"Augh, bloody 'ell, woman! Git yer fat arse offa me!"

Yuffie was promptly thrown to the ground, heel over head, back leaving a rather nice gash in the dirt. She slowly stood up, rubbing her behind and glaring at the so called 'Captain'. Yuffie could hear Goofy stifling guffaws in the background, while Sora and Donald laughed, unrestrained.

"I'm not fat!" yelled Yuffie, fists clenched at her sides. Jack Sparrow cocked his head, swaggering over to the ninja and jabbing a finger at her thigh. Yuffie backpedaled, ready to reach for her shuriken. "Don't make me kick you in a place where the sun don't shine!"

Jack Sparrow blinked, before casting a concerned glance to Sora. "Oy, is me arse really skeletal roit now?"

Sora and Donald just laughed harder, and Goofy, well, he glanced at Jack Sparrow's ass and gave it a scrutinizing look.

"...Leon's is better. A'hyuck."