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Bright Green Eyes

I looked around at what once used to be such a peaceful, ordinary town. I tried to find my husband, Jack, but he had run off when he spotted a ghost. I walked down the road, trying to see if any ghosts were near.

We had decided that we would end this ghost business once and for all. Amity Park was getting destroyed by ghost attacks. Jack and I along with some helpful people decided to send the ghosts off the earth and close any portal that they had.

It was a hard fight; the ghosts didn't want to leave our town. Many people had been killed by the ghosts and others had been injured. One man was in a coma. But I couldn't think about that right now, I had to look for the one ghost we hadn't caught.

Everywhere I looked I saw firemen trying to put out small fires in the street or big house fires. I held my ecto-gun tighter and continued to walk. I heard crying in the distance. I looked to see that a little girl had been hurt by the ghosts. I heard sirens, police cars and ambulances were trying to sort things out.

I walked into a bush area and looked at the sky. Danny Phantom would probably be there somewhere. I was also looking for my son, Danny, who had run off. I knew that Jack and Jazz were safe, I had a feeling that Danny was too.

I saw a black and white figure lying in a tree. I dove into the bush when his head turned. I peered through a hole and saw that he was alone. I made sure my ecto-gun was ready to be fired and jumped out of the bush.

His head turned at the sound and when he saw me, he sighed.


He looked down at his palms. Something wasn't right about him, there was something different. This didn't seem like the ghost who was the cause of most of the damage done in Amity Park. Normally he would be jumping around, with a smile on his face. Here he was, looking at his hands which were covered in ectoplasm.

I saw that there was a cut in his right hand, that's why he had ectoplasm all over his hands. He still didn't look up at me, so I lowered my gun. When I saw him shift because he was uncomfortable, I placed my finger over the trigger, ready to shoot if he tried anything funny.

Only after a minute did he raise his head, to show that he had tears falling down his cheeks. I looked into his tear-filled bright green eyes. I saw fear, I saw love and I saw something I had never seen in his eyes before, I saw my son.

Yep, I know it was short but, it was only meant to be! I hope you enjoyed reading this; I enjoyed writing it, now I might continue my other story. So, Maddie discovered Danny Phantom's secret, that he was her son. So, WHO SAW REALITY TRIP? If you haven't because you live somewhere not in America (like me) then, PM me and I will give you the solution, because, I found a way! But, many others may have a way of watching it but, oh well… anyways,

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