Author's Note: Hi! This story might get pretty silly. If you liked 'Amusement Parks With the Cullens" then you should enjoy this too!

The Slumber Party

Chapter 1 - Invitation

Friday. A perfectly normal day for Bella Swan. Or so she first thought. The thought was banished quite early in the morning when she got a phone call.

Brrrriinngg! Brrrriiinggg!

Bella slammed the sleep button on her alarm clock. To put it nicely, she was very disgruntled to find that didn't stop it. She picked up her alarm clock and was preparing to throw it across the room when she realized it was the phone.

She jumped up and ran to the nearest phone.

"Hello?" Bella said, trying to keep the sleepiness out of her voice.

"Bella!" Cheered the voice on the other end. "Why are you so tired? Is that any way to greet the day? You don't want to be tired today!"

"Hi Alice." Bella said more enthusiastically. She peered out the window nearby and saw sunny skies. Her mood dropped. "Why don't I want to be tired today?" She asked Alice.

"Because!" Alice chirped, "We're going to have a slumber party tonight! Rosalie and me! And I want you to come too! Will you?"

"Uh, sure," Bella said, thinking this could be fun. "I just have to ask Charlie… err, my Dad."

"Don't worry about it." Alice assured Bella. "He'll agree. I'm very good at guessing what people will say."

"Vision, huh?"

"That too."

"See you at five! And you don't have to bring anything!" Alice said enthusiastically. "And don't eat dinner!"

"Ok," Bella agreed, somewhat warily. "Hey, will Edward be there?"

"Well, he's not on a hunting trip if that's what you mean. No one is. But, you know the rule with sleepovers, don't you?"

"Stay up as late as you can?"

"That too, but what I meant was: No boys allowed." Alice said seriously.

"And you got them to agree with that?" Bella asked skeptically.

"Of course not! They don't like that rule. But, they'll have to deal with it. Next time they can host their own slumber party. Well, bye!"

"Bye, Alice." Bella said and hung up. Oh yes, this would certainly be an interesting evening.

Meanwhile, in the Cullen's house, Alice hung up her line.

"Alice, are you sure it's only girls allowed?" Emmet asked.

"Most sure." Alice confirmed. Emmet went off to go sulk.

Now, Alice wondered, how to get Rosalie to be civil to Bella this evening. Ask her? Nah, that'd never work. Bribery? Maybe…