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"Yeah it was great!" Alison Cameron gushed into her cell phone, unaware of her boss eavesdropping close by.

"It was amazing! I've never ridden anything so big!"

House raised his eyebrows, was his innocent little duckling talking dirty?

"It's like you said, the rougher; the better!"

Oh yeah. She so was!

He stood hoping she'd continue but it seemed she'd noticed the time.

"Oh, Dan, I've got to go! My boss will be here soon!"

She paused and listened, then laughed.

"OK, bye! You too!"

The rest of the convocation had been pretty straight forward, but it was that 'you too,' that bothered House. Was it an 'I miss you too.' or a 'have a good day too.' Or an "I think your sexy too.' Or even an 'I love you too.'

He sighed, he knew she deserved better than him and he'd pushed her away because of it, but that didn't mean he didn't like her, didn't mean he didn't want her.

But now he was officially too late. She was with someone else. Probably someone young, happy and charming. Everything he wasn't.

He hadn't realized until just then how much he wanted his only female duckling. But after seeing her chatting happily, flirting on her phone, the early morning sunlight reflecting off her long auburn hair he knew he had to have her. There was no other choice, but he had to be nice.

Limping into the conference room, he decided the best way to start would be with polite chitchat, not exactly his strong point.

"Good weekend, Dr. Cameron?" He asked.

She jumped, spilling hot coffee all over the side.

"God! You scared me half to death!" She said, catching her breath.

"Are you comparing me to God again? We've talked about this before, the other doctors will get jealous!" He smirked, she rolled her eyes, but she was amused really.

"Yes I had a lovely weekend." She replied, reminding him that he asked. "How was yours?"

"Oh mine was a blast, 48 hour party with strippers and everything! Actually now I think about it, there was this one called Candy, she reminded me of you. She could do this amazing thing with her-"

Cameron cut him off.

"So I take it that you mean Chinese take out with Wilson, and then porn on your own?"

"Dr. Cameron!" He cried, "That hurt" he put his handover his heart for emphasis "That hurt here!" he wiped away an imaginary tear.

It was her turn to smirk.

"So now we've covered my weekend, what did you do on yours?" He asked.

Puzzled as she was at him being nice, she didn't think it was likely to happen again in the near future, so she decided just to go with the flow and make the most of it.

"Oh not much, just visited some family."

"Fun." He said sarcastically. So either she was lying, and he couldn't see a reason for her to do that, or she was part of a very very sick and twisted family. It would explain why she liked him.

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by an electronic voice announcing that Cameron had a new email. Leaning over, she gave House a good view down her top as she clicked on the mouse a few times and read her email, laughing out loud a few times. Clicking the 'reply' button, she began to type her response.

Walking behind her under the false pretence of needing a coffee refill, House was able to read a few lines of her email.

"Emailing already? Is ickle Danny lonely? I'm at work so I can't chat for too long, but you know I can always make time for you! If your bored you should come visit me so we can continue our 'marathon' somewhere a little bit more comfortable!"

Apparently sensing someone lurking behind her, she turned around and House quickly busied himself with the coffee pot as not to appear nosey.

All day he could not get her out of his head, the dirty conversation, the possibly dirty email one just didn't fit with how he had stereotyped Cameron as the innocent virginal one. Their 'Marathon' was that something sexual? It sounded like it to him, but then again, so did everything.

Later on, his ducklings were in the lab, leaving him alone with just his gameboy for company, when suddenly Cameron's 'Email-lady' announced the arrival of yet another new email.

Looking around he could see no one so he pulled the laptop towards him and pressed 'read'.

Dear Ally (it said)

I'd love to come and see where you live! This weekend good for you?

Last weekend was great! I'd forgotten how adventurous you can be! ("More sexual innuendo's?" thought House)

As for continuing our marathon in a more comfortable place, I'd just like to say that there is nothing uncomfortable about hay! (House's eyes widened "They did it in the hay?")

Just then Cameron walked back into the room, brandishing what was most lielly some test-results he'd sent his minions to get because he couldn't be bothered to baby-sit them. Seeing him using her laptop she stopped in her tracks.

"House, what are you doing?" she questioned.

He looked up, startled.

"I, um, saw that you had a new email, and thought that the professor you emailed might have replied."

"Good cover Greg," he thought.

"House, you know I do things like that from you computer! You saw I had a new email and couldn't resist sticking your nose it where it doesn't belong!" Angrily she pushed her glasses on and read the email herself, typing furiously.

House ached to know what she was writing, but he didn't think he could get away with reading over he shoulder again and had to resist the temptation of trying.

She sent the email and turned off her computer. Satisfied he would not be able to guess her password, she left it on the table as she left.

As he turned it back on, he thought through a few obvious guesses of what her password could be "Ilovebrian', 'password', 'sexydrhouse' (a man can dream can't he?)

It turned out to be her date of birth, not nearly so interesting, but very easy to guess.

Accessing her email, he went into her outbox and read the most recent entry.

"Hey Dan!

OMG, you'll never guess what just happened! I just came in and found my boss reading my emails! I told you about House, right?

(House cocked an eyebrow, so she talked about him to her boyfriend?)

He's such an ass!

But anyway, this weekend sounds great, you gonna drive down?

And hay is not comfortable! I'm surprised your back isn't completely scratched up!

Luv Ya!



He quickly turned the laptop off and returned it to where he had found it.

As for 'Dan' having his back all scratched up, he must have been lying on it, meaning she liked to go on top! Now that sent a rush of blood heading south, and he found himself having to quickly turn his attention to baseball as not to face a potentially embarrassing situation.

This had completely messed up his view of her, he'd never thought of her like this before, and now he did, he decided he didn't like the idea of someone else corrupting his cutest duckling. Something had to be done.