Unending Love

Summary: Lacus sets Athrun and Cagalli to go on a date. Cagalli then finds out she has a little problem after a hot and steamy night at Athrun's house. She goes to see Athrun to find him with anther girl! Sad, hurt and lonely Cagalli runs away. Now 16 years later she returns to New York City but she's not alone. With her is a 15 year-old girl with blue hair and emerald eyes. Who is this young girl and what relationship does she have to Athrun? Read to find out. R&R. Rated M for language, violence and lemon scenes.

Main Character Bio's:

Cagalli Yamato:
Age- 16
Family- Kira Yamato (Older Brother)
- Mother and Father dead

Athrun Zala:Age- 17
Family- Patrick Zala (father)
- Lenore Zala dead
Hair- Blue
Eyes- Green

Kira Yamato:
Age- 17
Family- Cagalli Yamato (Younger Sister
- Mother & Father dead
Eyes- lavender

Lacus Clyne:Age- 16Family-Not told of in storyHair- Light PinkEyes-Baby Blue


Cagalli Yamato and Kira Yamato are brother and sister, their parents died when Kira was 12. They both attend Archangel High School with their friends Lacus Clyne and Athrun Zala. Kira and Lacus have been dating for almost two years now and are thinking about getting married after university. Lacus has been friends with Cagalli since Grade 7 and consider each other like sisters they never had. Athrun has been best friend with Kira for longer then they can remember. The two of them are inseparable, there the closest friends anyone would ever meet. Athrun's also good friends with Lacus to but their not that close. But then there's Cagalli. The two are really really close and it's not just because she's his best buds sister. Lucas and Kira have also noticed this but every time they bring the subject up in front of Cagalli and/or Athrun, they totally deny their feelings for one another. Lacus didn't believe them, so she set them up on a date with each other. Cagalli and Athrun didn't really like the idea but since there's no arguing with Lacus. They agreed to go on the date just to prove Lacus and Kira wrong. Lacus was happy her plan worked. But Kira was a little surprised the two agree on this whole date thing. Kira was happy though, he knew even though Cagalli and Athrun denied their feelings for each other. He knew they liked each other more then just friend. Anyway, Athrun and Cagalli's date was set to be at 7:30pm at the famous La Rosa restaurant. Maybe this date is all the two-love birds need for them to finally realize exactly how much they love one another. And who knows, maybe Athrun and Cagalli well have a little nighttime fun.

Hey everyone...I hope you enjoy my story right know I'm still writing it so if it takes awhile for me to add chapters sorry about that...anyway cya later byez