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Chapter 16

Sakura awoke the next morning sore as could be trying to recall the events of the night before. Looking around at her surrounding she thought to herself "ok…I am in a bed…how the hell did I get here! Relax…just calm down… I am in a bed, in… isn't this Sasuke's room? How did I get here? And where is Sasuke?" Sakura looked around at her surroundings trying to remember everything. Sitting up in the bed she grabbed a blanket that had fallen to the floor from the night's events and wrapped it around herself trying to make herself decent. Rubbing her back Sakura thought, "all I see is black…this is definitely Sasuke's room. Well no harm in that…and we got here by…" Sakura froze in shock as the memories came flooding back to her. "oh shit…" was her only thought before falling onto the bed.

Taking a deep breath she tried to clam herself by thinking, "well it could be worse…I mean I did plan on doing that with him, but I wasn't thinking about right now!" sighing she placed her head in her hands "well it could be worse. What's done is done, nothing I can do about it now…well first things first, find something to wear…now where are my clothes?" getting up Sakura walked around the room looking for her clothes while wearing the blanket. She had found her underwear, and while walking downstairs she found her pants. She found Sasuke's pants also on the stairs…and his shirt by the front door. After a little longer searching she found her dress in the living room couch and the other little parts to their clothes here and there. "Alright…well it's good to know that Sasuke is still here somewhere, but where is my bra? Out of everything to loose…how did I loose that?!"

Deciding to take another look upstairs Sakura looked around Sasuke's room, but to no avail. "Where is it?" Sakura exclaimed looking under the bed. "I can't find it!" sighing she sat on the bed with her head in her hands trying to remember where it had gone when she happened to look out the window. She saw something stuck on a pole fluttering in the wind when it hit her. "Oh shit…" she whispered before screaming.


Sasuke was in the middle of getting out of the shower when he heard a scream coming from his room. 'Sakura!' He thought before quickly grabbing a towel and running towards his room. "Sakura!" He yelled while throwing the door open "What is it!? Are you ok!?"

"Sasuke!" Sakura quickly yelled running towards him "Fix it!" She exclaimed.

"Fix what?" Sasuke asked looking at the girl in front of him like she had flipped.

"What do you mean fix what!?" the confused look Sasuke gave her only ticked her off more.

Pointing out the window at the pole Sakura exclaimed "that!" Sasuke looked at the pole seeing a bit of pink moving in the wind.

"Is that…" Sasuke started before he heard Sakura half scream half squeak out "My bra… go get it!"

"Why do I have to get it?" Sasuke asked the kunoichi whose face had developed a nice shade of red.

"Because you were the one that threw it there! And if you don't get it…" by now Sasuke wasn't sure if her face was red with embarrassment or anger, but either way Sasuke didn't want to mess with her. "I swear you are gonna regret it!" By the time Sakura was finished she had Sasuke backed up to the wall and starting to fear for his life.

"Ok, ok I'll get it." He said moving over to his bed grabbing a pair of pants. Sliding them on he asked "how did it get there again?"

"You left the window open and weren't paying attention to where it went." Sakura pouted while Sasuke thought back to the night before.

In a half there voice he said "oh yeah…" earning him another yell from Sakura to hurry up. Walking to the window Sasuke surveyed the jump he would have to take to get to the pole. In one quick leap he reached the pole quickly grabbing the bra.

"Careful Sasuke kun!" he heard Sakura yell behind him.

'Oh now she tells me to be careful' Sasuke thought to himself. He was about to jump back into his apartment room when he suddenly heard someone yell for him.

"Hey Uchiha!"

Looking down at the ground he saw Neji looking up at him with a confused look. "What do you want Hyuga?" Sasuke asked.

"Why are you up there?"

"None of your business." Sasuke replied annoyed.

"What is that in your hand?"

"What's it matter to you? Just get out of here."

"Why that's a…..my my Uchiha I thought this type of thing would be below you." Neji had an amused smirk on his face as he watched the Uchiha panic.

"It's not what you think!" Sasuke yelled, "It's not what it looks like!"

"Uchiha, your on the top of a pole holding a lacy pink bra…. what would you say it looks like?" Sasuke could see that Neji was enjoying this to much for Sasuke's comfort.

"Just don't tell anyone." Sasuke half threatened half asked.

"Of course I won't." Neji said still smirking leaving Sasuke with the feeling that he was.

