The Twitching Syndrome: A One-Time Occurrence… Maybe
Chapter 1: Sasuke's Bad Luck

Twitching syndrome: Noun.


A disorder. Results in the twitching of any or all parts of your body and muddled thoughts filled with many profanities. Sometimes causes paralysis in parts of the body, such as the arms. Causes confusion, withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, hallucinations, and varying degrees of other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances.

"TEME!" The day started out normally, with Naruto's famous cry. Well… maybe not famous, but… yeah. Sasuke was starting to get annoyed with all of the attention that Naruto was giving him the past… oh was it a week? Or maybe three damn years? Yes… it was definitely the latter. Sasuke did his signature "Hn" and gave Naruto a glare that rivaled Uchiha Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan, which could be pretty scary. Naruto looked taken aback as he flinched noticeably.

It was morning. The time a certain Uchiha (no, not Itachi) was in a very, very bad mood. It wasn't exactly his fault, either. The night before, life seemed to hate him. Probably because of his goals. Killing and sex? Never a good mix. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. It hadn't been a good night at all. First, as he was going to take a shower, his water pipe… things broke and he wasn't able to take a warm shower, instead having to go into the forest and take his bath in the nearby lake. The one with the waterfall. He was sure that someone had been watching him, but he didn't sense anyone around, so he blew it off as his own paranoia. He continued to take his cold… bath? And when he was finished, he left the clearing wearing his dark blue yukata, still feeling as though he was being watched.

Then, for the first time in years, he couldn't fall asleep. His feeling of being watched had gone away hours before, right after he had gotten inside his house, so it couldn't be that. He shrugged and then lay back in his bed staring at the light on his ceiling, which was currently off. Just like the day when he had seen his brother using his Mangekyou Sharingan for the first time. He remembered his feelings. He was scared, he was amazed, he was confused, and he was… he didn't know what he was. His feelings were all meshed together. Now, he was an avenger. He was hateful, he was angry, he was still confused, and he still didn't know what he was. He sighed and took a deep breath, still staring at the ceiling, seeing his brother's face. He glared at it and it went away. Just like that. He wished it were that easy. And then, he fell into fitful sleep.

He woke up that morning to find that he had slept most of the night and had a very disturbing-in-a-good-way dream. He didn't remember it. He wished he had, but he had no such luck. He walked quietly to his bathroom, and dug through his cabinet, finding his hair gel. It was empty. He cursed and said muttered something about how he didn't want to have to go buy any. So instead, he used his always-trusty Henge no Jutsu… and it worked. He smirked and thought I knew something had to go right. This thought, however, was pushed to the back of his head when he looked at the time. Damn. I'm usually there by now. At this rate, even the dobe will be there before I am. He cursed mentally as he used his ever-so-trusty super-ninja speed. He got to the other side of town within minutes, barely breathing hard (man, I wish I could do that). He was the first one there, as usual.

Several minutes later, Sakura arrived. He cursed his bad luck (mentally of course… not out loud). Usually (ever since Sasuke had come back from Sound), the dobe would be the second to arrive. She immediately started pestering him, seemingly without noticing she was. "Hello Sasuke-kun," it started with that. God damn "hello's" why couldn't there be no greetings at all. It would be so bloody helpful. He hated boys… but he hated girls more. He completely ignored her and continued to stare down into the water, as usual. But this time, instead of giving up as she usually would, Sakura came up behind him and hugged him. She hugged him. She hugged him. She hugged him. She hugged him. He glared at her and wrestled out of her grip, jumping up to the pillar-type structure where Kakashi would sometimes make his entrance. He glared more as he stood where he was. The dobe chose this moment to arrive… which brings us to what is happening now.

"TEME!" Naruto yelled, running toward them, waving. Sasuke glared. He was having a horrible night-and-day as it was. Naruto had just made it worse. Naruto flinched and edged around to the railing of the bridge. He stood there for a full minute, just staring at Sasuke. Then, he turned around, sat down on the railing, and stared into space. Sakura blinked and Sasuke just turned his head away, his eye twitching. Sakura then turned to him and began squealing (like a pig –big grin- sorry… I don't like her much). "Sasuke-kun will you go out with me?" He grunted out a "No" his head still turned in a different direction, and she looked down crestfallen before going to the other side of the bridge and doing the same as Naruto.

Sasuke's eye continued to twitch. What the hell is up with those two today? AND MY EYE! It continued to twitch, and he sat down in the middle of the pillars. He glared at the trees in the forest, finding himself suddenly calm, even as his eye continued to twitch. It was his right eye, too. Damn eye. STOP TWITCHING. But for some reason, his "damn eye" would not stop twitching. He wanted to glare at it, but then he realized it would be very difficult to glare at something… like… his eye, which did the actual glaring. So he would be glaring with the thing doing the glaring at the thing doing the glaring. Wow… he was confused. His brain was spinning. If that's possible. He didn't want to think about it. But he did anyway. He shook his head. Not. Going. There. But he went there anyway. So your brain spins, which means your eyes spin, which means everything connected to your brain will spin and your nerves will be somewhere in your head which means your brain will be by your toes? I'm so goddamn confused, he thought, his eyes closing. He opened them again, his right eye still twitching.

Ok so this was originally one whole story. But before I had even finished it, it was up to around 2026 words long and on the fourth page. So I'm splitting it up to make it more readable.