Chapter 1


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Come to me Marron, follow me and I will give you all your hearts desires.

Marron is known for bring a spoiled brat. She is a cheerleader, rich, envied by every girl, wanted by every guy. Yet she isn't happy, all she wants is power. Her parents are and were great fighters, her friend Bulla is a fighter and popular so why can't she be both? When fights come along she is always told to stay put for she would just get in the way.

She was walking home from a football game by herself unbeknownst to her it would change her life forever. A stranger hid in the shadows watching her every move, waiting for the perfect moment it seemed. Her cell phone went off; it was Pan, someone Marron could give two shits about.

"Great" she rolled her eyes "Hello? Oh Pan how are you?"

They talked for a little bit until she got to her house. "Bitch" she said as she hung up. Once inside she was greeted by her mother who was relaxing on the couch and the smell of her father's cooking. It was 11:30 before she went to bed, in her silk pajamas and got under her sateen sheets and fell asleep. Outside her window her stalker watched her sleep, taking pictures and wondering if she would work.

The stranger went back to its home, developed the new pictures then added them to the collection. An alarm went off telling them it was time to start. They walked over to a motionless body lying on a bed they kissed its forehead and whispered in its ear, "don't worry my love I will complete you soon" The stranger kissed his lips then left.

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