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Summary: In an alternate time line, Clockwork didn't rewind time when Danny's parents, sister, friends, and teacher died. Clockwork had decided to see what the boy would do after seeing what would have occurred should he have separated his ghost half. He decided to see how the boy would react. This was his plan. Let us see the results.

Just Forget Them, For Your Own Good

Chapter One


After capturing Dan in the thermos, Danny goes back to focusing on his family and friends' predicament. Time was running out! He quickly runs towards them. He tries to go ghost. No use. The rings form around his waits, but then vanish just as fast as they came. While caught in the slight shock of not being able to go ghost, Danny trips over a rock in the pavement.

Danny saw the explosion, lights everywhere. He closed his eyes, being blown back by the force of it. During this split second in the air, he thought so many things. He imagined so many scenes with Clockwork coming in, stopping time, saving him and his friends and family. But he only found the ground and lamp post as his only greeting as he hit the floor.

He lay motionless on his side against the lamp post for a very long time, not wanting to open his eyes or to see the damage. He didn't want to see his loved ones' remains scattered everywhere. It would be too much to bear. It would tear his heart out. But he had no choice. His bones and muscles ached for movement of any kind after that impact.

Danny propped himself up on one elbow slowly, afraid. He looked towards the Nasty Burger, or rather it's remains. His eyes filled with tears before he could even take the image into his mind. He, for one, didn't want the image to scar his mind and heart forever. He got up, still aching, thermos in hand. His legs still give way and he falls to his knees, tears pouring down his face and onto the rocky pavement. They fill a small crack on the floor, running like a tiny, thin stream to his hands. He dares not look up.

He has an open wound on his arm from impact on the uneven pavement, but the pain is nonexistent to him. His muscles feel so sore and it hurts to breathe. Shoulders shaking and taking ragged breaths, Danny forces himself to stand as nearby police and ambulance sirens begin to wail. The sounds ring in his ears. He leans against the bent lamp post, watching half-heartedly as the police cars and ambulances come into his blurry line of vision. His hairs won't let him see clearly, it falling onto his face. Small beads of sweat roll down his forehead.

He feels so weak, drained of energy. A police car drove up about seven yards from him and a man climbed out. "Hey, boy!" the man shouted. "Are you alright?" Danny only stood there, watching the man near him. Soon enough, he was gazing into his face with saddened, blue eyes. "Are you okay, son?" the man asked. Danny had been covering the wound on his arm with his hand, but felt too weak to even keep the wound hidden. His hand fell to his side and he leaned entirely onto the lamp post for support. He couldn't keep his balance and swayed on his feet, nearly collapsing. "My god!" the man gasped. "Over here!" he called over some paramedics. "Get this kid some help!"

Danny felt himself start to drift off into a land of sub-consciousness. Pain filled the wound on his arm as his mind was cleared abruptly of the past thoughts. He was grateful for it, but yet a small part of him said he would have rather died too.

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