Hello every one! I just wanted to let people know I haven't forgot about this story, I just have some major writers block, but I have writen a little more.

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Riku could see Sora walk though the door, walking into a room that he thought was a bare living room. He also saw a woman in the middle of the room with a frighting scowl, she started to speak.

"And WHERE have you been? Hmm? Trying to skip on your duties here?!" She was gritting her teeth as she walked and slapped Sora across his pale face, Riku saw a trail of blood make it's way down Sora's cheek. Riku was feeling his anger rising again, but didn't jump in just yet. He need to think of a way that would get Sora out as soon as possible, but he had to stay to make sure Sora would be ok. 'Please, Just let him get though this...' Riku though hastily, as he heard more from the woman. "I got a call too! From your work!" She grabbed Sora by the neck instantly brusing his soft creammy skin. "You rejected your duties for a boy?!" Sora coward as has head went flying into a near by wall, with a sickening thud Riku heard Sora speak.

"I...I'm sorry..." Sora was choking on his own blood. His Mother ripped her nails into Sora's neck anddragged him up. "Ri...ku..." Riku had heard and seen enough he went to the door to open it, and it wouldn't budge. 'Damn it Sora! Why did you lock the door!' Riku thought running to the window to hear,

"Don't worry, I have personally made sure to invite the one you insulted to your room. You can go apologize now, and he so grenerously gave me the money for the time with you." Sora's mom had a sadisic smile on her face that turned to a frown when her eyes met Sora's. "Get up there now!" Riku saw Sora scurry up stairs as his mom threw a near by vase at him.

'Fuck! things can't get worse!' Riku thought as he saw a figure in a top window in Sora's house. 'That must be his room! I have to get him before...' Riku didn't even want to think of what harm could happen if he left Sora alone with two insane people. Seeing a tree Riku used all his muscle strenth to pull him self up to the level of the window. Though the sight was not a pleasent one, in fact far fome it. Sora was pinned to his bed with his shirt and pants off. His mouth was gaged by something, but Riku could see the tears in Sora's eye's as he squirmed around tring to break free. Gerris was over the younger body feeling everything he could get his hands on. Riku's eye's narrow as he heard.

"heheheh See this is how I thought things should be, though now that brat is no where to be seen to save you. You mine." Gerris pulled at Sora's boxers and Sora scremed, as muffled as it was Riku could hear it.

Riku banged on the window with his fist, earning a glance from Gerris, who just smirked and put his mouth on Sora's nipple, Sora's cried harder. Riku rammed the window and it still wouldn't break. If Riku didn't do something soon then Sora would be broken. No doublt about that, but Riku would NEVER allow that! He rammed a few more times and the crack could be heard, he pulled all his strenth into one more blow, and it shattered into little pieces. He ran in and Gerris tried to grab him, but Riku punched him so hard he went flying across the room. Wasting no time he pushed Gerris out of the room harshly locking the door behind him. Walking to the bed Sora had calmed down abit but he still had tears in his eyes, Riku put a hand on his soft cheek. Sora flinched and scooted away, well as far as the bounds would let him. Fear shone in his eyes, complete utter fear, "Sora, it's me Riku. Don'r be afraid." Riku cooed gently as he untied Sora. Sora's body was trembling as he tried to sit up. Riku then saw the new marks. He had new gashes across his stomach, and wrists, also his neck was so red the brusies could be missed.

Sora looked into Riku's aqua eyes and whispered out, "Ri...k-k-ku?" Then he passed out. Riku heard footsteps coming up the stairs and ponding on the door, Sora's mom had came and tried to open the door, to no avail though. Riku picked up Sora's lifless body and put him gentely on his back in suck away that Sora wouldn't fall when Riku climbed down the tree. Riku was thankful for Gerris' stupidity, neither of them came to meet Riku as he ran down the street with his Sora.

Sora woke up feeling numb, his body and mind both depleted of all energy. "Where am I?" Sora said as he looked at the walls. Something in his mind made a click as he realized he was in the Orphanage! Sora tried to get up but fell back down as his feet gave from under him. He laughed. Sora started to laugh after all that had happend, his smile had a genuine feel. Sora could never be mad at his mother, or the things she does to him. He may not like it, but he wasn't supposed to live anyway, he is ONLY a burden to everyone. Sora thought of suicide more than once, but every time he thought ' There is someone out there, who is waiting...Just for me...' that always made him feel better. As Sora got bck on the bed he saw Riku walk in, he looked funny.

Riku had on a pink apron that had white frills on the edge, and in white lettering said 'Kiss the cook'. Sora couldn't hold back his laughter, no matter how much pain it caused him seeing Riku like that was just to funny! "Haha! What-hahaha- are you--haha- wearing!" Sora said trying to calm down.

Riku gave a slight glare "I didn't want to stain my clothes while making this...and don't you think it makes me look so sexy?" Riku said in a seductive voice, he watch as Sora blush and mumbled a 'sorry.' "No worries, how are you feeling?" Riku said as he took off the apron.

"Much better! Uhh..Riku..Thank you!" Sora bowed his head to Riku, who just stared in shock.

"Sora! Why haven't you told anyone about your mom! She can't me right in the head." Riku didn't mean to shout at poor Sora, but this whole situation just pissed him off. How could ANYONE touch Sora like that. Riku looked at Sora, who now looked like he was about to cry. "Sora, I'm sorry really I am...It's just..This whole thing is so messed up. How long has this been going on?" Riku did want to know, but he also didn't want to pry either.

"I can't remeber..." Sora looked to the ground, he knew for a long time but he tried to forget everything in the past. He didn't want people to know, but now he didn't have a choice with Riku. "A really long time, but don't blame my mom, she...she did do anything wrong." Sora really believed that, if her didn't well he didn't want to think of that.