(Extra) Ordinary Days

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Chapter 13: The Bittersweet Ending



Clank! Clank!





"Damn! He got me! Juna-kun!"


-Another scratch-




"Juna-san! Please, STOP IT!"

She left all her stutter.

A kunai scratched the tied of the blindfold. It soon fell into the ground, left Hinata wide-eyed.

If possible, her eyes went wider than before.


-Someone bleeding-


And it was…



The smirk vanished.

And replaced by frown.

"How could you?!"


"How could you attack Juna-san so viciously?!"


"But Hinata, HE KIDNAP YOU!"

She shook her head.

"I-I knew that. But…"

A faint smile appeared on her face.

"H-he promise me… t-that he a-always protect me…"

A pang struck to Neji's heart.

"He could lie,"

"N-no. He's not l-lying."

"How could you so certain?"


-Teary eyes-

"H-he said that h-he loves me…"



'Juna-san… his body lying there…'

-What is that?-

'Blood… his blood is… everywhere…'


'No… no… no, no, no, no, NO!'

She ran to his comatose body.

"Juna-san! Juna-san!"

She shook his body gently.

His head stirred a little.

"Hi…nata… san?"

"You still alive! Thank God!"

She hugged him, carefully not to crush him.

He plastered a faint smile, which soon replaced by a cautious frown.

"Juna-san, what's wrong?"

"Beware… of Nao-san…"


"He… will continue… this mission… no matter what-"

He coughed. Blood spilled to everywhere.

"Juna-san! Enough talking, just lay here and let me heal you!"

But Juna kept moved his body into sit position.

"He… always continue the mission… no matter what happen,"

Juna looked at Neji.

"You better be careful. He is… one of the strongest Shinobi… from Kumogakure-"

Another bloody coughs.

"Juna-san! You should rest!"

Hinata rested his head on her lap, and then she began to concentrate her chakra. Even though her healing skills were nothing to compare with Sakura, but at least she could stop his bleeding. Neji just watched them with unreadable expression on his face. Sometimes Hinata would take a glance at him, tried to read his expression. But of course, no one ever success to read his expression.

After she finished stopping Juna's blood, she ripped Juna's clothing to wrap the wound. But as soon as she wrapped his last wound, mist began to cover the place.

"It's not ordinary mist," Neji said quietly.

"W-what? H-how do you know about t-that?"

"Is there any blue-colored mist in the world?"



All the four pale white eyes looking at Juna.

"Nao-san is coming."



A kunai whizzed in the air, and if Neji didn't move his head at the last second, it would get his right eye.


Neji looked at his surrounding.

'It's not a mere mist jutsu… It's a special jutsu!'

Neji activated his Byakugan.

'Che… Even with Byakugan my seeing ability wasn't much different. But I can see more clear than before…'

Neji moved to Hinata's position. He took out a kunai from his holster and gave it to Hinata.

"Use it to defend yourself,"

He glanced at Juna's prone body.

"And him."

Hinata looked at him with her big-rounded-white eyes. She nodded.

"Yes, Neji-kun. I'll try my best."

Neji gave her his usual smirk.



Neji leapt to nobody knows.


Hinata held the kunai tightly to her chest. Nobody ever knew how afraid she was. Of course, she had faced identical situation like this, but then she was with her teammates AND with full preparation. And now, she only had Neji to beat Suzuki and one kunai to protect herself and Juna.

A kunai flied to her direction, which she dodged quickly. But as soon as she dodge the kunai, another bunch of shuriken and kunai, completed with explosion tag flied to her.

And she failed to dodge it.




Neji rushed to her place, but someone -or something- was on his way.

It was Suzuki, or rather, his clone.


"Humph. A mere clone can't beat me down."

The clone also smirked.

"We'll see, then."


"Hinata…san… are you alright…?"

"Juna-san! I'm the one who supposed to ask that!"

Hinata rushed to Juna.

The beaten oh-yeah-maybe-I-almost-dead-and-my-blood-spilled-overbundace-but-I'm-still-fucking-alive-coz-I-have-nine-lives-and-everybody-adores-me Juna.

Before the explosion, Juna, with all his might, ran to Hinata and pushed her away.

In consequence, he took the damage from the explosion.

Hinata healed his wounds, but she couldn't do much. The wounds were far too deep and even the previous wounds were opened, she couldn't heal it. Hell, she wasn't Sakura. But she tried her best to close his wounds. As she treated his wounds, Juna fainted.

"Hmm… Poor Juna-kun…"

Hinata startled.

The voice was heard from…

Behind her ear.


A hand closed her mouth, as the other hand grabbed both of Hinata's hands and placed it behind her back.

His hot breath tickled Hinata's ear.

"Hinata, Hinata… such a vulnerable girl, aren't you?"

Hinata squirmed, but no avail.

"Juna-kun is stupid too. I already told him not to fallen to our target, but still, youngster never heard what seniors said. Just like a living doll never listened to what its master said because it was too happy to be alive. Don't you agree, Hinata?"

