Behind Blue Eyes: Seto's Story

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He ran to the doorway, acting like a dork, "After you." He just wanted to see me take my clothes off . . .

I punched his arm lightly as I passed him, "I love you, you damn pervert."

. . . and I guess I'm okay with that.

I woke up at about 6:30 in the morning. Katsuya was still snoozing away, of course, so I decided to just leave the alarm on.

Today. Today is the day that Katsuya is supposed to go and meet up with Saki. Saki said he wouldn't hurt him, but Saki is smart; he can find ways around his promises. I'm sure he has every intention of trying to drag Katsuya away from me. I have faith that Katsuya is pretty tough, but Saki isn't the type to get in a fist fight. Saki is more likely to use psychological manipulation. He wouldn't hurt Jou, no, but he would say things to make Jou mentally beat himself up.

I shook the thought away and climbed out of bed, leaving the room to check on Mokuba. Just like the blond in my own bed, Mokuba was sound asleep. I'm actually surprised he went to bed. I thought for sure that I would find him passed out in his computer chair or something of the sort.

I went downstairs to see the housekeepers already preparing for work. They always get here so early . . . "Good morning."

A few of them jumped from my sudden appearance while the rest just stared at me like deer caught in headlights. Okay so let's be honest here . . . I don't really greet them very often. I don't really know what to say to them. What can you say to someone that washes your clothes and cleans your house?

"What's this? The great Kaiba Seto has come down to greet us lowly servants?"

"Miyu." I pursed my lips as the head of housekeeping leaned against a wall.

"It seems you're changing bit by bit." She smiled, but her eyes were laughing.

"I'm not changing at all. Can't I say good morning to my employees every now and then?" I eyed the group of women standing behind her and they immediately scurried away to begin the day's work.

"Of course you can . . ." She folded her arms, still smiling, "But you never do. Just admit that having that boy around you is softening your heart and I'll stop teasing you."

That boy? Katsuya? There's no way she could know that he and I are . . . "Well I guess that you'll just have to tease me until the end of time." I turned away to go back upstairs.

"What would you like for breakfast, Seto?" Miyu called from behind me.

"I'll take the usual with extra strong coffee today." I looked back over my shoulder and smirked, "French toast and milk will be fine for the kids."

It was about seven o'clock by the time I finally slid back beneath the sheets. On my way back to bed I stopped to check my phone for any messages. I also checked my email via my phone, saw the giant number in my inbox, and then proceeded to turn my phone off. I swear I hate reading email.

When Jou began to move around I closed my eyes. I guess for some reason I wanted to pretend that I was still asleep, perhaps to see what Katsuya would do. It's not that I'm testing him, I'm just . . . curious? I could always open my eyes suddenly and scare the hell out of him. That could be fun.

I felt the bed shift as his weight left the mattress. From the sound of things, he was turning off the alarm on the clock. I was actually surprised that he woke up without it and at such an early hour too. Hopefully he slept well and wasn't plagued with bad dreams all night. Does Katsuya have nightmares often? Hmmm, he's probably the type that doesn't often remember his dreams.

I almost opened my eyes when I suddenly felt fingers gently brushing against my forehead, moving my bangs aside . . . and then I couldn't help but open my eyes when I was kissed on the forehead immediately after.

"It's not nice to take advantage of a sleeping person." I joked, fighting a laugh when Katsuya jumped away from me. Ah, so I startled him after all.

"Ahaha, I just wanted to give you a little kiss! I thought I woke up before you." He can be so sweet . . . I want him to stay here with me forever. I don't want him to go see Saki.

"I'm used to waking up early, so I wake up whether I want to or not. What would you like for breakfast this morning? Did you want something here? We could always go out for breakfast." Before sliding out from under the sheets, I purposely undid the bottom buttons on my pajama shirt. Even though breakfast is already being prepared, we can change plans. Stay with me all day long . . . don't go and see Saki.

"Uh, something here is fine."

That's it, look only at me. You love me right? If you love me, you won't go see Saki. "Are you looking at my stomach?" I tilted my head and smirked, one hand now resting on my stomach.

