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Aftermath of an Afterlife


"No! Stay Away from him!"

It's amazing how our mind loves to play tricks on us in our most vulernerable states, isn't it?

"I'm sorry!"

Guilt that would other wise be pushed to the back and packaged up in a façade of greed or lust for power,

"Don't! Don't, Please!"

Or Fear that refuses to manifest itself into careful thought, boiling in raw form somewhere deep in our hearts.

the boy was lost from view, into the monster's shadow…

Amazing how real it can seem when these forces we keep buried deep, deep inside can rise up from the graves you've placed them in, can rise like ghosts to haunt you in your much weaker moments, isn't it?


Loss can change a man. Loss is possibly one of the most horrific and terrifying events in the world, not always because of the loss, but because of the changes to the surviving victim. Guilt, fear and loss can change a man forever.

the monster born loomed over it's former self, hissing…

Into a beast full of hatred for anything and everything, a good man into a monster

A wavering cry, at the loss he was now witnessing…

Into a broken man, a shell of all lost pride and hatred, a man just living on the same old lost dreams, just sticking to wallowing, and wishing

a horrible crimson stain on the cold, metal wall, a stone in the garden, and a wish…

Funny, how we always revert back to a childish act in the middle of terror, real or imagined, and how there is always some dark malevolence waiting patiently for the chance to abuse your weak thoughts, isn't it?

A starry night, the kind the boy beneath the earth had wanted to explore... …someday…

A wish, simple but elegant. Sad, isn't it, that the only time Vlad Masters wishes is in his dreams? The only time he ever dares to dream is when a nightmare comes to prey upon him.

A shooting star, a broken plea

"All I wish for is a second chance! I just want a chance to go back!" shouted Vlad Masters, shooting up from his large, comfortable bed lined with satin sheets and a spread of velvet. But before he got a chance to laugh at his nightmare, after realizing it wasn't real, he heard a voice penetrate the room.

"…So you have wished it, so shall it be…."

And everything got blurry, and he got very dizzy as something seemed to be ripped from him. Images flashed before his eyes, but before long, they all seemed unfocused and only slightly familiar.

He woke up again in the satin sheets with the velvet spread many hours later, when the sun was already high in the sky. Vlad couldn't shake the feeling that he was forgetting something, or the general feeling of something similar to a cloud of illness hovering over him, but he ignored that. What was he forgetting? What was so important about today? He was going to do something big today, something major.

Oh, yes of course. He, along with his best friends Madeline and Jack, would be activating their project for their paranormal sciences course, a working ghost portal.

That was today, right?

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