Suzuki nibbled her earlobe, and then whispered huskily to her ear.

"He was a broken doll from the very beginning."

Her eyes began to watery.

"Yeah, I'm the one who made him. Isn't he a beautiful creature?"

Hinata trembled. Tears were flowing down.

"I presume that you already know about the cursed seal. Do you want me to show you how the cursed seal working?"

Hinata's eyes went wider.

Suzuki began to chant some incoherent words.

'A jutsu without hand seals?'



Hinata watched in horror as Juna's body began to glow and his clothes ripped into small pieces. She could see the cursed seal at his right chest. It shaped like a claw that ready to grabbed his heart.

'The seal he showed me before… what kind of cursed seal it is?'


The claw began to moved like it was entered his body. Juna coughed some blood.


Hinata wanted to scream, but Suzuki's hand was placed tightly to her mouth. She could only watch Juna with teary eyes, as he kept screamed in agony, until finally the claw tore his back, along with his heart. Hinata held a scream as the claw crushed his heart into millions pieces.

She looked at the body, lying and covered with blood.

Juna was dead.

And Hinata cried hysterically.

Suzuki smirked. He traced her face with his long finger, and he kept moved his finger down to her neck and to her cleavage. Hinata was too shocked; she didn't do anything as Suzuki touched her inappropriately.


"Good, good girl. Now, be a good doll and let me take you to Kumogakure-"


A shuriken slashed his hand. Suzuki looked at his intruder.

"Let… go… of… her…"

"Excuse me? Did you say anything?"


Suzuki smirked. His once pretty face now looked like a maniac.

"I see that you can finish my special clone. Heck, you truly a genius."

Neji smirked back.

"Of course. It's a wrong decision to let a mere clone fighting over me. Now let go of her!"

Neji frowned as Suzuki really let Hinata go. Without any word, he put her down to the ground.

But as soon as Hinata touched the ground, Suzuki rushed to Neji with kunai in is hand.




'I see blood… again'




'He… he…'

He dead.

'NO! Lie! It's a lie! Lie! Lie! Lie!'

He dead… because of you…


He dead… because he protected you…

'Why? Why? Why you told me this?'

Everyone who protects you…



'Please don't...'

Going to…

'Don't say that!'




Neji swirled around, blasted the entire weapon that Suzuki threw at him.

"Is that all you got?! Come one, I know you're more than just swirling around like a windmill!"

Neji changed his stance.

"Oh? What will you perform?"




Neji dashed to Suzuki.







Suzuki was forced to big rock.



He coughed some blood.

And the big rock began to crack.



The rock shattered.

"This is the end."


'In other words… I'm the one who killed him…'


'I… killed Juna-san.'

Blood dripped from her bitten lip.

'I… want… to…'

-Drip drip-



Neji walked over the beaten Suzuki.

"What… do you want? You already won."

"No. It's not finished yet."

Neji pulled him by his shirt, and then he punched him at his face.

"That's for kidnapping Hinata,"

Another punch to his stomach.

"That's for touching her and made her cry,"

And finally, a final kick to his groin. Very hard.

"And that's,"

He threw the unconscious body into a large tree.

"For killing Juna and made Hinata hysterical."


Are you really wanted to die?


So come…

'Where to?'

To a beautiful place to die.


"Hinata? Where are you?"

Neji looking for her, but she was nowhere to seen.

"Hinata? Damn, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

Still, there was no answer.


He searched for Hinata, and found her.

In such uncomfortable, or maybe critical situation.


He quickly rushed to Hinata's place.

In no minute, he reached the open field with waterfall, which connected to big river.

And Hinata stood at the edge of the waterfall.


She jumped into the waterfall.


He watched the river engulfed Hinata's body. Without thinking, Neji jumped in.

As soon he dove the river, he looking for any sign of Hinata.

But he couldn't find her.


It's been half a year after the incident.

But still, there was no news about her.

And he had enough torture for his failure.

From Hiashi, from Hanabi, even his friends blamed him.

Well, his friends never said that or treated him like Hiashi did to him, but Neji knew the look they gave to him.


He was a failure.

He was a murderer.

He didn't care about it; no, that meant nothing to him.

He only cared about one thing.

He never said the "word" to her.

"I love you."

He never said that to her.

And now, he never had the chance to say the word to her.


A month later, it was still the same morning to Neji.

But later, something changed his day.

It started with Lee, stormed into his room, with breaking his window.

His fucking window.


Neji pouted. Lee didn't apologize nor he even looked guilty for broken his window.

"What is it?"

"You won't believe it!"

"How come I believe it if you don't tell me, stupid?"

"OWWW, you MEAN!"

"Spit it out, quickly."

"NO! You hurt my feeling! I won't tell you!"

"Listen Lee, YOU BROKE MY WINDOW!! And now you won't tell me whatever you wanted to tell me?! Fine, I won't train with you anymore!"

"WHAT?! Err… I mean… Humph, just see for yourself."


"Come to the gate. You'll know what I mean. Quickly. And I mean QUICKLY!!!!"