But why am I acting like this? Is this what Saki meant when he said I was a tease? I think . . . I think I just know how to get what I want. I'm willing to go to certain lengths to get what I want. I don't think of it as 'teasing'. It's more like a form of manipulation . . . a form of power.

"You're trying to distract me, aren't you?" He narrowed his eyes at me. Was he really angry about it?

In the end, the tactic that worked so well in the past has no effect on Katsuya . . . that must mean something, right?

"I already told the cooks what to make. It's probably done by now." I went past him and toward the dining room.

I am worried about him, but I should trust him enough to make his own decisions . . . shouldn't I?

I left the duty of waking Mokuba to Jou, who seemed more than a little excited to get my brother out of bed. I can see that the two of them are going to act like mischievous brothers from now on. As long as what they do doesn't hurt anything, it's okay with me.

"So today is the big day!" Mokuba grinned at Jou from across the table as we sat down to eat our breakfast. "The big confrontation!" He was referring to the meeting between Katsuya and Saki, of course. The two of them are so carefree about the whole situation, but neither one of them really knows how Saki is. It seems he has changed even more from when I knew him . . . then again, did I really even know the real him at all?

"Yeah." Suddenly Katsuya didn't seem so enthusiastic. Maybe he's actually very worried and nervous, but he's hiding it from me to make me calm down. If that's what he's doing and I find out about it, I'm going to be pissed.

I mutilated the eggs on my plate with my fork.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt him as long as you don't have anyone following."

That's what he said, but . . .

"You're mine. You'll always be mine"

He wants Katsuya gone. What will he do to get rid of Katsuya? Even if he doesn't hurt him physically, that doesn't mean he won't hurt him mentally.

"Don't play with your food, Seto." Katsuya winked when my head snapped up. Ah, so he noticed.

I flashed him a smile since I really didn't know what else to do and took a bite of egg. Note that I don't shovel it into my mouth like Katsuya does. I should teach him table etiquette . . . no, that won't do. I like him the way that he is . . . and I don't want to make him uncomfortable. If I annoy him too much, he would probably leave.

"What's the matter, bro?" Mokuba eyed my suspiciously.

"I'm just worried, Mokuba." I stabbed at my eggs again, watching as I made a mess of my breakfast.

"You don't have to worry." Katsuya insisted yet again, "I'll go there, hear what that dick has to say-"

"Language." I scolded, looking up from my plate and pointing my fork at Katsuya's face. How many times do I need to tell him to watch his mouth? Oh, but does it annoy him? I really don't want him to talk like that in front of my brother.

"Right." Katsuya pursed his lips, "I'll go there, hear what that jerk has to say, and then come right back home. Oh . . . how am I supposed to get home?"

What is he talking about? Why wouldn't he be able to-

Oh. Right. Katsuya doesn't have his own vehicle. Does he even have a license? I think I once had a thought about buying him a motorcycle, but those things are pretty dangerous. Either way, if he doesn't know how to drive a motorcycle or a car, buying one for him today won't do any bit of good. He will just have to call me when he is ready to leave . . . oh, but he doesn't have a cell phone. Why on earth doesn't someone his age have a cell phone? I mean, my brother had his own phone when was only-

That's it!

"I've got it!" I snapped my fingers at the realization, "Mokuba, let Jou borrow your cell phone." He's thirteen; what could he possibly need a cell phone for if he's with me?

Mokuba apparently didn't feel the same. "What?"

I guess I should have seen a reaction like that coming. "He doesn't have his own cell phone and I need mine for work so that only leaves yours." I rubbed at the side of my head, releasing a sigh. "Honestly, it's just for a little while." Kids these days . . .

. . . not that I'm old or anything.

Mokuba shot Katsuya a glare, "Jou, if you break my phone then I'll break you, got it?" He shook a fist and then began to laugh. Somehow I think he was only half-joking.

"Man, I thought you were actually pissed off for a second!" Jou admitted, laughing right along with Mokuba.

My brother instantly stopped laughing, "Oh I am. Don't break my phone and don't call or text anyone other than my brother."

Just like I thought. He's awfully protective over that phone. Perhaps I should call all of the numbers in his contacts list and see who he has been talking to. "I think someone is cranky from a lack of sleep." I taunted, taking another bite of my breakfast before smirking at my irritable little brother.

