Dragons Heart

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This is a Harry Potter/ Draco Malfroy fic so if you don't like please don't read.

Summary: Harry and Draco wake up two days before the train leaves looking like part dragon. How will they handle school? And what happens when Snape informs Draco that he has to find his mate.

Harry's POV:

August 31 night: Two more days I can't want to get back to school. "Boy get down here and make dinner." I hear Uncle Vernon yell from the living room. Hurrying down to the kitchen, I make to their dinner and go back up to my bedroom. Two more days untill I see Ron and Hermione again is what I am thinking before falling asleep.

Draco's POV:

September 1: What a weird dream I had, I thought as I woke up. Dreams of a black dragon with emerald eyes not a normal dream. As I walk to the bathroom to have my morning shower I look at teh mirrior and panic.

Harry's POV:

September 1: I wake up before the Dursley like I always do. I have to get up early to fix breakfest and take a shower. Walking into the bathroom I look into the mirrior and cover my mouth to hide a scream.

I know not very interesting yet. I need to get more ideas. Please review and send me comments on what you would like to happen.