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Pairings are Sora X Riku, Kairi X Namine, and probly other but I can't think of any at the moment. ;

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-Akai Tsubasa Ch. 1-

Sora was sitting in a large room, in a semi circle of children. These children were part of an Organization called O.C.C.T. that stood for Orphaned Children Care Takers. Sora was not orphaned, but he came to see them every other day to read and play with them.

"…The duck have fallen into the wet puddle; kicking his feet he learned that going in the water isn't so bad. And he found friend in the water, living happily ever after." Sora closed the book to see all the face of the children beaming in happiness.

"Yay! Sora-nii sama! Can you read another one? One of the children asked hopefully.

Sora looked over to the sister that stood in the door way. She nodded her head in approval, but put her hands in the air. Make the number one and then the image of going to sleep, Sora got the hint.

"ok, ok! But there is one condition, you have to go to bed right after, 'k?" Sora smiled grabbing another book called, "The princess and the popper." All the children nodded their heads in unison, and shout their approval. "How about we all got to your bed room? That way there is not fuss after."

In the building all the children that were eight to thirteen slept in one giant room, that had over fifty beds in rows. All the children were cuddled in bed as Sora read the book. Once finish he looked around and saw no one was awake, he smiled and got up to leave.

Sora was seventeen and living with his mother, Sora loved his mother but she didn't return the feelings. She thought of him as a mistake, and that he should just stay in the O.C.C.T. Sora knew that can't happen though, because they knew he had a mother.

"Thank you Sora, the children seem to be so much happier when you come." The sister said quietly, so not to wake anyone. It was about nine p.m. and everyone was supposed to be in bed.

"It's no problem! I really like to be here, it's like…" Sora trailer off and smiled, "Never mind, I'll take my leave now though. It's getting late." Sora bowed his head and realized. "Oh! I forgot my bag in the parlor, I'll get it and go. Thank you for having me." Sora bowed again

"Sora you know your always welcomed to visit, as I said the kids love you." She smiled kindly, and walked away.

Sora was in the parlor where he had little light to see by, groping around on the ground he found his one strap messenger bag.

"Hello? Is some one there?" A voice came through the darkness, it sounded male but that was all Sora could tell.

Umm…Yes I was just leaving…" Sora didn't know who he was talking to, or where the voice was. Until a light came on and before Sora stood a tall silver hair god. Wait did Sora just think god! He wasn't gay he never had a girlfriend, but that didn't make him gay.

"Who are you?...Wait I think I've seen you before…" The man put a hand on his head, and thought for a moment. "Ah, I know you are in my History class." The man had walked closer to Sora, so he was able to see his crystal green eyes.

"Uh um…History?" The guy was almost over Sora, making him uncomfortable. "I don't think I've seen you before."

"You still haven't answer my question, What is your name?" The man had Sora backed into the wall behind him, Sky blue lock on with sea green.

"..Sora…you?" Sora tried to move but 'he' had put his arms on both of Sora's sides, caging him in make Sora tremble a bit. "Can you move please…?"

"Riku," he said in a sexy voice "And no, I will not move. Where are you going any way?" Riku placed his hand though Sora spiky soft hair, stroking his head as if he were a cat.

"…home…" Sora murmured quietly, he knew his mom didn't want to see him, but he can't let people know what happens in that house. "Please move! I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't stay any later." Sora found some courage and used it to the fullest, standing tall at 5'6" and puffed our his chest a little.

"Heheh your cute, you know that? And you don't seem to happy to be leaving, stay here. With me." Riku tried to put emphasis on 'with me' as Sora could tell, but he had to go, if he did go home his mom would severely punish him.

Nn...no I can't do that, Please! Just let me go! If I scream the others will hear me!" Sora said in a loud whisper., trying to glare at Riku with his famous puppy pout.

"You are so adorable, I should just take you now, but I'll let you go under one condition." Riku smirked evilly and wrapped one arm around Sora's waist.

"Condition….?" Sora looked at Riku questioningly.

Riku lowered his face to Sora, which was only a few inches because Sora though Riku stood about 6'2". Riku didn't stop though, he had caught Sora's lips with his own, entangling them in a semi passionate kiss.

Sora was in a state of shock his eyes wide and his body felt as if it had turned to water. Sora pushed away, "wha-what are you doing!" Before Riku could speak Sora was gone.

"Hmm, I don't think you minded much…" Riku yawn and walked to his room, "'Till next time, Kitten." Riku smiled as he went to bed.

Sora was walking down the street tear in his eyes, why? Why is this happening? I know I'm weak but that was inexcusable! Sora thought to himself, Sora knew no love, he didn't know how it felt or how things happen when one is in love. Just then a really old some popped into his mind that an old lady sang to him, when he was about eight.

In the quiet night, lying on the soft grass

Look to the sky and you will see,

Red, orange, blue, and the only last, strands of yellow

Now look to the stars and you will see

The lights to your heart

Swaying the soft breeze

Like a little lamb lost in the wind

Never finding the light

Follow your heart to where it leads

This was a comforting song to Sora, any time he felt down or alone he sung this to himself and he would feel better. Before he knew it Sora was at his house, we his mom's house. One more year and he his out of there, for good or so he hoped. Living on his own will be tough, but Sora can do it if he tries hard enough.

Sora walked though the cracked door, making a quick run for his room a shrill voice stopped him.

"Where have you been? You were supposed to clean the house." His mother's voice called though the rooms, no love or happiness in it. Just the sound of a lost soul crying, that was what Sora though of his mom a lost soul.

"I was reading to the children at the O.C.C.T." Sora said truthfully, walking into the room where his mom laid. She got up from the couch and grabbed something of the table. Sora didn't see what it was though.

"Tch, I bet…" She said sarcastically, "Come here." Sora did as he was told and moved closer to his mom. "You will clean this house now, until it is spotless." She glared at him.

"But mom it's ten p.m. and I have school at six thirty!" Sora said pleadingly, he knew he would get any sleep if he had to clean.

"Come closer." She said again and again Sora did. This time though she raised her hand and gracefully slashed Sora's chest and his arm with a knife. Sora made a soft cry of pain falling to the floor. "Clean the blood of the carpets too." She said as she walked away, stopping at the door. "If you don't have this all done by the time you go to school tomorrow, you will regret it." And then she was gone, most likely to her room.

Sora sat on the floor tears threatening to fall, it hurt but it was bad. In his eyes it was his fault anyway, he should have made it home earlier. His blood had made a good sized puddle on the carpet, and it would leave a scar on his chest and arm.

Getting up Sora grabbed some bandages and cleaning supplies, and started cleaning the house.

The song is my own, I just thought of it. It's like a lullaby, If an one's seen the Naruto episode with the Star village with the mother and son. The music to that goes with my song to.

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