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Danny Phantom

Bright Green Eyes

Noticing that his mother had not yet shot at him, Danny turned around to face her, and gasped when he noticed the icy tears flowing down her soft cheeks. He watched her fall to the ground, and break out into loud, uncontrollable sobs, shoving her fingers into the dirt. He considered flying away to leave her for a second, but when he noticed how sad she was, he instantly dismissed that option.

"I'm so – so sorry." She whispered, barely loud enough for Danny to hear.

That was when he realised that she knew. He did not know how long she had known, but it mustn't have been too long, as she had tried to kill him only seconds ago. Danny looked himself over and realised he was still a ghost. How could she have found out? He silently asked himself.

He heard a splotch sound, the sound of liquid falling to the floor, and looked down, to see that it was his own blood. Danny wasn't too good with blood, even tough he had seen much of it when evil, monstrous ghosts injured people from Amity Park, or when he himself got injured.

He fell off the long, skinny branch that he had been sitting on top of, and almost hit the ground, but he quickly regained his balance and floated in the air, saving himself from a nasty accident.

Behind him, he heard the sound of an ecto-gun being charged up, and turned around, to look in the eyes full of hate that belonged to his own father. "Get away from her!" He yelled, obviously assuming that Danny was trying to do something to Maddie, assuming that was the reason she was crying.

Maddie looked up, and shouted, "Jack, no!" but it was too late – the shot had been fired.

Danny watched the shot slowly gain on him, and fly through his stomach, as if time was moving in slow motion. He screamed out in pain, as the ecto-energy sunk into his skin, and burned away muscle tissue and everything else in his stomach that it could get its teeth on, before fading away.

Maddie gasped, and ran to her son, holding him against her chest, as she mourned for her baby boy.

"Maddie, what are you doing?" Jack asked, completely bewildered.

"Jack, that was Danny!" Seeing Jacks confused look, Maddie added, "Our SON! You just killed our BOY!"

Jack just gasped, "No." and sat down on his large bottom, and his eyes started to fill with tears, before they sunk down his face, and landed on his orange jumpsuit, that was filled with dust.

A small tear landed on Danny Phantom's horribly pale face, and a light shined outwards from it. Maddie felt something pull Danny out of her arms, so she gripped him tighter, and started crying louder. But, in the end, she was not strong enough.

Danny floated up into the air, and he stayed in one spot for a few seconds. Suddenly, the sky was filled with a magnificent white, purer than any other whites anyone had seen.

Danny's eyes popped opened, and the voice that exited his mouth was not his own. "Madeleine Fenton, a good dead have you done. Your son's wish was to be accepted, and loved, for who he was, and you have granted that wish. Your son's heart was the purest seen ever."

Maddie blinked in surprise. She heard groans behind her, and saw all the people she had thought dead stretching, and sitting up. She gasped, and looked up at Danny Phantom.

"People of Amity Park," said a ghost, coming up behind Danny.

It was the most beautiful ghost any human had ever seen, with an aura full of peace and calm surrounding it. He made everyone smile, even Maddie, despite what had just occurred.

"Know this. It is not the end of your haunted times – ghost will forever remain in this town. It is up to you to judge them for who they are, and not to accuse them of being wrong because all others are bad." He advised.

"As long as you have ghosts, you will always have a protector, and for this time, it is this young boy, who was half killed in a freak accident, but dedicated his life to protecting the world from the ghosts that he let out, no matter what the cost."
Danny floated slowly to the ground, and lay there for what seemed like an age, before his eyes fluttered open.

"Mum," he whispered, too soft for others to hear.

Maddie started crying in relief, hugging her Bright Green Eyed boy, Danny Phantom.


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