Every dog has its day: The intro page

Info: It's been a month since the chickens escaped Tweedy's farm. The whole ordeal left the two farmers somewhat dumbfounded. But then it all changes when Mrs. Tweedy discovers a flyer for the 10th annual dog show. All resident in the tri-county area are able to register which proves to be convenient after deciding to enter their two Dobermans. But the Tweedy's aren't the only ones to notice the flyer about the dog show. Wallace and Gromit also notice a flyer in their mail. The duo starts training but find out that two entries are needed. That proves to be no problem when Gromit meets a stray female Border collie named Pilot. At the day of the dog show Gromit and Pilot realize they're not just competing against the Tweedy's Dobermans and several other dogs, but Gromit discovers his two rivals Preston and Victor Quartermaine's dog Phillip are also in the dog show. Seeing that this isn't going to be easy Gromit and Pilot have to rely on brains, brawn and each other in order to get though the competition but will it work?

This is just the intro page, the actual story will be added this week, I hope someone will like this story once its posted. It's a Chicken Run/Wallace and Gromit crossover!