The Twitching Syndrome
Chapter 3: The Cure

Neji. Sasuke's world stopped. He blinked and blinked and blinked, but the image didn't go away. Neji was staring at Sasuke as one would a lover. Sasuke took this opportunity to look the older boy over. He had a gorgeous stature. He was lean, but had a lot of muscle and his legs… oh, his legs. Sasuke was sure he was drooling and blushing. But since when had Sasuke been into boys? He didn't know, and he didn't care to know. All he knew was that there was a half-naked Neji standing in front of him and man, did he like it. The white-eyed boy came forward, barely within reach, and stopped. Sasuke looked up at him with eyes that begged for him to come closer, to touch him, to hold him, to… dare he say it, take him. Sasuke blushed a deep red, almost as dark as Gaara's hair (and damn is that a dark red).

Sasuke leaned backward on his bed, lying down. His eyes almost begging the older boy to lay down with him. Said boy walked forward a bit, before stopping, right out of arms reach. Sasuke whimpered. He always got what he wanted, because he hated not getting it. And man, did he want Neji. So, Sasuke made it his new-found goal to get the white-eyed hottie (so dubbed by almost every fangirl ever and by Sasuke in this story).

Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door. Sasuke almost fell off his bed and Neji disappeared. Sasuke growled and then stalked toward his door, after taking a quick look around his room for any signs of his white-eyed hottie. Since when was he mine? He wondered, but left that thought alone. He liked how those words tasted on his mouth. His white-eyed hottie. Neji. Now that was an even better taste on his mouth (figuratively speaking of course). The knocking became more insistent and he scowled, quickly walking down the stairs and slamming the door open (now that's an oxymoron).

There, standing in front of him, was team seven in all their glory (note the sarcasm). Kakashi had his fist up to knock again, Sakura had a very concerned look on her face, and Naruto was picking his nose. Sasuke rolled his eyes. "What do you want? I don't feel well, make this quick." His eye was still twitching.

They stared at him.

He stared back.

They stared at him.

He stared back.

They stared at him.

He stared back.

They stared at him… and Naruto farted.

He slammed the door.

They knocked.

He ignored them and went to sit on his couch.

They knocked harder.

He turned on the TV.

They knocked harder.

He sighed and changed the channel.

They broke down the door.

He jumped up and went to go kick their asses, completely forgetting that Kakashi was with them. Damn.

All three of them jumped him (Sounds. So. So. Wrong.) and tied him up, carrying him up to his room. The TV lay forgotten, as they hurriedly ran to his room, MTV's Real World playing for the empty room. The poor, poor TV.

Sasuke struggled fruitlessly as they put him on his bed. And then there was Neji. Wearing clothes. Damn. And he was smiling. Sasuke almost melted. Almost. He had enough dignity left to know when to melt and when not to, and this was most certainly a time to not melt. Then there was another Neji. He was glaring, before he suddenly smiled. A hidden smile. Sasuke found himself wanting to smile. But then he was confused. Why were there two Nejis? Then suddenly, there was a third. This one was smiling, and then he glared. A hidden glare. Sasuke shivered. He definitely didn't like that Neji. But it confused him more. Why were there three Nejis? Sasuke let slip Neji's name in a soft whisper. Kakashi paused. Suddenly, Kakashi ordered Sakura to do something that surprised all three of them.

"Sakura… go get Neji for me, would you? Tell him it's top-priority. It's around 5 now, so he should be at the training grounds." Sakura was surprised he had asked her, Naruto was surprised he hadn't asked him, and Sasuke was surprised since there were already three Nejis standing around his bed. This brought him back to the matter at hand. Why were there three Nejis? Sasuke had given them names… well sort of. The first Neji was smiley-smiley, and it was kind of creepy how he smiled so much. He was wearing a dark grey shirt and black pants. His clothes did not match his personality. The second Neji was called glarey-smiley, and he was the best one of them, or so Sasuke thought. This one was wearing a light blue shirt with black shorts. And finally, the last Neji was smiley-glarey, and he just plain creeped out poor Sasuke. This one was wearing a dark grey shirt and white pants. There was another Neji coming? He really wanted to see this one.