"Neji kun!" At this Sasuke realized that his life was over. Running up the street he saw Tenten running up to Neji with Lee following slowly after her, looking depressed. Neji nodded in greeting before looking back up at Sasuke. "Neji what are you…?" Tenten asked before looking up at Sasuke. "Sasuke san…what are you doing up there? And what is that in your hand?" Yes Sasuke was sure his life was over.

Before anyone could respond lee yelled out "That's Sakura chan's bra!" Everyone looked at the enraged Lee all thinking the same thing, how does he know how Sakura's bra looks like?

By now Sakura had, had enough of this and went to the window yelling out the same question, "How do you know what my bra looks like!?"

"I…uh…. that's not important right now! What matters is that Uchiha is a pervert stealing your undergarments!" Glaring at Sasuke he yelled "And I will make you pay Uchiha!"

"What makes you say that I am stealing her undergarments!?" Sasuke yelled.

"How do you know how my bra looks!?" Sakura screamed at Lee.

"Uchiha! I shall punish you!" Lee hollered at Sasuke, ignoring Sakura.

"I'd like to see you try!" Sasuke smirked.

"Good then come down here and I'll kick your ass!"

"Good luck"

"Sasuke get back in here, Lee how the hell do you know how my undergarments look!?" Sakura screamed at both the boys. Both quickly shut up while Neji and TenTen stood watching the whole scene trying hard not to laugh. After about a minute of silence Sakura screamed "NOW!" Sasuke quickly jumped back through the window while Lee looked ashamed. "Lee…." Sakura's voice was low and threatening causing Lee to shiver in fear.

"Yes Sakura Chan?" Lee timidly replied.

"If I ever catch near my underwear again I'll hurt you"

Lee's face went bright red as he looked down at the ground "Yes Sakura Chan." With that Sakura slammed the window shut.

Placing a hand on Lee's shoulder TenTen said "It's ok Lee…we know that you are a closet pervert. Relax"

"She hates me now…she picked Uchiha over me."

"She doesn't hate you…she is just mad at you that's all. And she loves Sasuke san."


"You should be happy that she is happy."

"I am…it's just…"

"He is just upset that he lost that girl to Uchiha." Neji remarked starting to walk away. "Don't let it bother you Lee." TenTen and Lee stood watching Neji walk away for a moment or two before running to catch up to him.

"Relax Lee, just give it some time you'll be fine" TenTen continued as they walked.

Sakura slammed the window shut in frustration, Sasuke watched her in silence not really wanting to tick her off more. Walking back over to the bed Sakura picked of her clothes muttering something about perverts when Sasuke decided that he should give her bra back to her.

"Here Sakura" He was blushing a light pink while facing the other way. His arm was extended towards her, giving her back the pink bra. Sakura mumbled her thanks while taking the bra and heading to the bathroom with her clothes. Once Sakura was in the bathroom Sasuke sighed and fell onto the bed, all the possible things people would say about the Uchiha when they found out about the bra incident running through his mind.

While waiting for Sakura for about 5 minutes he finished getting dressed. Sakura came out dressed in the same clothes from the night before, being to lazy to go to her bag and get fresh ones. "So Sasuke kun…what would you like for breakfast?"

"I'm not that hungry" Sasuke answered walking towards the door, Sakura gave a little oh while following him downstairs.

"What would you like to do today?" Sakura asked, trying to sound as cheerful as she could considering the morning's events.

"Don't know" Sasuke replied pouring himself a cup of coffee he had started to make earlier while Sakura was still asleep.

Sakura flopped onto one of the chairs at the kitchen table pouting a little. "hpft…your a lot of fun"

Sasuke smirked; walking over to the pink haired girl he whispered in her ear "I thought that you would be to tired to do anything today after last nights events." Sasuke's smirk grew wider as Sakura's face turned a crimson red to embarrassed to say anything. Sasuke took the opportunity to start kissing her neck. In-between kisses whispered, "I know you liked it…all of it…I bet you can't wait for tonight…" Sasuke tired hard not to let his smirk grow anymore watching Sakura's face redden even more if possible.

Before he could take it any farther there was a knock on the door. Sakura shot out of her seat like a bullet from a gun muttering an "I'll get it." Causing Sasuke to chuckle. Slowly sipping his coffee he walked to the door after Sakura to see who it was. He heard the voice before he saw the person and knew it could only belong to the most annoying boy that he had ever met…Naruto.

"And Tsunade bachan said that we have to go fill out our own reports on the mission because it was so odd and a whole bunch of stuff I wasn't listening to…so we have to go and…hey is that coffee?" Naruto asked seeing Sasuke with his little cup.

"What's it matter to you dope?" Sasuke asked annoyed.

