Hey…ok just to let everyone know this Chapter is written as though Cagalli was telling the story. This chapter is kind of boring but still all right to read. Anyway this is like my first big story I'm writing so please be a little nice when you Review
" "- Written when talking
' ' - Written when thinking

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

" Cagalli, wake up".I opened my eyes to see my dear friend Lacus at the foot of my bed. I slowly got up and looked at the alarm clock and fell back into bed.

" Lacus it's only 7:00".

" So your point is the mall opens at 8 if you want to get something nice for tonight I advise you to get up" Lacus got up and went to the door " Now!"

I was too tired to argue. So I just got up out of bed went to take a shower, while Lacus made breakfast. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, toke off my pyjamas, and jumped right in just letting the hot water run down me for a few minutes before washing my hair.
Staying in the shower for a little while longer then finally getting out. I brushed my hair and got dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt. After I was finally finished get ready I decided to go downstairs to have breakfast with Lacus. Lacus had made homemade omelettes with beacon, hash browns and sausages.

" Wow this smells really great Lucas" I took a bit of the omelette "and tastes great too"

" Well thank you" Lacus smiled " I'm glad you like it".

After we finished eating we cleaned up and went to the mall. Lacus said I need a new outfit for me to wear for my date with Athrun. Lacus said it would be got to go to her favourite store to find what she wanted for me. I sat down while lacus looked around the store.
She picked out four outfits for me to try on. I argued for a couple of minutes because of what Lacus choose before I just gave in.

I went and tried on the first outfit but when I showed it to Lacus she didn't like. So I had to go back inside to try on the next two tell Lacus finally found something she liked for me to wear. I had to admit it was cute. It was a two-piece, with a light green halter-top and a black satin mini-skirt. So just for fun I decided to buy with a pair of white tie-up shoes and a black jacket to match the skirt.

On The Way Home:

" I can't believe you actually agreed tobuy that kind of outfit," Lacus said while driving home

" Well…it is a special night" I couldn't help but blush. I finally noticed Lacus looking at me and couldn't help but look away. Lacus just smiled the rest of the way home.

When we got home Lacus did my hair and make-up. She was so happy Athrun and me were finally going on a date. Lacus so happy she practically attacked Kira when he came home.
He was on the floor just as surprised as ever giving we this look like was completely unaware of what was going on. I told Lacus she was going a little overbroad but she could careless.I look at the clock.

'Wow! Its already 7:30 Athrun should be here any minute now.' The doorbell rang 'speak of the devil'

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