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The Visit

John Cena has just arrived at the arena for Monday Night Raw and was walking through the halls like he was invincible. He waved at some and talked to others all the while, never slipping the smile he had off his face. He almost had a strut in his step that never left the whole journey to the locker room. Once he reached it, he opened the door and everyone in the room turned their heads and greeted him loudly.

"Hello boys. How are you this lovely day in June?" He asked dropping his stuff next to his locker before sitting on a bench.

"What's up with you Cena? Why are you so happy?" Paul Levesque, a.k.a Triple H, asked while changing into his ring gear.

"What are you talking about? I'm always happy." John said while he took off his jersey and threw it at Paul.

"What he means. Is that you are much more…chipper…than usual." Chris Masters added as Paul threw the jersey back at Paul.

"And there is a good reason for that." John said while folding his jersey and placing it in his bag and dug for another shirt.

"Are you going to share or keep us hanging?" Carlito asked as he made his way out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him loosely.

"Well, you see, one of my best friends, April, who I've been friends with-"John started but was cut off.

"Forever. Yeah, we've all heard it before. Just get to the point." Randy Orton said while lacing up his wresting boots.

"Alright, Alright. Well she is coming to visit." John finished.

"Really? When?" Carlito asked sounding intrigued.

"Today. Isn't that great news?" John asked before making his way to the door. "Anyways, I have to go pick her up from the airport. I'll be back soon."

"See you later. Don't be late." Paul yelled after him. They waited for the door to shut before they started talking again.

"I wonder what April looks like." Chris said while zipping up his bag.

"She's not that hot." Randy said, zipping his own bag.

"You've met her before?" Carlito asked while slipping on his wresting shorts.

"No. She's never visited. But I've seen the pictures. Trust me, she isn't anything to pine after." Randy said, now stretching.

"Alright, alright. Enough gossiping. Lets get ready for our matches." Paul said, him being the oldest, trying to put an end to the comments about April.

John was waiting outside gate 12 at the airport waiting for April, hoping he wouldn't get noticed by more fans than he already had. He checked his watch for the fifth time in the past ten minutes. The plane was supposed to have landed fifteen minutes ago so John was extra worried. He started pacing back and forth, looking around to see if the other people waiting were as nervous. Finally, when he couldn't take anymore, he marched up the the desk at the gate.

"Excuse me. Flight 210 was supposed to land fifteen minutes ago." He demanded.

"I'm sorry sir. They were delayed. They should be here shortly." The girl behind the desk said. John let out a huge breath and nodded a thank you before walking over to an empty seat by the window over looking all the planes landing and taking off. Just when he thought he might explode, he heard someone calling his name. He groaned, thinking it was another fan, not that he didn't like his fans, he loved them, but right now was not the time. He turned around slowly and his mouth hung open out of shock.

"You dufus." A girl said standing a few feet away from him.

"April?" John asked standing up but not moving towards her.

"Yeah. Its me." She said with a smile. John's face broke out in another smile and held his arms open for her. She ran straight into them closing her eyes and taking in the moment as he lifted her off the ground.

"I missed you so much." John said into her ear, squeezing her tight.

"I missed you too." April responded. John set her on the ground slowly.

"Wait. Your flight hasn't landed yet." He said confused.

"Which brings us to the reason I called you a dufus. I was on flight 110 not 210." She said with a smile at his forgetfullness.

"Oh. Sorry." He said before taking her in.

"Wow. You grew up." John said barely able to believe it was her. She used to have glasses, a flat chest, no butt and acne all over her face. No longer was he looking at a little nerd, he was looking at a beautiful women. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that showed off her butt and the bottom stopped right on the ground so you could see her black flip-flops. She has on a black halter top with a v-neck that wasn't too deep but deep enough to show off some cleavage. She also had on a full face of light makeup and her blonde hair spilling over her shoulders in perfect curls. It was amazing that someone could change so much over ten years.

"John, the last time you saw me I was 15. Of course I grew up." She said grabbing his hand and leading him to baggage claim.

"Yeah. I know. But I thought that you might tell me you look this good over the phone. Or even email. Now I see you were holding out on me." He said.

"Oh. Be quiet. I didn't find it necessary. I am the same person I was ten years ago." She said.

"Ok. I get it. Come on. Lets go get your stuff." John said as they walked the rest of the way to the luggage carousel sharing things the other has missed out on.

John walked got April's bags once she pointed which ones were hers. They walked to his rental car and John turned down the radio, which was blasting through the speakers.

"So we're going to the arena first. Once I'm done, we'll go to the hotel." He said while making his way out of the airport parking lot.

"Sounds good. This will be my first wrestling event." She said sounding kind of excited. "So what is your wrestling name?" She looked at him interested.

He looked at her in disbelief. "You are kidding me. Right April?" He asked sitting up straight.

"No. I want to know what it is." She said confused.

"You are telling me you haven't watched me wrestle? After I specifically asked you to?" He asked amazed. April sighed.

"I haven't watched since you left. It made me think about you too much and that hurt to know I wouldn't see you in a long time. Besides, I didn't have anyone to watch with." She said with an innocent smile. John sighed in defeat.

"Okay. I get it. That makes me feel good." He said and looked at her with a grin. "I just wrestle as John Cena. Just regular me." He said turning into the arena parking lot.

"Really. That's pretty cool. So are you one of those guys that jobs to everyone?" She asked with an amused smirk. He turned to her and grinned back as he got out of the car.

"Actually Ape," He said meeting her on the other side of the car, walking into the arena. "you are looking at the champion on Raw."

"No!" She exclaimed and slapped his arm out of shock and stopped walking.

"Yes!" John mocked her. She turned her head sideways and shot him a look that told him to stop but she couldn't hold the look too long because she started laughing. He started walking without her as she was laughing.

"Come on Ape." He yelled after her after she stopped laughing. She ran to catch up and jumped on his back.

"Just like old times." She said as he gave her a piggy back ride all the way to his locker room. He slipped her off his back and onto a crate across from the room gently.

"I'll be right back. Just gonna go make sure the boys are dressed." He said slipping into the room, leaving April thinking about how great this visit was going to be.

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