Chapter 5


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Family and friends waited for news a bout Pan. They had already been there for forty-five minutes and they at least wanted something. A doctor came out and said that the only way she would make it if she got a blood transfusion because the giant gash in the back of her head bled a lot before she was taken to the hospital. To make the problem worse Pan had a rare blood type and the hospital didn't have any, or have any place they could get it. Videl started looking hopelessly at Gohan; she knew full well that as odd as it sounded they weren't her blood type. The only one that was in the family was Goten.

"What are we going to do Gohan your brother was the only one we knew of that was a match" Bulla suddenly jumped up and said "I can do it, I remember her saying that Goten and me where the only ones who had her blood type, I forget how she knew but I just know that I can save her!"

The group looked at her like she was crazy but the doctor quickly whisked her away, time was of the essence. An hour after Bulla came back the doctor told them that they could go see her. Videl and Gohan were so happy to see her up and aware.

The very next day Police and detectives were questioning Pan. "Pan do you have any memory of last night?"

"Yes I remember up until hitting my head on the bathtub"

"Okay can you describe the person that attacked you?"

"She is about my height, blonde hair, and hazel eyes"

"What was she a friend of yours?"


"Okay, then please tell us her name; we need her name to make an arrest"

By this time the group was listening to find out the attacker, Pan took a deep breath and said "The person that attacked me was none other then Marron"

18 and Krillin looked at both Marron and Pan in horror and shock. Gohan was being held back by Videl, Bulla and a police officer he wanted to rip a part Marron. The police walked over and arrested her. "Marron you are under arrest for attempted murder, you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can be used against you in the court of law."

An evil smile went across Pan's face as she watched Marron get taken away. Later that night Pan snuck out of the hospital, met with Trunks and took off. The two were never seen or heard from again. Marron was charged with the attack on Pan and the murder of Goten. Evidence "magically" appeared the day after she was put in jail; she is now serving life in prison.

Pan was the stalker and Trunks was the lifeless body. Trunks was bought back to life after he was killed in college, Pan found out first and she made sure no one else found out. When she found out what Marron truly wanted she bargained with her, Marron's soul for power. Trunks was given her soul that is where the bond formed. Goten's heart was used because Pan knew he would be an easy target. The only reason Marron didn't object was because she couldn't. Pan now controlled her movements, thought, words. When Pan got all she needed from Marron she disposed of her, or got her arrested. Pan and Trunks ran away together to live a life away from their families and in hope that the truth would never surface. Trunks never escaped Pan's grasp, he didn't want to, she had manipulated his mind so much that the thought of leaving her was uncanny.

Marron was in jail for life due to the murder, she wasn't killed but everyday she wished she was, all she wanted now was answers, she had memory of killing Goten and hurting Pan, because once Pan left she took her hold off Marron. Marron lost all her strength and was still and would always be soulless. She paid the ultimate price when she surrendered herself to Pan. "Power can not be bought it can only be gained through hard work and determination." -anonymous.

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