Breaking the News

Chapter 1

Agent Booth had been waiting for over an hour at DeGidios Italian Restaurant & bar for an informant to a homicide case he was working, and so far, he was a no show. Not exactly his idea of a good time on a Friday night. There were a lot of other things he'd rather be doing right now, he mused, as he took another long gulp of beer.

This wasn't his normal part of town, sort of a ritzy place, each booth surrounded with ferns, trees and live plants, creating an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion, candles on the tables, linen table clothes, soft music, and dimly lit ambiance suggested romance. The place seemed more designed for couples looking for a private dinner or conversation.

Leaning back in the leather seat, he thought he heard a familiar voice talking. Turning his head he was nearly smacked in the face with a plant, so he sat quietly, to try and determine who it was he was hearing. Hell, he had nothing better to do, why not eavesdrop on other people's problems and lives he decided to himself. I'll only stay another 15 minutes then I am outta here, he thought.

"…has a lot of money, and I am going to help invest it, and you know by invest, I don't mean in any local bank" the familar male voice said, with a chuckle

"Are you sure you can get away with it? You've never done this before, and I'd hate for you to get caught, where would that leave me? Juries are not always lenient on spouses of criminals in these cases" a female voice replied, wariness in her tone

"Trust me, she isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to these things, I mean, she has several million in the bank, lives in an APARTMENT, and works obscene amounts of overtime, and is an author on the side. While it's true, she is a genius in some areas, she is also very naïve. She doesn't have an accountant, or any family at all for that matter, and until yours truly, had no investment set up at all. Just a little while longer and you and I will be in the Cayman Islands, drinking something tropical with no financial worries ever again. And my current "girlfriend" if you'd even call her that, Temperance Brennan, will be flat broke with no clue what happened" the male voice said triumphantly.

"Well lets go, we've eaten enough for a small Italian village, and I think we should do some other celebrating at home, don't you Mark?" the female voice said seductively

"Okay, I'll bring the car around Genie" the male voice said, fading away as he walked past the table Seeley Booth was sitting at. As this "Mark" person walked by, he ducked his head slightly, but saw in his peripheral vision, one "David Simmons" aka "Dick431" that online date guy Bones was currently seeing.

His mind reeling at the implications of what he'd just overheard, he faltered at what to do. He knew he had to alert the authorities, or in the very least Bones, but she didn't need this right now, after everything having happened with her parents, brother, and everything else.

Would she only resent him for butting into her personal life? As of lately, he'd been catching himself worrying about her more, and seemed unable to stop himself. He found himself not wanting to be in the sidelines of her life, but in it in the way this David/Mark person was.

Angrily, he thought to himself, 'I don't to be her god damned friend'. He set his glass down on the table a little too hard, and when he stood, he saw the look of surprise on the waitress's face.

He threw down some bills on the table, and departed quickly. Unsure where he was going, but unable to stay anymore where he was. He had to think, had to figure out how he was going to tell her. She'd been spending more and more time with this guy, and he was worried she was falling for him.

Shifting his SUV into gear, he unintentionally squealed the tires as he pulled out of the lot of the restaurant. Maybe I'll swing by her place, and just feel things out, he thought to himself.

End ch.1