"Shut up." He huffed, reluctantly sliding his cell phone across the table toward Katsuya.

I think that Mokuba will definitely love the addition of Katsuya to the family. The two of them get along like family already . . .

By 8:15 I had already showered, dressed, and was already finishing up with my hair. I sent Katsuya to shower in a guest room, since there's no way in hell I'm going to share one with him. I'm not stupid, I'm sure that's what he wanted me to do. Well, maybe he wasn't. It's wrong of me to assume he's always thinking like a pervert.

"You out yet?" I heard his voice call from out in my bedroom.

I pushed open my bathroom door to let him know it was okay to enter and then resumed work on my hair. Call me a priss if you want, but I'm particular about my hair.

"You sure look sharp." Katsuya watched my reflection in the mirror.

"I'm going to work, so I need to dress decent." But let's be honest, do I ever dress in anything that isn't at least decent? Save for that time that Katsuya talked me into wearing his clothes, of course. By the way, what the fuck was I thinking when I agreed to something so ridiculous? "You will also be dressing nice today." I reminded him, in case he had any thoughts about going out in his usual attire. He's going to meet Saki so I want him to look sharp. I'm sure he'll clean up very well . . .


The housekeepers were bringing in his new clothes just as we left my bathroom. Everything was clean and ironed. I waved the women off, since it seemed they wanted to linger, and began rummaging through the various shirts, ties, and slacks. Katsuya just leaned against the doorframe. It's best that he doesn't try to help.

Let's see . . . he could wear khaki's and a green shirt. Green looks good on him and . . . no, no, that won't do. He should definitely wear black pants. Hm . . . what kinds of things do I like my employees to wear? Nothing too flashy (AN: Yeah Seto, like you have room to tell people not to dress flashy).

I glanced at Jounouchi to try and imagine something on him . . . when I noticed the mess on his head. "What the hell did you do to your hair?" Did he even brush it at all?

"Huh?" I reached a hand up as if he didn't know what I could be talking about. "Oh, I towel-dried it, so it's probably a little poofy or something."

A little poofy? It was a giant mess! "I'll fix it once I've dressed you." Is he really this helpless?

"Dressed me?" Oh no. "You're gonna take my robe off and put my clothes on me?"

I faced the clothes as images of me peeling off his robe popped into my head. NO. I mean, as the thought of me pulling off his robe popped into my head. No, not that either! I mean . . . you know what I mean.

"Not like that, you damned pervert." It's not wrong of me to assume he's thinking like a pervert all the time. I let him get away with it last night, but he can't expect that all the time.

"Hey, last night you were okay with me being a pervert."

"I was drunk." I lied, looking for a reasonable excuse.

"You didn't even drink anything!" He blurted out the obvious. "Or were you drunk off of my good looks?" When I looked at him he struck a pose, dramatically blowing a kiss my way.

He somehow manages to make everything sound dirty. "Ugh, you are impossible."

"Impossibly hot, perhaps."

Point. Made. I yanked some black dress pants down from a hanger, "Here." I tossed them at him and unfortunately he caught them before they hit him in the face. I should have thrown the whole damn hanger. "And for your shirt . . ." Right, I still hadn't really decided. "I think we should go for a clean, classy look."

"Uh, yeah, sounds good." Katsuya agreed even though I'm ninety-nine percent positive he's only agreeing because he's clueless.

"A white, button-down dress shirt and a dark blue tie." You can't go wrong with black pants and a white shirt. The blue tie was just for the hell of it, I guess. I like blue. "Let's see that bastard call you trash in this." I'll prove to him that Katsuya cleans up well.

"Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna look- wait. Saki called me trash?" Katsuya looked shocked.

Had I not told him about that? I placed the shirt and tie on my bed, "To be more precise, he called you the 'blond piece of trash' that I 'dragged home'." Maybe I should tell Katsuya these things, but a part of me wants Katsuya to be angry with Saki. If he's mad enough, he definitely won't let his guard down. Even during my most recent encounter with Saki and I alone together . . . the memory still make me cringe . . . Saki seemed different than he used to be. Something has changed. I'm worried about Katsuya.

