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"How you doing there, doc?"

Simon attempted a smile, "I much prefer to be doing the mending rather than being mended." Mal attempted to lift himself up from the table but Simon pushed him back down with his good arm. "It's not a good idea for you to be moving around too much. You've got a couple of bruised ribs, not to mention all the other cuts and bruises."

Mal smiled, "At least I still got my ear."

"There is that." Simon moved his eyes to where Kaylee was standing outside the infirmary door. "Kaylee, it would be best if you got some rest soon…for the baby." It was obvious he was still uncomfortable with the situation and not having anything else to do, he left the two alone.

Kaylee kept her eyes on her clasped hands, "You mad?"

"What were you thinking Kaylee?" Mal tried hard to keep the anger out of his voice, which was really only a cover for his fear. "You put the crew in danger, you put gorram Serenity in danger and worst of all you and the baby could have been killed."

Kaylee walked towards him, her eyes still on the ground but they were clear. "What would this crew be without you to lead them?" She raised her eyes to him, "What would Serenity be without you as the Captain?" Finally she grabbed his hand, "And I especially ain't doing this parenting thing on my own."

Mal opened his mouth to talk but instead moved his other hand to cover hers.

"You wouldn't leave any of us behind, what makes you any different?"

Mal moved her hand to his mouth, "I never wanted you to have to…do what you did."

"I live on a boat where everyone has gotten both shot at and had to shot someone. I ain't a child, I know everyone thinks they gotta take care of me but I'm a lot stronger than they think."

Mal didn't need her to tell him that, but it was true, he felt like she needed more protection than everyone else.

"And I'll gorram shoot anyone who comes between me and what I love."

Mal brought her head down to his and kissed her. Only hours ago he had never thought he would get another chance to do this. "I love you," he whispered. It didn't feel as strange as he thought it would, it felt quite shiny in fact.

Kaylee smiled one of her widest smiles and kissed him again. "I love you too, Captain Tightpants."

"This gorram tie makes me look like a gorram monkey." Jayne was pulling incessantly on his bow-tie while River was pulling it incessantly back on.

"Humans and chimpanzees share 98 percent of their DNA," River tugged the bow-tie once again into place. "When Simon calls you an ape he is simply pointing out the biological connection."

Jayne couldn't ignore the enormous smile the crazy girl was giving him. "Still think I look like an idiot is this here get-up."

Mal slapped Jayne on the shoulder, who was similarly attired in a suit, "I'll let you put on that adorable orange hat during the reception…if you behave." Mal was also somewhat nervously pulling on his tie.

"The uniting of two souls to join forever in a journey of singular experiences is a very special moment."

Simon pulled River away from Mal, "River, I think you're making him more nervous. Why don't you see how everyone else is doing?"

"He will forget the symbol," River said before disappearing from the room.

Not noticing River, Mal was busy patting himself down, desperately trying to find something. "Tzao-gao! Where's the ring? I know I had it…"

Simon rushed over to the table next to Mal, picking up the ring and handing it to Mal. "It's right here, where you asked me to put it three minutes ago."

Mal nodded his head and put the ring in his pocket. "Sppose this ain't exactly to your likeing?" He asked him kindly.

Simon turned his back and walked a few paces away, "I care a lot about Kaylee." He turned back to face Mal, "I want her to be treated well and of everyone I've seen with Kaylee, you seem to care about her the most. She'll be safe with you…and happy."

Unknown to Mal and Simon, Kaylee's father had walked in, "I hope that's true."

Mal straightened up, "Mr. Frye."

Matthew Frye motioned to the other two, "My wife has some drinks outside if you boys'd like." Surprisingly Jayne left just as quickly as Simon, knowing talks with fathers after you'd knocked up their daughter never went all that well.

Mal took a deep breath, "I know what you're gonna say, I'm almost twice her age, I promised to protect and now it looks like I've taken advantage of her, that she ain't old enough to be a mother and despite that, a ship ain't no place to raise a baby."

Matthew sat down in a chair across from Mal, a smile spreading across his lips. "Kaylee wasn't wrong bout' you being harder on yourself than I could be." He motioned for Mal to sit down. "When you asked me if you could take my little Kaylee on a ship far away from the family, I think it near broke all our hearts. But you seemed a good man, knew you'd take care of my girl.

"If she'd stayed here she'da ended up like her brothers, married off early. Kaylee'd have four kids already, she stayed here, so she ain't too young." Matthew stood up and walked towards the window, "I wanted her to have a different life than me and mine had, had." Matthew sighed, he was never very good at talking and he couldn't be very mean when it came to things involving Kaylee.

"You just make sure to bring that grandchild back here lot's, we all would take quite a liking to that."

Mal stood up and shook his hand, "Thank you sir."

Matthew laughed, "I don't think you should be calling me sir, you're the captain. I ain't much of nothin'."

"I doubt someone who raised Kaylee could be much of nothin'," Mal shook his hand again and walked out of the room towards the church.

"So what does it feel like to be a married man?" Kaylee crawled over Mal's naked chest, leaving a trail of kisses.

"Significantly less groggy than the last time." Kaylee punched him in the shoulder but he caught her rolled her onto her back, kissing her firmly. "Though I do feel a little out of sorts," she rolled her eyes at him but his smile continued to grow. "Maybe if I just keep kissing you, it'll go away." He kissed her again, more passionately. "Nope, just makes it worse."

Kaylee let out a laugh but her face quickly turned serious, Mal didn't need to think very hard to tell what it was about.

"It woulda been nice to have them here, that's all."

Mal rolled back to his side, leaving his hand in hers. "Back before the war, even during it, I believed in God, believed something was out there looking after us all. Couldn't believe that after the war, didn't seem right. But despite it all, I think in someway, Book and Wash are still with us. Heck, I'm still waiting for some ghostly message from Book about me going to the Special Hell."

"It ain't ever gonna be like it was." Kaylee said, still sadness in her voice.

Mal didn't have anything to contradict that, "No it won't, certainly not with this one running around," he placed his hand over her stomach.

Kaylee smiled, you couldn't go back, only forward. Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Mal barked.

"It's me," Jayne voice called from the other side of the door. "I gotta ruttin talk to you two."

Mal quickly dressed, incredibly irritated, Kaylee followed.

When Jayne came in the room he was carrying something behind his back and he looked a little nervous. "I uh, I wanted to get something for the kid, for you two as well…and everything."

Mal was ready to punch Jayne in the face, "Its my gorram wedding night, this couldn'ta waited till the morning?" Mal was attempting to keep his voice level.

Kaylee elbowed Mal in the side, "That's very sweet of you Jayne."

Jayne still kept his eyes on the ground, "Well anyways, here you go."



"Yeah, that's definitely very…Jayne-like."

At least it wasn't Vera.


Tzao-gao-Damn it

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