It was Wednesday, a day that would be memorable for Dean Winchester. It was one of the best decisions he had made, finishing high school. Today was the last day of exams and the last day of school. 'I made it' thought Dean. The past month had also went without a hitch; no fights and no attitude. He had even gotten the 'most improved' award.

He sat in class, a goofy grin on his face, waiting for the bell to ring. Damn he felt good. He lazily watched the teacher, Mrs. Cline, walk back and forth, already done with the exam. His optimistic feeling soon faded as the principal walked in, glaring at him. 'Oh no.." he thought to himself, 'What did I do?'. He watched the principal, Mrs. Berkeley, explain why she was here and watched Mrs. Cline's face fill with surprise as she looked at him. She motioned for him to come up front. As he lifted from his chair slowly, he could feel all eyes on him. His 18 year old face had twisted into confusion as he walked toward the two women. He reached them and looked over to Mrs. Berkeley, who's face he was unable to read.

"Hand your exam to Mrs. Cline and follow me." she ordered. He did so and hurried to keep up with her. He was scared, for the first trime, of getting in trouble as they walked down the hallway. His palms were sweaty and his stomach was doing flip-flops.

"What exactly have I done, ma'am." he tried, but to no avail. The stern principal just kept on walking as if she hadn't heard him. They came to a halt in front of the tall glass and oak doors he had come to know so well. He closed his eyes as they walked through, breath coming out shaky. But to his surprise, there sat his 14 year old brother alone in the office. Dean froze at the sight of his baby brother. Sam's nose seemed to be broken and was still dripping onto his shirt. He was also nursing a bruised cheek.

"It seems as though Samuel has made a few enemies. We tried to get a hold of your father but he wouldn't pick up. You know well that there is a no tolerance rule for fighting. He will be suspended for five days." explained Mrs. Berkeley.

"Oh, Sammy." Dean simply said, sympathy in his voice. But Sam just shook his head. Dean wanted to cry when Sam gave him a bloody grin.

"I got 'em." was all Sam said. Dean just motioned for Sam to follow him. For the rest of the day, the brothers did not speak to each other. Why would Sammy fight? Dean wondered. The day passed quickly and before Dean knew it, it was 11:30. He looked over at his brother, who was asleep on the floor. All of his papers were scattered around him. Dean went over, ready to pick him up, when one certain paper caught his eye. It was titled 'MY SUPERHERO'. Dean's curiosity had gotten the best of him and he started reading.

Many people might pick Superman or Batman, but my superhero is my brother Dean. He always protects me, even when I yell at him. No matter what I do or say, he will always be there for me. My superhero is real and can protect me from the bad dreams I have. Dean always know how to calm me down. I love him too much to pick someone else. Dean is my family and, in my mind, has way more power than any of those other "hero's" people talk about.

Dean's body filled with pride and understanding. He just wanted to be like his superhero.

"I love you, Dean" Sam said quietly. Dean grinned from ear to ear.

"I love you too, buddy. Good night."