I need it from time to time. But never, never feel that you need to ask for something like that from me. Okay?"

Though no tears were spilling, Sam fell into a total state of emotional dependences, latching onto her nearest source of comfort. Literally. With his boyish arms wrapped around her back, she burrowed her body closer to his, pressing her dry face into his hoodie. Danny tried to sooth her slight trembling by rubbing her lower back, by simply holding her, and murmured into her hair, "You always got me. I'd give you my heart if it meant to save your life."

'You don't mean that Danny….you can't mean that…'

But Sam didn't say it out loud. She knew that's not what he meant, but she couldn't handle facing the truth she knew wouldn't come true in her lifetime. No matter what was going on, he would always love her like Tucker did, as a friend, a sister.

Never the way she wanted.

The mere suffocating thought was enough to cause a breakdown, increasing tenfold at his concerned gestures, and Sam buried her face deeper into his chest, willing her awful emotions to once again be purged by her indifference to the outside world. Little did she know that the strain she was creating did cause a small effect of blushing. Not entirely unwanted.

When he had gently kissed the top of her head she had cringed.

But why? Had he gone too far? Didn't she think of him as he did about her? Didn't she know the effect of her smile on a rainy day, that when she smiled she became the glowing piece of sunshine outshining everything and everyone else? Didn't she know that he couldn't go to sleep unless he heard her reassuring throaty voice on the other end of the telephone line?

Her loosened jet black hair shadowed over her face when she looked away, Danny swervedher faceback to level his, hoping she wouldn't recoil when he woulddelve himself into a big mistake.

But it was a mistake well worth experiencing again.

Her tender rouged lips pursed against his as Danny lightly converged them. His thumb stroked the curve of her ear, the heel of her palm applied pressure to the space behind his. Somewhere in the fog in his head he was very thankful to know she was kissing him back.

Sam unfortunately pulled away from the mouth-bruising kiss to protest calmly, "I'm diseased."

"You're beautiful," he stated matter-of-factly. Even Danny was surprised by the confidence in his voice. Her straight eyebrows lowered in confusion, "This is ridiculous! You don't like me."

"Why don't you let me decide for myself? Sam, you're not some hideous monster, you're smart, beautiful, funny, and I love being around you. You're my best friend."

"That's exactly my point!" She snapped frustrated, fists clenching, "I'm your best friend, not your girlfriend. I'm not like...Paulina or Valerie--!"

"That's exactly my point, why are you comparing yourself to them? You're the first girl I kissed, even if it was forced, I never said I didn't like it."

Sam fingered the bridge of her nose after letting out an infuriated grunt, "You're willing to throw away our friendship because you liked it when I kissed you?"

Danny countered knowingly, "You wouldn't?"

She didn't have a rebuttal for that one. She wouldn't lie to him either.

"I'm not saying we should stop being friends and start dating. But I do like you," a lovely stripe of red appeared on his neck as he admitted his, "and I...I don't know how I'm going to handle seeing you with another guy." Sam retorted, a faint smile creasing the corners of her face, "Great, another Gregor situation on our hands." A mutual chuckle was shared at this. In the midst of this sudden delirium, Danny broke it by asking when the operation was.

"They said as soon as possible."

"We can go tomorrow if you want."

Sam nodded in a silent agreement, already tapping into her memory for the doctor's phone number.

"When you wake up I'll be sure to get you a nice stuffed pink rabbit."

She gave him her infamous are-you-kidding-me Look. Danny grinned, laughing.

"Alright, a nice stuffed black bat."

Sam gripped her pillow to her chest, not bothering to hide her smile, "You damn right."


Sam saw him to the door, the ground and tree was slicked with rain. Not wanting to risk a broken neck, Danny followed her outside. Right under the porch light, on the front mat, he turned around from looking out at the lawn and clasped a large hand behind her neck to give her a quick chaste kiss. She beat him in the arm for getting fresh but secretly her heart did cheers and flips worthy of any pep squad.

Her skin crawled with sensations of heavenly heat hardly felt before when intimacy passed between them.

He told her sternly, running an anxious hand through spikes, ice blue flashing, "You're going to be okay Sam. I'll call you tomorrow."

She reminded him dully, the light from the porch creating shadows under her eyes, "There's a chance your marrow could get rejected by mine."

"Now that wouldn't surprise me."

How he worked the nerve to turn a serious subject lighter was beyond her. It was admirable. Maybe because he had so much faith that she would be okay. For her own sake, she welcomed it. Getting annoyed at him distracted away the welling of depression and utter fear. Sam watched from the shelter of her home as he blended into the night, invisible wind and rain plowing into him. He'd better not catch a cold she thought to herself absently, crossing her arms unconsciously.

She would be okay, if they could share chicken pox, they could share bone marrow. They caught it early, the transplant would be successful, and she would wake up right after to see Danny and Tucker drooling over the armrests in the chairs nearest to her bed.

Then maybe she and Danny could……

Sam sighed, a cloud of frost escaping her.

He was right. Maybe she did need a few smacks in the head. After all, Sam Manson didn't really need to ask Danny for the favor back. Or to save her life. All this time, he had been repaying his debt to her. And he didn't ask for anything in return. How could he be so selfless? Would he be this way to his future wife?

A war raged inside her, hope, doubt pushed and pulled every fiber of her being.

'Lucky woman………'