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Chapter 12

Edmund met Meg, Orest, and his siblings in the Throne Room. He could feel their stares as he told them about how Jormun and Hylus worked together to murder Lady Nestra. He looked down at the glossy marble floor for almost the entire length of the time that he spoke, but when he looked up, he saw that Meg had tears coming down her face.

"Thank you," she said, taking out a hankerchief and wiping her eyes, "for solving the murder."

"Your welcome," Edmund said hoarsly. There was silence for a few seconds until it was broken by Orest who coughed and said,

"Well, I'd better pack," he got up from his chair, "It's a long voyage tomorrow." And with that he left the room. Meg followed him, still crying, saying that she also had some things to pack.

Edmund sighed and said, "Well it's all done! We solved the murder!" He clapped his hand on Peter's shoulder.

"Yes," Peter replied and asked in his elder-brotherly way, "Are you sure you're all right, though? Jormun didn't hurt you did he?"

"Nope, I'm fine. It'll have to take more than Jormun to hurt me. Still, it was a very close shave. If you and Susan hadn't come along..." his voice trailed off.

Lucy ran up to Edmund and hugged him. "I'm glad that you're safe," she said but looked reproachful and somewhat downcast. Edmund thought that she might be feeling bad for not being able to do anything to save him.

"Thanks. I'm glad too," Edmund replied looking down at her and saying tactfully, "Do you know that you gave me a clue when you came to talk to me when I was injured?"

"I did?" Lucy asked incredulously, her eyes growing wide.

"Yes," said Edmund, "When I asked you about Hylus getting the diary you said, 'Not unless Hylus was X but that doesn't account for her being killed by X'. That's what you said and guess what? You were right; Hylus was X and was killed by X."

Lucy smiled and looked more cheerful after that. In fact, she didn't mind it in the least when Susan said that it was time to go to bed.

After the girls left, Edmund and Peter looked out the window for a while and gazed at the starry night sky. It was still night, but Edmund could see light creeping on the horizon. He yawned and said "I think I'll go to bed now, Peter. Don't bother to wake me for breakfast. Good night!"

"Night!" Peter said as Edmund opened the door to leave, "And Edmund, good job on solving the mystery."

Edmund grinned, "Thanks Peter." and walked out.

The party was long over, but in the Great Hall, maids were still picking up dishes, clearing tables, and carrying left-over food to the kitchens. Edmund jumped. The food wasn't the only thing being carried out. Workmen were taking Jormun's body over to the Tisiphone. Edmund felt chills going up and down his spine as the body passed the threshold. To think that had once been a living man. Even though Jormun was good looking, he still had murderous, evil thoughts running through his head. Within that beauty lies the poison, Edmund thought to himself and he remembered how Jormun had looked as he raised his sword to kill him. Edmund remembered seeing something in Jormun's eyes; some horrible glint that a true Narnian could always see in those that were treacherous or doing some other evil. Edmund had once had that glint himself. And as Edmund was thinking, he was suddenly aware of someone by his side.

"Well done, my son," a powerful, warm voice purred.

"Aslan?" Edmund asked and looked around but all he saw was a flash of gold. He felt that it was Aslan who had spoken to him and somehow strengthened. Edmund smiled to himself and climbed up the stairs to bed. When he got there, he plopped down on the fluffy pillows and, still smiling, fell asleep.


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