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At the sound of House's voice, Dan and Wilson parted. Dan pulling away quickly and Wilson easing back almost reluctantly. He slid along the sofa, closer to Dan and patted the now vacant spot suggestively.

"Care to join?" He asked lecherously, the question was obviously aimed at Cameron, and House wanted nothing more than to wrap a possessive arm around her and pull her close. As if to show his ownership, or mark his territory like an over-protective tomcat.

Dan on the other hand was unusually quiet, slowly flipping through a mail-order catalogue he had found on the coffee table. Trying just too hard to be nonchalant.

"Dan?" Questioned Cameron, "What's going on here?"

"Oh nothing," He held up the catalogue, "Just considering buying a sweater."

Unfortunately he his cover story didn't quite match up with the evidence and House remarked "From the Victoria Secret catalogue?"

Dan blushed furiously, he was almost as easily embarrassed as Cameron.

"Care to explain?" Cameron asked again.

"Explain what?" Dan asked feigning innocence, "It was just a kiss, nothing more."

Cameron arched one eyebrow, obviously not believing a word coming out of her not-quite-step-brothers mouth. ("What does that mean, anyway?" thought House.)

Wilson giggled absently, and argued dreamily "It's a lie! It's all a lie! He seduced me! I tried to stop, but those eyes! Those big, big eyes!" And with that his eyes rolled lazily back into his head, and he quickly slipped into a deep slumber.

Cameron walked across to nearer where the two men were sitting, and sniffed the glass from which Wilson had been drinking.

Make that deep, drug-induced slumber. His drink had been spiked. Dan whistled inconspicuously, well, he thought he was being inconspicuous, however neither Cameron nor House would have agreed if asked.

"Dan, I wrote that prescription to help you relax, not to trick people into making out with you!" Cameron reprimanded him.

"But making out does relax me!"

House thought it was a good point, in fact, it was the type of argument he'd used on Cuddy many, many times. Unfortunately Cameron was having none of it.

"We agreed you were going to stop doing this!"

House smirked, so the pretty boy had done it before? House sometimes wondered why he bothered watching soaps, real life was often just as interesting.

"No, you agreed I was going to stop doing it, I had no choice in the matter, nor did I agree."

Another classic House/Cuddy line.

"And anyway, I couldn't help it! He's just so cute!"

House could hardly refrain from laughing out loud. He'd called Wilson cute! Cute was a word that (in House's eyes) should only be used to describe baby animals, or baby humans for that matter. No one would ever call him cute, and he was glad of it!

"So's Greg but you don't see me drugging him!"

No! She did not call him cute! She couldn't have! It was against everything he stood for! And secondly, since when did she call him Greg? I mean, sure it's his name, but still!

"No, he does that for you!"

Nice comeback.

"And anyway, drugging is hardly as bad as stalking!" He looked pointedly at House, but the stern frown set on Cameron's face showed she wasn't about to give in, he had lost.

"And on a nicer note, I think Wilson is waking up, so why don't you take him home, then go to bed so Greg and I can talk?"

Dan smiled reminiscently, it was his childhood all over again, the big stepsister who was babysitting him, sending him to bed early so she could talk to her boyfriend. Not so many years ago, he would have thrown a temper tantrum, but now he had more pressing matters to attend to.

"So I take it you two are together now?" He asked.

As Cameron confirmed his suspicions, Wilson punched the air and exclaimed, "Yes! I win 50 bucks!"

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