Well it's really over, and what's a girl to do now that the series is done? Why write more fanfiction of course.

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own the show if I did he never would have left.

Fly Free

"You achieved a great victory for us both."

He put his hands on Yugi shoulders and helped him up. A great man like him didn't belong on the floor. One could only fly off to the horizon of one's future with strong wings and a proud stance.

Their friends they had talked of his freedom. How he could now move onto the afterlife and his spirit would finally be at rest, finally be where it belonged. They never talked of Yugi's release though. How with the conclusion of the duel he would be free now too.

Free to pursue the one who had held his affection for so long. To dedicate himself to his life and his goals instead of running after maniacal villains, playing ancient games, and risking his life all for the desires of the spirit that rested inside of him. Knowing in his heart of hearts that this was the best thing for the both of them he stepped away from Yugi and stood in front of the gate.

"I am the son of king Aknamkanon. My name is Atemu!"

The doors opened and with every step he took the chains and shackles that had come with bearing the puzzle became lighter, and even as his friends cried out their desires for him to stay he focused on his greatest reason for leaving:

That Yugi would finally have a life of his own.

He stepped into the light and could not help the feelings of joy that welled up inside him as he saw the faces of those who waited for him.


He turned around just in time to catch the person who had run in after him. Both of them fell to the floor tangled in his purple cape as the doors sealed themselves with a loud rumble.

Atemu looked into those large eyes filled with unshed tears and could only stammer in confusion.

"W-Why, Yugi?"

"Because a life without you is no life at all."