(Extra) Ordinary Days

By: irish d' salmon luver

Author's Note: DUH! Not really my first fanfic… tough it's the first fic I publish… Juz to warn you all, it's NejiHina fic, so close your eyes if you don't like this pairing. And I also say sorry if my English is bad… I'm not an expert at English, ya know…

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Chapter 1: A Mission

"Neji-niisan, Father is calling you. He'll be waiting in his office. He said that you have to meet him as soon as possible. Maybe you're be sending to an important mission."

Neji stopped. He was just in the middle of training when suddenly Hanabi came to see him and said that. What the hell is that Old Man wanted from me? But he just said thanks to Hanabi and walk to his uncle's office.

Several minutes later, Neji has face the head of Hyuuga clan. Inside his room, Hinata already sat down in front of her father. Neji bow his head, "Hinata-sama". Hinata just lift her head and murmur hello with redden face. He sits down next to her and bows to Hiashi.

"Uncle, did you call me?" Hiashi turn his head to greet his nephew. "Ah, Neji, so you've arrive. Well, I just straight to the point. I'll send both of you into very important mission for the sake of Hyuuga clan."


Another pause.

"Err- Father?" Hinata's soft voice breaks the silence. "Um- what exactly is this 'very-important-mission' you talk about?"

"Oh, yeah, right…"

Pause again.

Shit, it's just waste my time! Neji looks out of patience now. He just wanted to snap out of it when suddenly Hinata spoke again, "Father, is there something bothering you? It's seems that… you're anxious".

Hiashi just give his daughter a glance before replied, "Nah… it's nothing. By the way, before I explain you about your new mission, I have to ask both of you: are you ready, to take the risk, even in the worst circumstances?"

Confused with that question, both Hinata and Neji just look at each other. Their face are both confused and panicked. Is the mission really dangerous, which their have to bet their own life? Hiashi keep continue, "Hinata, you know that you're the heiress of this clan" Hinata nodded "But did you ever known that it's not much enough to take lead of this clan just with some special jutsu and strong bloodline?" even she didn't quite understand, she still nodded. Neji just can't get it. Why suddenly Hiashi said something like that?

"Since you're understand, I will talk further. It's necessary that you have connections with some well-known people in Fire Country. So…" he stopped for a second. Hinata look at his serious face and the cold sweat dropped from her face, "So…?"

"You have to make a relationship with those people. So I decided to send you to a school in the capital of Fire Country". Hinata's eyes went wide. He gonna send me to general school? What the hell is he thinking about! "… And since you're the heiress of the clan, we should keep eyes on your safety. And Neji …" Hiashi turns his head to Neji. I've got a REALLY bad feeling; Neji can feel a sweat drops on his face.

"You're job is to guard Hinata in school. In other words, you've been sending into the school, too". His eyes went wider than Hinata's. His mouth opened, but no sounds came out. After a moment of silence, Neji shout out. "WHAT? You mean I have to leave behind my job as Jounin, is it? You're freak! It's all because your stupid mission, so I have to abandon it! Damn you- UGH!"

The next second like hell for Neji. He screaming, stands on his knees, hand touching his now bare forehead. Hinata shocked. She can see the seal clearly, she can see what did the seal can harm someone like that. There's no such a pain like this shit. "I'm sorry Uncle! I'm misbehaving myself!". Finally he can feel the pain become fader and Neji fall to the ground.

"Neji-niisan! Father, you shouldn't do that to him! It's too cruel!" Hinata rushes to Neji as she catches his body and placing him on her laps.

"It's all because he's pathetic. It's his responsibility, his fate, to guard you from any harm, yet he denied it" Hinata bowed her head to see her cousin's face. His face's so pale, even paler than Hinata when she scared. Hiashi watches his daughter take care of Neji. "Hinata," she raises her head "You should understand your position. You're weak, but you're intelligent. You're not made it good in physical mission. I hardly choose this mission for you so you can complete it perfectly. And about Neji," the eyes laying on Neji "He's good at physical, and he's genius. That's why I choose him to be your bodyguard. I'm sure he will take care of you, even if it's cost his life". Hinata blushes. "N-no, I know it… he hates me. He doesn't want to throw away his life just for weak people like me"

"It's wrong, Hinata-sama"

Hinata squeak a little. Neji has awake since Hiashi talk about him. And he just remembers the moment when Hisashi, his father, still lived. He had promised to his dad that he'd always protect Hinata.

How can I forget that?

"Hinata-sama," he swift his head to face Hinata "I apologize of my rude behavior before. Then, I should be your bodyguard in this mission. I will keep you far away from any danger" Hinata's faces redden as she hears his word. "But Neji-niisan, you don't have to do that! I can do this mission for myself" "Well yeah, but NO. I have responsibility of your safety. So Uncle,"

"When you will send us to that school?" Hiashi give them a REALLY small smile before he answer, "You'll be leaving tomorrow. Spend your time to package."


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