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The school bell rang loudly and echoed down the halls of Konoha High School. Kids scattered out of the class rooms grabbing their book bags and slipping into their shoes by the door. One could hear kids laughing going down the stairs in excitement for the school day to finally be over and done with.

"Sakura?" a timid and soft voice spoke from behind the sliding door on the third floor. A violet haired young girl stood, her knees close together, waiting for her friend.

Haruno Sakura turned her attention away from the window and looked over a gentle ghost of a smile gracing her face.

"Hinata-chan I'll be right down."

"Alright," Hinata nodded and moved out of sight as if she weren't even there in the first place.

Pushing up her brown rimmed glasses Sakura placed her notebook in her book bag and stood up from her little red school chair. Straightening her blue skirt gently with shaking hands she gripped her book bag and headed for the door.

Upon sliding open the door Sakura didn't see the people walking by it.

"Oof!" Sakura blurted falling on her butt making her glasses falling off.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I—" the blond girl started to say but then stopped. "Oh….it's you," she scoffed seeing the frail pink haired girl pick up her glasses hesitantly.

"I'm sorry Ino…." Sakura mumbled in a small voice.

"Watch where you're going next time, bitch. You could hurt someone besides yourself," said Ino with a scowl on her face receiving giggles from the girls she was walking with. Sakura lowered her head a bit and shakily got to her feet.

"Waste of space I say," whispered Ino walking away with a frown.

Sakura looked their way until they were out of sight then held her book bag firmly to her chest.

"I'm not….a bitch…." she muttered swallowing the lump in her throat.


Hinata looked over at the front doors seeing her pink haired friend emerge.

"Sakura-chan…" she said smiling slightly.

"Sorry Hinata…" apologized Sakura scurrying down the steps. They both headed down the path leaving the school.

Their feet falling in the same step both girls were silent hearing all the other kids laughing and chatting with their friends. A few cars of the kids from their school shouting and laughing driving by the two outcast girls.

Hunching over more Sakura forced a smile at Hinata ignoring the people making fun of them.

"How was your day?" asked Sakura turning the corner starting to walk through the park.

"Fine….You?" asked Hinata awkwardly.

"Fine," said Sakura now letting the silence surround the two girls the rest of the way home.

When they reached the corner where their houses were in separate directions they waved good bye and headed on their ways.


"I'm home," sighed Sakura slipping her shoes off at the front door. Hanging up her school bag she walked into the small little kitchen and turned on the burner. Filling the tea kettle she started to make some green tea to calm the headache she had gained throughout another stressful day at school.

Once her tea was finished she brought a cup up to her room and began to work on her homework.



Lifting her head from her notebook Sakura slowly opened her eyes. Reaching over she turned the alarm clock off. With a look in the mirror she noticed the small line of saliva dripping from her mouth and wiped it with her sleeve.

"Ugh…" Sakura mumbled rolling over and grabbing her glasses.

"Oh no!" she gasped seeing her history assignment on Edo Castle smeared and covered with drool.

"That took me all night. Now what am I going to do?" Sakura griped folding up the book and throwing it in the corner by her bed.

Sighing for the umpteenth time this morning she didn't want to be late so she picked up the book and dashed down stairs. Struggling to put her shoes on Sakura fell on her butt knocking against the wall making her book bag fall on her head.

"Ow!" she shrieked rubbing her head.

"Forget this!" she exclaimed sloppily shoving her feet in her shoes and dragging her book bag out the door.

Dashing down the street she was trying not to trip over every curb and keep a good pace. Her breath came out unevenly but she managed to keep a constant speed guaranteeing her arrival on time at the school. Running by a tree, unfortunately, she tripped over a root and went face first into the mud.

Slowly pulling up her head Sakura started whimpering using all her will power to not cry.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Shooting her head up she gasped. Jade met hazy emerald. Sakura took in dark red hair, as dark and untamed as the flames of hell. A hard expression, stubborn in a way. Also a bloody mark tattoo in the Chinese symbol for love.

Thinking she was dreaming Sakura rubbed the mud off her glasses and did a double take.

"Are you going to ignore the only kind gesture you will get or are you going to be smart and allow someone to help you?" he said in a low voice dripping in annoyance.

Sakura, hesitantly mind you, took his hand gasping slightly at his firm grip. Being pulled to her feet she was given a handkerchief.

"You seem a little, ditzy," said the boy stuffing his hands in his uniform pockets.

Sakura blushed a little but continued wiping her face.

When she finished, still keeping her head lowered, she stuck her arms out.

"Here!" she yelled a little too eagerly. Feeling a finger under her chin her face began to rise once again looking into the boy's eyes.

"Keep it," he said pushing the cloth back into her hands.

Her eyes widened behind the lens but she accepted it any way.

"What's your name, girl?" he asked.

"Haruno Sakura…." she mumbled.

"Come again?"

"Haruno Sakura…" she said even quieter.

"Speak up!" he said slightly angry.

"Haruno Sakura," she said loud enough for him to hear this time. Her heart beet fast not because of the boys face per say but because of his imperious presence. Just him standing in front of her felt like she would be swallowed by his shadow.

"Cherry Blossom? Like the trees?" he murmured almost with interest. I see why; pink hair. Unless you dyed it," he said smirking.

"No….it's natural," she said clasping her hands down by her legs.

"Hmm," he inquired before grinning fiercely leaning over to her ear. "Now how would I know that? Care to prove it?" he chuckled darkly.

Sakura's face turned dark red and shot her head up to retort angrily but no one was there. She looked around but saw nothing but the leaves fluttering in the wind.

"Was that real?" she asked herself confused seeing no sight of the boy. Checking her book bag she saw the handkerchief.

"That was weird…But now I'm going to be late!" she yelled in a panic and started running down the street.


Sliding open the door Sakura saw her class turn their heads to look at her.

"You're late Miss Haruno," Kakashi stated pausing in his lesson on the whiteboard.

"Sorry," she bowed her head not bothering to explain in detail why she was late before slowly going to her seat. Sakura heard some giggling and chuckling but ignored it.

"Why're you late four-eyes? Too busy pulling an all nighter?" asked Kiba sarcastically, the boy sitting in front of her seeing the bags under her eyes. "Or playing in the mud?" he chuckled seeing some mud stains on her white shirt.

Sakura looked down and flicked her pencil trying to drown the voices out.

The only words that brought her back were the teacher saying 'new student'.

"I would like to announce, that due to an….inconvenience at Makai High we have a new transfer student," explained Kakashi gesturing to the door. "Meet our new student…" the door slid open and Sakura's heart sped up in disbelief. "Sabaku no Gaara."