A/N: I'm sorry if these last few chapters seemed rushed. I just can't seem to help but feel like they are, even though I tried my best not make them seem that way. So if they are, sorry. Either way, on to part 2!

Without warning, Sam and Jonathon reappeared inside a home. Looking around, Sam found it all very familiar.

"Hey, this is my house!" Sam suddenly exclaimed. "I mean my parents' home." He grinned as looked around the kitchen. "I haven't seen this place in years!"

"I know," Jonathon replied. "Welcome to 2002. Well, the 2002 that exists without your leaping."

Then Sam realized that there was a noise coming from the living room.

"Say, who is that crying?" he asked as soon as he realized what the noise was.

"Let's go find out." Jonathon said and the two walked to the living room, the source of the crying.

As they entered, Jonathon simply stood back and watched as Sam walked forward into the room. Sam tried holding on to the doorway as he saw his mother sitting in a chair crying.

"My mother's crying!" Sam blurted the obvious. "I've…I've never seen her cry like this before. Not even when I was a kid." He paused. "The only time I've ever seen her cry like this is when Tom was killed in Vietnam."

"She's crying because she's all alone," Jonathon said. He stood next to Sam. "You hardly ever have the time to visit her with your work keeping you so busy."

"What about my sister?"

Jonathon bit his lip. "Your brother-in-law has banned her from ever speaking to her mother again. The two haven't seen each other in a year."

"But Tom beat him up!" Sam said. "We just saw it!"

"Your brother died in Vietnam."

"I know, but I saved him!" Sam replied.

"You did," Jonathon explained. "But you never leaped, remember? It's really too bad. She was so happy with her children. Now all she does is sit in the chair all day thinking about when you three were children."

Sam felt his heart sink. He had no idea what to say. Yes, he wished he hadn't leapt. But the thought didn't even cross his mind that his brother would be dead or that his mother be like this. It killed him seeing his mother like this.

"Come on," Jonathon said in a sad tone. "There's something else you need to see."

Jonathon put his hand on his shoulder. Much like what seemed to have happened a lot on this leap, Sam found himself in a different place without even realizing it.

This time, a cemetery.

"What are we doing here?" Sam asked.

Jonathon remained silent and simply pointed. Sam turned and saw a casket being lowered into the otherwise snow-covered ground with the Sam that had never leapt standing over the grave.

Walking over, Sam saw the different version of himself crying. Looking at the tombstone, shock passed over him.

On the tombstone, the name read "Albert Calvicci".

"Yes, it's your friend in there," Jonathon said. Sam hadn't even noticed Jonathon behind him until then. "He killed himself just a few days ago."

"What?" Sam nearly screamed. "Al would never do that!"

"Helping you gave his life purpose," Jonathon said. "Then you gave him his wife back who then gave him three daughters that he adored. If you had leapt." By now, tears poured from Sam's eyes. "His constant womanizing was the only thing that kept him from thinking of losing the one woman that meant his life to him. But even then, the pain became too much."

"Jonathon," Sam said through his tears, "I didn't realize any of this would happen! I want to help! I want to take back what I said! I remember now why I invented the Accelerator."

"What are you saying?"

"I want to go on leaping!" Sam said not taking his eyes off the tombstone.

Jonathon smiled slightly. "That's all the Boss wanted to hear."

Without warning, the two stood in the parking lot of the convenient store Sam arrived at before meeting Jonathon.

"It's okay Sam," Jonathon said. "History has returned to normal again."

"You mean none of that will happen?"

"Not one bit of it."

Sam couldn't help but to smile. Seeing what he had been shown, his sense of helping people had been renewed and no longer wanted to go home. Not now anyway.

"Jonathon, I'm glad I met you," Sam said. "I'm glad you showed me why I've been leaping."

"Don't thank me. Thank the Boss," Jonathon said. He looked up for a moment and then back at Sam. "The Boss said it's time for you to go. He said that you still have two very important jobs to take care that will save the future."

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Sam said. "Why are they so import--"

Without warning, Sam leapt before he finished.

Sam feltthe disorientation sweep over him as usual. As it passed, he looked around the room he stood in.

He apparently was in some sort of high-tech office. Around him, people in suits stared at him intently as his hand hovered above a computer.

"Sir, is something wrong?" one of the people asked him.

"Um…" Sam stuttered. "No, nothing's wrong." Hopefully. He had no clue what there was that something could be wrong with.

That's when he noticed what HE was dressed in--a military uniform.

"Oh boy," he whispered.