Hello Everyone! This my first fan fic and it's a mystery (hooray) and our favorite detective, Edmund is the investigator. I got the idea from a line that I read in The Dawn Treader that Edmund liked mystery stories, so I thought that he might havesolved mysteries while in Narnia. So give this a whirl and tell me what you think!

Edmund Investigates: Murder on the Tisiphone

Chapter 1

It was an unnaturally quite night aboard the ship Tisiphone of Archenland. The sails creaked and an icy gust wind blew. A young sailor on watch duty shivered. It felt like a creepy night and he didn't like it. Creepy nights were too silent. He hummed a tune under his breath to ease his unsteadiness. Suddenly from the other side of the ship there came a loud noise. He jumped and when he had recovered himself, he paced over to see what it was. Nothing. He felt like bursting out loud with happiness. What a fool he'd been! Obviously it was just a trick on his nerves. He felt like laughing. His moment of cheerfulness rapidly melted when there came a real noise from the side of the ship he had been standing at before. It sounded like a splash. He rushed over and saw a person in the water. "Man overboard!" he shouted against the wind that had begun to blow harder.

Immediately his fellow sailors rushed out of their cabins. There were shouts of "Careful, now." "Easy on the line, boys." and to the man overboard, "Grab the line, mate, if you can." But the man wouldn't. The young sailor who had seen him in the first place offered to go rescue him. He jumped, with a rope tied to his waist, and swam to the man. The crew hoisted him up and discovered to their surprise that the "man" was actually a woman. The Tisiphone'sdoctor was summoned and the young sailor asked,

"Is she all right, doctor?"

"No, she's dead and not by drowning either. She's been stabbed."

The young sailor looked at her. Her gray hair was splayed about her face. He brushed it away. It was Lady Nestra, mother of the ambassador Orest and his half sister Megaera who was journeying to Narnia. And looking at her elderly, wrinkled face, he thought, Who could have killed her?

Edmund looked at the sad company that had just arrived from Archenland. It was definitely an awkward occasion. The ambassador, Orest, was in his chambers that had been given him. He demanded his privacy and so far had not been seen since the ship Tisiphone had docked and Peter had found out the terrible news. Susan and Lucy were comforting Megaera and so far they had succeeded since Megaera asked if she were allowed to visit the garden. She was looking for her mother's favorite flowers as she said.

Suddenly, a faun interrupted his thoughts.

"Sir," said the faun handing him a slip of paper, "The honorable ambassador Orest asked me to give you this."

"Thank you," said Edmund and he took the note. It ran as follows:

Dear Sir, It would be a pleasure if you and the High King would come to my room. I have a matter of urgency to speak with you about and your advice would be most helpful. Most sincerely, Ambassador Orest the Revengeful of Archenland.

Edmund went off to find Peter, but first he sat down on his throne and wondered…