Conroy's Tale

All was silent in the town of Bakersfield, as silent as a mouse creeping about. At the corner of Turner Street and Greenhouse Lane, two small apartments met, creating a skinny, dark alleyway between them. The silhouettes of two cats emerged from the crowded alley and into the damp, bleak night. The two creatures spoke. "We should have never left him," whispered the she-cat, cleansing her soft paw with her tongue.

"We cannot take care of him. It's for the best," replied the he-cat in a soft, unfamiliar tone. The two trotted on. They had just abandoned their very sick, very tiny kitten. It would not have survived the night. Neither did the she-cat, for the next day, she was dead. The he-cat was left to find another life, forcing all his memories away from those fateful days. Little did he know that within the confines of the alleyway where he left his child, the kitten had survived…


Through the darkness of the alley, no one could have noticed a large, cardboard box lying at the back wall, soaked and shredded from the fore night's rain. Within it lay a wet newspaper, torn slightly around its edges. Beneath the paper was a tiny kitten, curled into a tight ball. The kitten shivered uncontrollably, attempting to keep itself warm from the dampness of the evening. A gust of wind snatched the newspaper away, revealing the teeny fur ball. His light gray fur had been ruffled and soaked by the showers the night before. Around his right eye was a mysterious dark gray patch, stretching from the top of his circular head to below his long ear. Finally, the kitten opened one of his deep, ocean blue eyes to the world.

Although the creature was a baby, he could still think and speak his mind as if he were much, much older. As he glanced about shakily, his vision became clearer. Where am I? He thought, slowly but surely rising onto his paws. How did I get here? This odd place seems strangely familiar. Maybe I should look about more. He slowly walked about inside the box, inspecting his surroundings. Listening intently for any signs of life, he edged forth until he was against the inside wall of his home. Using all of his might, he leapt up, catching the top of the box with his paws. He pulled his head up and looked around.

Below him was what seemed to him as a river of gray, rocky material. Dark, high fortress walls surrounded him on all sides, save for a small opening ahead of him. Glancing upward, the kitten spotted a glowing orb skimming the edge of a wall beside him. It was so bright, however, that the kitten shut his eyes and turned away. I must remind myself to not look at this strange orb that hangs above during these hours, he thought. Suddenly, he lost his balance and began to slide forward. He let out a soft, "Meow," as his back legs slipped over the edge, sending him tumbling down for what seemed like an eternity. A deep puddle of rain broke his fall, drenching his fur. The kitten kicked and thrashed, attempting to escape the puddle. As he finally climbed out, he shook away the liquid and surveyed the new territory.

He lifted his paws up and down, unfamiliar with the new texture that was beneath his feet. He carefully pawed his way toward the opening of the dark corridor, searching for breaks in the ground. It seemed solid enough, yet unnatural. The kitten kept moving, but as he did, his left paw slipped over something: a small pebble of gravel. What is this? He thought as a strange, new feeling overtook his paw. It pains me. I wish it would go away. As he put his paw down again, the feeling stopped. He had an undoubted feeling that he was going to experience this pain yet again. He had finally reached the outside of his linear prison. A strange light filled the area, revealing tall poles with even more light shining down from them. He also noticed tall, squared structures with many glowing eyes. The shimmering orb in the sky was as bright as ever.

The kitten quietly trotted about, thinking, this strange place is new and exciting, but it frightens me. I wish I had a home or some food. My belly aches. As he made his way forward, he came upon a large, black river that stretched its way across the area. It was completely still, so it could not have been water. The kitten slowly reached his paw down to touch the black material, only to find that it was completely solid. He stepped down, making sure not to step on any more rocks for they were scattered about everywhere now. Leaning upward on his haunches, the kitten perked his ears. Something was approaching. He could not only hear it, but also smell and feel it coming. He was right in its path.

A light erupted on the horizon, blinding the small kitten. He nearly fell backwards as he stumbled about on the pathway for whatever beast was drawing near. The creature's lights finally fell over the kitten and he could no longer see. The beast began to screech and whine as if it had found it's pray. The kitten fell to the ground, blinded, waiting to die. The screeching stopped. The beast's onslaught had ended. It's lights flickered and died. Out of nowhere, a flap in the creature's side opened and yet another stranger appeared. Unlike its huge screeching companion, this stranger was tall and skinny; a biped, the kitten guessed. It slowly started forward, approaching him. The kitten rose to his paws and crouched backward. He was horrified of what this thing might do to him. Stay back, please. Spare me! Spare me! Although the kitten knew this creature couldn't hear him, he pleaded and begged, but it kept coming. Suddenly, it let out a strange sound he had never heard before. It's lips moved, creating its low-pitched snarl. The kitten could not take it.

He began to pant. Sweat dripped from the kitten's brow, falling to the pathway of beasts below. His vision grew blurry and all that surrounded him became blood red in color. His hair began to stand on end. His paws stung him as razor sharp needles of bone erupted from them. The kitten, although small, had become dangerous. The large creature slowly began to back away, still moaning in his strange tongue. The kitten edged forth, hissing and wailing. By instinct, he crouched low onto his stomach, waiting for the right moment, and pounced. He swung his newfound claws wildly, ripping and tearing at one of the creature's legs. Blood poured down onto the ground, creating a puddle. The stranger leapt into the confides of his beast-like companion and fled. The pathway rumbled as the two sped away.

The kitten's vision returned to normal, leaving him dazed. His claws retracted. His hair flattened against his thin body. He limped away from the path back onto the gray texture that he stood on once before. There, on the pavement, the kitten's view blackened, and he fainted.

Author's Note: If none of you could figure out what some of the objects I mentioned were, here's a short list:

Beast: An automobile

Stranger: Person

Orb: Moon (Easy Guess)

Linear prison: Alleyway

Chapter 2 coming up sometime this month.