"I want some! I have been up for hours and I really need a boost." The blond exclaimed walking past Sasuke to the kitchen to pour his own cup.

"You don't need any caffeine!" Sasuke exclaimed following the fox to the kitchen to make sure that he doesn't break anything.

"I'll be right back Sasuke kun. I'm going to go get dressed to see Tsunade." Sakura said to Sasuke while heading to the stairs. Sasuke nodded an ok hearing Sakura yell at him on her way up saying "and don't pick a fight with Naruto or anything!"

By the time she got back downstairs, wearing a new version of her red dress, she froze at the site before her. Sasuke was holding a coffee cup above Naruto's head, Naruto jumping up and down trying to get it while whining like a little kid. To put it simply it was really pathetic, but she had to admit that it was funny.

Regaining her composure Sakura walked into the kitchen grabbing the coffee cup from Sasuke who had moved the cup to behind his back, Naruto still reaching for it. "You two should really learn to play nice you know." Sakura laughed. Naruto looked at Sakura pouting while Sasuke just hmphed. Setting the cup on the counter Sakura said, "Well if Tsunade sama is waiting for us we better get going." The boys nodded as the headed for The Hokage's Tower.


After spending about 2 hours filling out reports and doing other paper work Tsunade coned them into Team 7 was on their way for a breakfast/lunch….aka ramen.

"This is the best ramen in the world!" Sasuke and Sakura just sweat dropped as they watched Naruto finish off his third bowl while they were both still on the first. "Isn't it great!?"

"Um I guess so…" Sakura answered a little nervously not really knowing what else to say.

"It is! It really really is!" Naruto grinned his big goofy grin looking like an idiot shoving more ramen into his mouth.

"S-Sakura chan…" a timid voice from behind the group spoke. Sakura turned around to see Hinata standing there holding a letter addressed for her. "Tsunade forgot to give this to you earlier. It arrived today." The meek girl held out the letter for Sakura to take.

"Oh... Thank you Hinata chan." Sakura said happily taking the letter; Sasuke watching every move closely to make sure the letter wasn't a threat.

"Hwi Himattwa Chwan" Naruto greeted, his mouth filled with ramen.

"H-hello…Naruto k-kun…" Hinata stuttered her face turning a light pink color. Sakura turned back to her ramen watching the two out of the corner of her eye trying hard not to smile.

Quickly swallowing his ramen Naruto asked the black haired heiress "Wanna sit down and have some ramen with us?" If it was possible to die of happiness Hinata would have right there. Her face turned a deep shade of crimson and her eyes went wide while she tried to say yes but nothing came out except for little bit of stuttering.

Seeing what Hinata was trying to say Sakura quickly answered for her, "I'm sure she would love to." Hinata was too shocked to say anything as she happily gave a little nod yes. Taking a seat next to Naruto she quietly ordered her own ramen.

"So how have you been Hinata chan?" Naruto asked.

"G…good…h-how ab-out you?" Hinata's face matched Sakura's dress while she tried to look at anything but the blond.

Sensing that the two needed some alone time Sakura grabbed Sasuke's sleeve pulling a little to get his attention. Looking down at her somewhat annoyed but not mad Sasuke gave her the look telling her that she had his attention.

"Sasuke kun I forgot that I had to do some shopping and stuff today. We should go." Sakura cheerful asked, but the hidden tone in her voice let Sasuke know that it wasn't a question but a command that he should follow. Nodding an ok he paid for his and Sakura's ramen before leaving. "Bye Hinata chan, bye Naruto see you guys later." Sakura said while pulling Sasuke away by his hand from the ramen stand.

"BYE SAKURA CHAN! SEE YA SASUKE TEME!" Naruto yelled behind them while Hinata just mumbled a bye. All Sasuke said was his normal Hmph as he and Sakura walked away.

"So what did you want to buy?" Sasuke asked as they walked.

"Nothing really. I just made that up so that Hinata and Naruto could be alone…but now that you mention it I do want to get some new clothes."

"I really don't wanna go clothes shopping Sakura. And why do you care if those two are alone or not?"

"Don't you notice how much Hinata likes Naruto and always has?"

"Yeah…still I don't see how-"

Sakura interrupted Sasuke, "Well this little bit of alone time for her is like how that night was when you walked me home after the ball…. well before we were attacked." Sakura smiled sweetly at him, making his heart pound harder in his chest. "Hinata is one of my best friends and I think she deserves to be happy. After all I think almost every relationship needs a little push to get started." Sakura giggled.