"I swear when I see that stupid face of his-"

No. "Katsuya." I can't let him act out of anger. "Don't do anything stupid. Go there, listen to whatever bullshit he has to say, and leave. I know you hate him, but hurting him isn't something worth losing your life over."

"and shoot to kill."

"He told me that he wouldn't hurt you as long as I kept my men away and as far as I know, he has never killed anyone . . . but . . .

"but when I saw you that day at the mall with that filthy blond . . . I got so pissed off."

"I don't really know anything aside from what he told me about himself and you know as well as I do that his word isn't exactly something that can be trusted." He really doesn't like Katsuya . . . will he keep his word?

"Yeah, I know." Jou insisted, but he didn't sound so sure of himself anymore. Deep down, I think he's worried as well.

The silence during the car ride over to Kitamori Corporation only made the situation more unbearable. Why am I letting Katsuya meet up with Saki? He threatened Mokuba . . . I have to protect Mokuba, of course, but . . . was there really no other option? I've given Katsuya Mokuba's cell phone so that I can track him via GPS at my office, so at least I'll have the comfort of knowing exactly where he is. Something tells me that their 'meeting' won't take place at Kitamori Corp.

The car rolled to a stop and I couldn't bring myself to even look at Katsuya when the driver opened his door. I've got such a bad feeling about this entire situation . . .

"Well, I guess this is where we go our separate ways."

Don't word it like that . . .

"Jou." Mokuba caught his attention, likely feeling the same as me. Jou means no harm, but . . . saying it like that really sounds like we'll never meet again.

"Seto . . ." Ah, no, did he see the worry on my face? I wasn't even looking at him. "hey, this afternoon we're grilling out, so don't you go eating at some fancy restaurant, you go that, moneybags?"

I turned to him at the sound of my old nickname and Katsuya gave me the sweetest smile.

"I'm gonna stand right behind you and guide your hands while I teach you how to cook on a grill!"

I returned his smile to the best of my ability, even though he was being a pervert right in front of Mokuba. This is Katsuya's way of telling me that he'll be coming home and he'll be okay. "Right." I reached down beside me to grab the gun that I had asked him to take. "You forgot this, so I picked it up before we left the house." Knowing Katsuya, he won't take it.

"I really don't think I should bring that with me, Seto. Don't you think carrying something like that around will make him freak out?"

I put the weapon back on the seat, "Yeah, you're probably right." He has a point. I'm surprised he actually thought that through. I've been getting more and more rash with my decisions.

As Katsuya stepped out of the car, he leaned back inside, his cheeks slightly pink, "Can I get a 'see ya later' kiss?"

What? Seriously? Here?

I glanced quickly at Mokuba, who was grinning of course. It's not something I want to do in front of Mokuba, let alone in front of my driver but . . . I don't want any more regrets.

I gave him a peck on the lips, "See you later, Kat-chan." I winked and he finally leaned out of the limousine. I watched his figure disappear in the distance as we finally left Kitamori Corporation.

That's when it hit me.

"What the hell did I just do?" 'Kat-chan?' Winking? Me?

"I was just about to ask you the same thing, bro, but I was in so much shock that my mouth wouldn't move." Mokuba erupted into laughter, wiping at his eyes to emphasize just how humorous he found the situation.

"Shut up, Mokuba." I kicked playfully at his ankles, only causing him to laugh even more.

Mokuba's laughter . . . it's probably my favorite sound. I would do anything to see him smile and to hear him laugh. He's the most precious person in my life and he always will be. Even so, Jou is right; Mokuba will grow up and leave and create a family of his own. I have no desire to get married and have children. There are very few people I can tolerate enough to live with for the rest of my life . . . that's where Katsuya comes in, I guess. Could I live with Katsuya for the rest of my life? I suppose that I'm willing to find out.

When Mokuba and I arrived at Kaiba Corporation I wanted nothing more than to go straight up to my office and immerse myself so far in my work that I'd forget all about worrying. That wouldn't be happening though.

"Oh, Mister Kaiba!" A group of my employees approached me. I think they're the same people that Saki spooked yesterday.

"Leave me alone."

"Mister Kaiba, everyone was so worried yesterday!" One man exclaimed, clearly ignoring my order. I don't even know this man's name; does he really think I care if he was worried or not? Besides, their worry is fake. They want a promotion or a raise. Bunch of ass-kissers.