Lee pulled Neji by his hand, never gave Neji a chance to change his clothes.

People were looking twice at them.

They saw Lee was running with his youthful spirit, pulling Neji along the way, still in his sleeping kimono.

Soon they reached village's gate. There were already a bunch of girls at there, noisy as they saw an artist or idol.

Neji frowned. The girls were Sakura, Ino, and Tenten. They were surrounded something, or rather, someone. What could make the girls so freaked out?

"Is Kakashi-sensei finally get rid his ridiculous mask?"

"Huh? Did you say something, Neji?"

"Yeah. Let go your hand off of me."

"Oops, sorry."

Lee released Neji's hand, and the boys walked toward the girls.

Well, another boys were walked towards their direction, too. They were Naruto, Kiba, Shino, Chouji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke (The last two had bored and uninterested expression mode ON).

When Neji looked over the girls, he saw the person that been surrounded by the girls, and his eyes almost bulged out from its socket.

It was…

"HEY! It's Hinata-chan, isn't it?"

Damn that loudmouth.

Neji looked at Hinata.

She's… prettier, he thought. Her clothes were no longer all baggy. She wore a short navy yukata with semi-long dark pants. Her hair was tied in ponytail. If it weren't for her white eyes, he would think that she was another person. Because: she was talking happily with the girls, W-I-T-H-O-U-T-S-T-U-T-T-E-R-A-T-A-L-L.

Hinata quickly looked at the Naruto. Neji frowned; he didn't like if Hinata noticed Naruto first than himself. He thought that she would blush like she always did whenever Naruto was near; but his thoughts were quickly replaced by confuses.

She didn't blush.

Not at all.


She screamed.


And when she saw another boy came at her way, she screamed more.

"What the… I didn't do anything!"

"Hey Hinata-chan? What's wrong?"

"Yeah, why were you screaming when you saw Naruto?"

"Are you feeling too exited to see him again?"

"INO! That's not the point!"


"N-n-no… No no no no no no NO!!"


"She saw boys, especially the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. That's why she screamed,"

"Who are—"

A tall girl with wavy blonde hair stepped in. Neji recognized her soon.

"Kamiya Kamina-san… is it? What are you doing here?"

Mina looked at Neji. A bright smile that almost rivaled Lee's was appeared on her face.

"Hey! You still recognized me! I'm so flattered!"

"Just answer my question."

"And you still grumpy."

"I'm sorry, but who are you? How do you know Neji and come to this village with Hinata-chan?" Sakura asked Mina politely.

"KYAAAA!! You and your pink hair are cute even if you had a big forehead!! Gosh, you with the long blonde hair are pretty and so totally sexy!! Oh, and you, the brunette girl, your buns are SOOOO cute!! My, Konoha's full of cute girls!"

"Why, thank you…" the three girls blushed.

"Kamiya-san. You're not answering my question."

"Well, sorry Hyuuga. Cute girls go first."

Hinata's ear perked up.

"Hyuu…ga?" she murmured.

All the girls and the boys were surrounded Mina, except Neji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. Neji didn't want to get near to that senior high school girl; Shikamaru thought it was too troublesome to greet a stranger while Sasuke thought it was useless.

"Hi, my name is Kamiya Kamina, but just call me Mina. I'm a senior high school student where the Hyuuga studied about 6 or 7 months ago, so I also know about Neji. And why I come with Hinata, that's because I found her."

"Found her?"

"Yep. I found her in Nijigakure when I was having vacation. It was about 1 month ago."

Neji kept silent.

'So that's where she was… No wonder we couldn't find her in Fire country…"

"When I found her, she was in bad condition. No, it's not like she was in comatose or something like that. She just looked so… blank. I greeted the person who took care of her while she was at Nijigakure, and then I asked the woman what was happened to Hinata."

"So… what happened to her?"

"She said that about six months ago, she found Hinata lying at the edge of the river, full of bruise and with blank expression on her face. She firstly thought that Hinata was already dead, but when she approached her, Hinata turned her head to look at her, looking so weak and prone. Since then, she took care of Hinata. When she was about to ask Hinata what happened to her, Hinata said that she doesn't remember anything. She remembers some face and name, but she couldn't place it well. And then…"


"When the woman took Hinata out for a walk, they passed some boys. Hinata began to tremble. But when she saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, she screamed."


"That's because--"

Someone's talking interrupted her.

"Excuse me, are you a Hyuuga? Do you know about my family and me? Please tell me anything you know!"

All heads turned to looking at Hinata who tugged Neji's sleeping kimono. Mina's eyes almost fell from its place.


"Why? What's wrong?!"

"She… Hinata isn't supposed to do that!"

"Do what?"

"The woman said that Hinata couldn't see a boy, left alone touch them!"

"And… what's that mean?" Even Shikamaru and Sasuke showed some interest.

"Hinata afraid of the boys. Phobia, to precise. That's it."


To Be (Or Not To Be?) Continue...

From the ending title of episode 17 of Samurai Champloo