"You're really having fun playing matchmaker here aren't you" Sasuke smirked.


"And if it doesn't work out between them?"

"What if it doesn't work out between us?" Sakura countered causing Sasuke to frown. Seeing that she upset him Sakura quickly tried to make things better. "Don't worry Sasuke kun I have faith that everything will be ok." Sakura finished by kissing Sasuke sweetly on the cheek, once again causing Sasuke to smirk.

"Hmpft…whatever you say."

"Good…now lets get more clothes!" Sakura exclaimed pulling the sulking Uchiha behind her. Sasuke knew that no matter what he said or did he would not get out of shopping…for clothes no less. He just prayed that she wasn't going to drag him into any really girly shops.


Sasuke and Sakura arrived back at Sasuke's apartment after 4 hours of shopping, pure hell for the Uchiha. Sasuke played the role of the obedient boyfriend having been stupid enough to agree to buy her anything she wanted and carrying it for her. He was amazed that he hadn't pulled his back out at all. Crashing onto the couch he sighed thinking of why he was doing this again…when Sakura ran into the living room wearing one of the dresses that she had picked out but didn't show him earlier.

Spinning around in a circle Sakura smiled at her boyfriend asking on simple question, "Do you like it?" Sasuke had never thought that Sakura looked more beautiful then she did in that dress. It was a small little black dress with spaghetti straps, fitting her figure perfectly. The dress itself was simple but yet it had an elegant ness that he could not place. It only went to right below her knees but when she spun to show it to him it went up to mid thigh cause Sasuke's heart rate to pick up.

Sitting up from his lying position on the couch Sasuke honestly answered, "It's beautiful." Sakura blushed a light pink before smiling her adorable smile.

"I know that it isn't that practical." She said looking down at the dress, "But it was so pretty! I couldn't help it." Sakura gave Sasuke a sheepish look sweat dropping.

Standing up Sasuke walked over to where Sakura was standing, pulling her close he whispered in her ear. "It's beautiful on you…" Sakura felt her pulse quicken while she blushed.

Before anything got any farther Sakura quickly stepped away saying. "Oh I forgot about the letter." Sasuke sighed sitting back on the couch he watched Sakura run to where she had left he clothes that she had been wearing earlier in the day. Picking up the letter from the pocket of the outfit Sakura then went over to where Sasuke was sitting. Sitting down on the couch Sakura cuddled close to Sasuke while opening the letter. Sasuke wrapped his arm around her waiting for her to finish reading the letter.

"Anything interesting?" he asked moving his face to her neck inhaling her sweet sent.

Giggling a little bit Sakura answered, "Sasuke kun that tickles!"

"Your point?" Sasuke smirked kissing here and there on her neck.

"Sasuke kun! I'm trying to read my letter." Sakura tried to sound mad and annoyed but it didn't work to well with her giggles.

"So what does it say?" Sasuke asked waiting for Sakura to finish up the letter.

"Apparently my mom is with my aunt in one of the outskirt parts of Kohana." Sakura answered. Never moving her eyes from the paper Sakura continued, "Mom had a mental breakdown and was the one who burnt down the house. I'm not surprised…she always has been crazy. Oh and my aunt is taking good care of her…the letter is from my aunt. My mom wants nothing to do with me." Sakura finished.

"hhhmm…well at least you know what happened and that she is alive."

"Yeah…. she'll be fine. My aunt is really good at taking care of people and stuff." Sakura answered a smile on her face. "It's gotten late! Are you hungry? If you want I'll start dinner."

"I have everything I need right here." Sasuke smirked causing Sakura to blush again. Sasuke tightened his grip around Sakura's waist pulling her closer to him. Sakura sunk into Sasuke's embrace loving every moment of it. "Sakura I have something very important to ask you…" Sasuke voice was low and husky in her ear causing shivers to run down her spine.

"What is it?" Sakura's voice was hardly above a whisper as she felt Sasuke's soft kisses on her neck again.

Letting his hands roam gently over her body Sasuke asked, "Sakura you know I love you right?" Sakura mumbled out a yes a little nervous on where this was going to lead. "Sakura…will you marry me?"

Sakura looked up into his deep onyx eyes in astonishment. For several moments she couldn't comprehend what he just asked her. It felt like it took her forever to answer when the information finally sunk into her mind.

Sasuke watched her face light up in happiness when her lips crashed onto his in a passionate kiss. Slowly pulling away Sakura mumbled out, "Yes…of course I will." Sasuke smirked as he pulled her into another deep kiss, neither one wanting to ever move again.

The End

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