I eyed the small crowd, "Right. That mess yesterday? It never happened." The last thing I need is for this to turn into a giant fiasco.

"Never happened?" One woman tilted her head.

Is she really that dense? I need to look over hiring requirements. "Precisely. That never happened." I glared at each and every one of them in turn, "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, mister Kaiba." Came their obedient reply in unison.

"Wonderful. In that case, I'll be in my office." Mokuba and I left the group where they stood and finally went up to my office.

As soon as I shut the door Mokuba let out a long whistle, "Geez, Seto! You were so scary!" He lazily slumped down onto the couch, "I wonder what Jou would say if he saw you talk to them like that."

"Jou isn't the one running the company." I turned on my computer and tossed the gun from earlier into the drawer that held my other gun. I have way too many guns. That's not safe now that Mokuba is a teenager . . .

Said teenager was busy making himself comfortable on the couch in the sitting area of my office. "Get your shoes off of my couch."

Mokuba's response was to promptly untie and kick off his shoes, which landed clear across my office, "Better now?" He chuckled, amused by his own antics.

I only sighed and shook my head, clicking the icon on my desktop to check my email. I've been neglecting my work for too long . . . I guess I was too caught up in the idea of staying at home. I'm forgetting what I've worked so hard to accomplish. Work must come first.

My eyes darted briefly to Mokuba.

Work comes second.

"I hope you have something to keep yourself occupied." I didn't need Mokuba constantly bothering me while I tried to play catch-up. "Mokuba, are you listening to me?" The faint sound of loud music coming through headphones was the only response I needed to know that he was indeed occupied.

I really wish Mokuba would be more into things like reading and learning. Instead he's into music, video games, and 'hanging out' with his friends from school. I guess I can't nag him about the video games, given the type of business I'm in, but I need to make him study more. His grades in school are above average, but aren't straight A's. He rarely even asks me for help. I always made perfect scores in all of my subjects, on all of my assignments. I studied until I completely understood everything that I was taught.

. . . but Mokuba isn't me.

No, it is definitely best that Mokuba lives his life as much like a normal teenage boy as possible. That's the kind of life we wanted, right? A carefree life for the two of us.

I brought up the internet and went to the website for my phone service carrier. Since Katsuya has Mokuba's cell phone, I'll be able to track his location via GPS.

It came as no surprise to me that his current location was not Kitamori Corporation. Saki isn't the type of person that would do his business in the public eye, especially if he's up to no good. Damn it all! Why did I let Katsuya go there?

I slammed my fist down on my desk without thinking and then looked quickly to Mokuba to see if he noticed. His feet were bobbing up and down to the beat of the music blaring over his headphones. How many times have I told him not to play it so loud?

I tried my best to get some work done, but found myself constantly checking the GPS. The current location was Saki's house. I knew the address well, since I had been there several times before.

Whenever Gozaburo didn't want to take me with him on trips, I was left with Saki. Gozaburo was close friends with Saki's father, so I guess he trusted Saki enough to leave me in his care. Though we eventually grew close, Saki . . . didn't like me at first.

"I don't really know how to handle kids, just so you know." A 21 year old Saki folded his arms, scrunching up his nose in apparent annoyance. "I don't know why the hell your father couldn't just hire someone to watch you. I'm not a babysitter."

It's not like I wanted to be in this kind of situation any more than he did, but I wouldn't tell him that. If he intends to leave me to myself, that works out perfectly.

Mokuba always stayed with someone else. I suppose that by separating us, Gozaburo eliminated the possibility of me escaping along with my brother. He knew very well that I would never leave Mokuba and used that to his advantage on numerous occasions.

I was stuck alone with someone that was annoyed by my presence . . . or at least, that's how he acted.

I was sitting in one of the guest rooms working on the mountain of assignments given to me by my tutors when the door opened without warning.

"Umm . . . are you hungry or anything?" He scratched at the back of his head, eying the books strewn about the floor, "You better not leave this place a mess. I dismissed the housekeepers until my father comes home." He leaned against the doorframe. He was definitely taller than Gozaburo.

I looked up at him from my place on the floor and then went back to my textbook.

"When I ask you a question, I expect an answer . . . or something like that."

