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Dr. Brice had said it would take approximately a week for Mark's test results to come in and that he would call the loft as soon as he had them.

It had been exactly one week since the day he was tested when they got the call to come into the office. That week had been one of the most stressful they had experienced since Mimi's death. Mark continued to work for John even though Roger all but demanded he quit. The tension between the lovers due to the possible sickness and Mark's work was huge.

Mark took another day off of work and he and Roger went to the office, both of their minds in overdrive imagining the outcome.

By the time they were called back into one of the examining rooms it was a small miracle that they weren't shaking like leaves. Luckily the doctor came in quickly, not prolonging it.

"Mr. Cohen?" He asked, a small smile on his face.


"I have good news for you. You've tested negative."

The filmmaker nearly fell out of his seat at the news. Instead he jumped up and rushed into Roger's arms, squeezing him tightly.

Dr. Brice looked on fondly for a moment before clearing his throat to regain their attention.

"Although Mr. Cohen is negative I noticed on his chart that it was you, Mr. Davis, who he believed he may have gotten HIV from."

Roger nodded, "Right."

"I took a look at your file Mr. Davis and discovered you have not been tested in several years to check your t-cell count."

Roger fidgeted in his seat and looked at his shoes.

Dr. Brice continued, "You should get re-tested, as soon as possible."

"I don't need to, I've been fine in these past years. I'm sure there's no change," the rocker mumbled. Mark looked at his lover, worry clearly present in his eyes.


"I don't need to Mark."

"Please Roger, for me?" He asked sweetly, giving him the best puppy dog look he could manage. Roger stared at him briefly before nodding dejectedly.


"We can do it right now if you'd like," the doctor suggested. Roger nodded and submitted to the test.

A week later

"Roger Davis?" The nurse called.

Mark and Roger practically moped into the room, having made this trip many too many times for their liking.

"The doctor will be in shortly."

They nodded, already sitting in the chairs, staring at the various paintings adorning the walls. The door opened and Dr. Brice entered.

"Hello again."

"Hello," they echoed.

"Well Mr. Davis, your results are back. I'm sorry but your count has dropped quite far since you first contracted HIV," he glanced down at the chart and both men watched him anxiously for his next words, "Your count is down to 250. I'm sorry but if your count drops below 200 it will become AIDS."

Mark's breath caught in his throat and his eyes clenched tightly. No, Roger is doing so well, he can't be that close to getting AIDS, to move into the fatal stage that claimed Angel.

Roger just nodded numbly.

"How long until it drops that low?" The rocker asked.

"It's hard to say. It could rise again, although the chances of that are very slim. On the other hand it could well below 200 in a matter of weeks. I suggest keeping as healthy as you can and not exposing yourself to any viruses."

Roger continued nodding before standing and pulling Mark to his feet.

"Come on," he addressed the smaller man, "let's go back to the loft."

Mark just followed, tears starting to drip down his cheeks.

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