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I also felt the need to say that this story is DISCONTINUED. Sorry, that's brutal but because of my lack of gusto towards Naruto, I can't write this anymore. I'm also aware that I wrote this back when I was in seventh grade and now I'm in college.

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Hinata winced at the volume of Gaara's voice. She didn't know why he was so shocked and to make it worse he was yelling at her! She was completely confused.

Looking up cautiously she watched as he stormed over to the center of the room and placed his hands on the top of his head.

"She totally blew off what I said! She was just—that's why she wanted me to leave? So she could think about—Gah!" he cut off with a growl and kicked the teacher's desk so hard Hinata had to cover her ears for a moment.

Why is he having such a tantrum? Is this why he was kicked out of his old school? She thought nervously not understanding his mood swings.

Abruptly he turned his line of vision back to her making her freeze. Hard jade met surprised silver.

As casual as possible he strolled back over to Hinata's table. Placing both hands on the hard top and leaning forward he came eye to eye with her.

"Who was it?"

Three simple words yet they struck undeniable uneasiness into her body. Hearing the growl growing in his chest Hinata gulped. Now was the time she definitely regretted ever bringing it up.

Upon the absence of a reply he repeated his question again as patiently as possible. "Who was it?"

"W-who kissed her?" she stuttered.

He rolled his eyes. "No, who raped her. Of course who kissed her! And you better not say Uzumaki or I swear to God I will wring his scrawny little neck so fast that—"

"It wasn't Naruto-kun!" Hinata defended hearing him threaten Naruto. She knew if she lied and said it was Naruto Gaara might actually kill him from the way he was acting now.

But if she said Neji…she would definitely get her fair share of pain from his end. No one else was around and Neji would surely question how Gaara found out. She could probably bet a whole lot Gaara would mention her somehow.

Her eyes drifted down to her hands again trying to think of something that might calm him down…but he wouldn't be having that.


Hinata jumped at the feeling of his palm lightly hitting the top of her head. She looked back into his eyes to see his glare intensify.

"Stop stalling and just tell me who it was. I'll be out of your hair afterwards."

"But," Hinata realized. "B-but what will you do if I tell you who it was?"

"When"— he corrected— "you tell me who it was I will give them a convincing lecture about touching what doesn't belong to them."

"Does that involve v-violence?"

He eyed her curiously before answering. "Of course."

"Why does it matter though? You don't even like Sakura-chan."

Gaara stopped talking abruptly and slowly let out a shaky breath. He had forgotten that it wasn't so obvious that he had taking a liking to the school's rejected flower. At this realization he calmly straightened his posture enough so that he wasn't in the girl's face. He watched her eyes drift to his fingers and noticed he had been clenching them the whole time. With a bit of awkwardness he unclenched his hands and started flexing his fingers.

"Look…" he said on a breath. Lolling his head to the side slightly and giving an exhausted half-grin he tried to prove that his actions were justified. "She did me a favor once, alright? It was a big favor," he paused giving emphasis on the 'big'.

Hinata blinked and cautiously started nodding her head in understanding.

"I'm just looking out for her, you know? She gets picked on a lot and I just feel like I owe her one," he falsely explained and made his way around the table. Leaning over her he felt her tense below him and backed up so his chest was barely grazing her back. "It's not like I do. I don't have to do anything for her. But I told her I would when she helped me and I don't go back on my word."

He waited for her to respond to what he'd said but got nothing. Curiously he peered over her head to see her face scrunched up.

"Hey…" he mumbled in confusion and tapped her shoulder. She did nothing. Gaara reached around and wave his hand in front of her face, irritated. He received no response.

Finally he grasped what was wrong and backed up quickly. "Hey, don't stop breathing on me like that!"

Hinata jumped a little hearing him yell but was relieved he wasn't so close to her face anymore.

He glared and moved forward to a chair and ignored her flinch. "You weren't ignoring me, were you?"

Hinata shook her head frantically and tried to explain as well as she could that she had never had much interaction with boys but ended up stumbling over her words so much so that she just clamped her mouth shut ashamed. She watched as Gaara eyed her before sighing and flopping against an art cubby. He ran a hand through his messy hair and grumbled.

"Look, I don't know what your beef is with her but I'm starting for the end of my rope here. Would it kill you to tell me?" He asked finally and glowered off to the side.

After a moment she spoke up, albeit quietly. "Not 'it'; he would."

His head rose and he looked straight into her face. She was wringing her hands in her lap anxiously and was barely able to hold his gaze; grief swirled in her pale orbs ready to overflow at any given notice. Gaara's brow furrowed cautiously and felt like this girl in front of him had been through more than he could comprehend.

It was silent a moment and Hinata was unable to keep the eye contact and looked down at her hands. She was almost certain that Gaara had left because of the new found tranquility of the room when his next words shot through her like a thousand arrows.

"It was Neji, wasn't it?"

Her hands turned white as she carved moon shapes into her palms in the split second the words had left his lips. All the color drained from her face and the knot in her stomach threatened to rip through and tear her from the inside out. Her head shot up and saw the blank but comprehending expression staring right back at her.

"N-no!" she choked quickly but she had already given him his answer with her face. He let out an exhausted breath and began to push off the cubby and leave when Hinata began to panic. She stumbled out of her seat and made a dash for the door. With her shaky arms she blocked the frame of the door and tried to keep her fright from rising. "It wasn't N-niisan!"

Gaara didn't look convinced but annoyed; not that she was defending her cousin but because of what her cousin had done. "Thank you for your cooperation but I have somewhere to be."

"N-no you don't. I didn't help you at all," she protested and didn't budge.

"Yeah. You did," Gaara explained and made his way towards her. "You said you didn't have much interaction with boys, or something along those lines at least. I couldn't understand you too much but your body language tells me that anyway. You also said it wasn't 'it' it was 'he'. That Neji guy also has weird eyes like yours so I'm guessing you're probably related." He observed her expression and watched it slowly start to fall.

He stood directly in front of her and cocked his head to the side. "He's a boy. He could be related to you somehow, your face is telling me I'm right."