What? Just now . . .

"So are you hungry or not? And answer with words. Silent people annoy me."

"Yes." Had I really sounded so . . . dead?

He smiled that perfect smile, "Alright then, let's go to the kitchen, Seto."


I jumped a little in my seat as Mokuba slammed both of his hands down on my desk with a loud thud.

"What do you want, Mokuba? Can't you see that I'm busy?"

He folded his arms, "Tch, yeah Seto, you looked reaaaaaaaaaaally busy staring off into space."

I sighed, running a hand through my hair, "What do you want?"

"I'm bored."

"I told you to bring things to entertain yourself." Honestly, how old is he?

"Well I would be way more entertained if I had my cell phone to text my friends with, but someone made me give it away." He glared at me, tapping his foot.

I pulled out my own cell phone. I have the phone numbers of several of his friends just in case I can't reach him for whatever reason. "Here. If Katsuya calls, you had better give it to me immediately, do you understand?"

"Woohoo!" Mokuba snatched the phone away and ran back to the couch, practically throwing himself onto it. It wasn't long before the sound of his music carried over to my desk once more.

I need to focus.

I checked the GPS one more time to see that Katsuya was still at the Kitamori house before I minimized that windowed and continued sorting through and responding to the emails that had piled up. Honestly, was there an end to them? Perhaps I should hire someone to screen emails just like my calls are screened.

Without so much as a knock a disgruntled-looking man burst into my office, stomping over to my desk. Even Mokuba leaned up to look at the man with wide, confused eyes.

"Finally you're here!" He stopped in front of my desk, straightening his tie and clearing his throat.

"And you are . . . ?" He didn't look like one of my employees. I don't recall making any appointments to see people either.

"I'm terribly sorry for rushing in like that, sir, but I've been trying to reach you for several days now and it seems that we always ended up missing each other so when I heard that you were finally in-"

"Cut to the chase. Can't you see that I'm busy?" Why wasn't I notified that someone had been trying to reach me? The desk secretary is getting slack.

"Ah, right. My name is Yukuhiro Ken. I do marketing for Muramura Co. and was asked to visit you with a business proposal." The man smiled, pulling out the portfolio that he had tucked underneath his arm.

I couldn't help but raise a brow. "Muramura Co.?" I felt stupid just saying it. I've never heard of such a company.

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba. Muramura Company is a company specializing in plastic toys for children. We would like to get your permission to make toy versions of your company's products so that children too young to use the devices can still enjoy the game. It would also help your company when the hearts of children at a young age so that they will become loyal customers in the future!" He said this with a grin as if he was so proud of himself for saying something so generic.

"Not interested."

"But sir-"

"But nothing. Please leave. I don't have time for silly proposals like that. I'm not going to cheapen my product by turning it into a fad for small children."

"Won't you even take a second to at least look at-"

"No, I won't."

"Please, sir, you really ought to-"

"Hey guy!" Mokuba slipped from his place on the couch, his music player and headphones clenched in one hand, "Don't you get it? The CEO says no, so that means no."

No means no . . .

"Little kids don't belong in big business."

"Little kids don't belong in big business."

"I'm not a child . . ."

"You're fourteen. You're still a child."

"Get out."

"Mr. Kaiba, please!"

I stood from my chair and slammed my hands down on my desk loud enough to startle Mokuba and the man both, "Get. Out."

"Y-yes sir . . ." He tucked his portfolio back under his arm and spun on his heels, high-stepping it out of my office.

"Geeeeeeeez Seto! It's not often that you lose your cool around people like that! Did he give you a weird look or something?" Mokuba went cross-eyed for a moment before laughing.

"No, I just . . . I'm busy and he annoyed me."

"No means no! They have no right to treat you that way!"

Then why?

"No, Saki! Please stop!"

No means no. Why didn't you stop?

"Whatever you say, Seto." He stared at me with those large violet eyes of his before going back to the couch without another word. As the sound of his music started up again I lay my head down on my desk.

I can't focus on work, not when I know where Katsuya is. I can't focus on the emails, I can't focus on my reports, I can't even focus on business proposals.

I don't like that he's at Saki's house. Something isn't right with Saki.

Something isn't right.

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