The last one came in after a flushed Sakura, who was catching her breath. He was glaring. Just… glaring. No smiling, whatsoever. Sasuke officially dubbed him glarey-glarey Neji. He was wearing an off-white shirt and brown shorts. He was hot, but the glaring was a total turn-off. Sasuke decided that he liked the glarey-smiley Neji. The other two disappeared, but the glarey-glarey Neji was still there, glaring. Sasuke rolled his eyes and asked his question.

"What are you doing here?" Kakashi looked at him, surprised. Surely the boy had wanted the Hyuuga here. He had called for him, however softly. The real Neji was wondering the same thing. His glare softened a little bit, his face fading to a blank look (So is he now glarey-blankey? Sasuke wondered vaguely).

"Yes, I would like to know the same thing. What am I doing here?" Sasuke blinked quickly and in succession. So he doesn't know what he's doing here, either? Then why is he here? He wondered, turning his glare to Kakashi. Kakashi shrugged and looked back at Neji, thinking. Then, as if struck by lightning, he walked over to the Hyuuga and whispered something in his ear. Neji sputtered.

"No way am I doing that!" he said, glaring at the older man. Kakashi had a begging look in his eye (since his other is covered).

"Please, Neji? We need to snap him out of it. Look! His eye is still twitching. So is his arm! And it looks like his left arm is paralyzed. This has gotten out of hand."

The Hyuuga sighed and stared at Sasuke a bit before nodding once. "Just… leave. I don't want to have to do that while everyone is here."

"Oh, no… that isn't everyone." Kakashi said vaguely, gesturing to Naruto and Sakura. Neji glared.

"Leave or I won't do anything you tell me to do," he stated in a deadly calm. Kakashi sighed and started to usher his team, with the exception of Sasuke, out the door. The "glarey-glarey Neji" remained. Sasuke turned his gaze to this boy, who seemed to be having an internal battle. Finally, sighing, he walked over to where Sasuke was lying on the bed. He leaned down a bit, before pulling back. Emotions flitted over his face, too fast for Sasuke to notice what they were, before he bent down all the way and kissed Sasuke full on the lips. Sasuke was surprised. He gasped and Neji took that chance to slide his tongue into the younger boy's mouth. Then he climbed on the bed and straddled Sasuke. Sasuke was embarrassed, to say the least. He squirmed a bit, under the Hyuuga.

Neji took this as his cue to stop and quickly sat up, noting that the Uchiha's eye had stopped twitching, although his arm was still going. He sighed and kissed the Uchiha again, this time with much more passion. This pulled Sasuke farther and farther from his disorder and soon he was back to normal—except for the fact that he was kissing the Hyuuga back, and moaning softly. But hey! Who could blame him? Certainly not I.

Neji pulled away slowly and whispered something quietly in the Uchiha's ear. Sasuke smiled and nodded. He liked this Neji. Then the Hyuuga got off Sasuke's bed and went to open the door. There, standing out in the hall, were Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi. They weren't eavesdropping. Oh, no (note the sarcasm). They just had their ears pressed against the door, falling when the door was opened by Neji. He raised an eyebrow and told them that Sasuke was fine now and just needed some rest and that they should leave. They all nodded and everyone left. Sasuke smiled, remembering the words that the Hyuuga had whispered in his ear.

"We'll continue this later, ne, Sas-uke-chan?" and with a feral grin, he sat up in his bed and walked to the back door, where a very disgruntled Hyuuga was waiting. He opened the door quickly and pulled the older boy in. They barely made it to Sasuke's room before they started making out.

Twitching syndrome: Noun.


A disorder. Results in the twitching of any or all parts of your body and muddled thoughts filled with many profanities. Sometimes causes paralysis in parts of the body, such as the arms. Causes confusion, withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, and varying degrees of other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances.


True love's first kiss.

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