Ginny was flipping through the new Birds of Prey comic when she heard the front door bell. Turning she saw a few familiar customers and smiled as she put the comic down and went back to her spot behind the register. She was alone during her employee's lunch break, but it was normally a slow time. The bell rang again as the kids were looking over the comics and Ginny looked up to see Emma Frost standing in her doorway staring back at her.

Fifteen minutes later Ginny's help came back from lunch and Ginny stood awkwardly in the middle of her store trying to decide what to do about the fact that the blonde corporate queen was standing in the middle of her store and clearly had little interest in the comic books. Emma Frost was here for a reason, and Ginny might want to take this away from her place of work.

"Coffee?" Ginny said quietly as she moved to stand beside Emma.

"That would be lovely dear." Emma didn't even seem surprised, she just started for the front door with Ginny tagging along and nervous about what was happening. She didn't think Dani liked Emma, but this was the first person from that place she'd seen since Dani left her house.

"What is it you wanted?" Ginny forced herself to ask as they started down the sidewalk.

"I heard things with you and Dani didn't go well after your little revelation." Emma spoke and confirmed Ginny's impression that she wasn't going to be hearing from Dani again. Ginny's shoulders drooped as she forced herself to let go of the lingering hope. "Amazing how even people who claim to be liberal minded stumble over anything out of the ordinary." Emma continued to talk in a business like tone. "It really is a shame. Aside from your fluid gender identity," Emma spoke more slowly, "You were probably the best man she'd ever found."

"Yeah, well it isn't like this is something new." Ginny's jaw clenched, not wanting to cry she looked down the street toward their destination, a small restaurant on the corner. Ginny had been avoiding Luna's place lately, it just hurt to be there and hear Luna wondering where Andrew went. Andrew didn't go anywhere anymore. Ginny had given up jogging for a while. "You'd think telling people you were a mutant would end more relationships, but no. It's a perfectly human condition I have, and telling people about that is what ruins everything." Ginny couldn't believe she was talking about this with a woman she barely knew.

"Not everyone is as worldly as I am." Emma spoke. "The idea of another gender doesn't threaten me." Emma moved toward the restaurant door. "After you." Emma held the door opened and Ginny stared at the blonde a moment, wondering why Emma had hunted her down now.


Emma ordered wine in the middle of the day. Ginny watched as Emma also ordered a salad for lunch and resigned herself to a full break instead of a coffee break. "I'll have one of those too." Ginny told the waitress before she could walk away.

"My students told me about your comic database." Emma spoke casually and Ginny took a sip of the water they'd been given as they waited for their other drinks. "It made me interested in your businesses. I've done a little research and I found that you've got a good eye for placing your businesses. One comic store near the school, the other close to mutant town, and a gay bookstore near boys town."

"I do my research." Ginny said, feeling a little lost at talking business. "I look at the population, the competing businesses, and I pick locations that work."

"Not to mention you build customer loyalty with useful gadgets like that database. You think outside the box, probably a result of your," Emma glanced down at Ginny's body a second and Ginny tensed, "unique biology. It works for you."

"Not everything about me is about my plumbing." Ginny's voice was a little chillier. Emma smiled just a little at that before taking a sip of her own water.

"No, you are right, but you can't tell me that it doesn't give you a unique perspective of the world; an understanding of people on the fringes of society wanting to see others like them? You can't tell me it didn't inspire your database, or your choice of businesses to run. You have a business degree from a very good school, not the best, but very good. You could have done anything with it; you could have worked for me or another large business. You chose to go into comics and books for the sexual minorities." When Emma stopped talking all Ginny could do was rethink her own motivations. Slowly she nodded as she saw what Emma had without even knowing her. "You also donate money to further educate doctors on intersexuality, to prevent the type of mutilation that others of your kind have suffered." Emma's research was very thorough. Ginny felt exposed at how easy it seemed for Emma to find this out. "So do I." Emma leaned forward with a smirk and Ginny stared at the woman. "No, I'm not like you, but I believe the third gender has a right to exist just as mutants do."

Ginny stared at the woman. It was rare to find anyone who even knew what the word intersexual was until recently, and Emma Frost not only knew but helped? "I never saw your name in the newsletters." Ginny's eyebrows drew together, wondering if the blonde would lie.

"I donate anonymously. Once the word gets out that I'll support causes I'd be buried under requests, so I send donations to the Intersex Society of North America, any gay rights groups facing a particular battle, and mutant rights groups quietly, I also donate to the legal defense fund for mutants. I do what I can." Emma's smile was pleased with herself and Ginny did her best to not let her jaw drop at how little the media appeared to know about Emma Frost, because Ginny had read a lot about the businesswoman and this was all news to her.

"You're very liberal for a rich person." Ginny finally spoke, a tiny hint of teasing in her voice.

"Well if there is more to you than your 'plumbing', then there is more to me than my money." Emma responded with a raised eyebrow.

The drinks and food came at the same time, salads not needing much preparation. Ginny waited quietly for the waitress to leave before staring into Emma's eyes. "Yes, I think there might be." She smiled just a little and looked down at her salad, feeling a little better than she had before the blonde had dropped by.


Dani sat on the floor in front of the couch with a bottle in her hand, staring at it. "So, I guess things with Luna are going well?" She asked, just to change the subject away from the strangeness of Andrew/Ginny. It hadn't really been talked about yet, since shortly after the PE class Dani had had to teach, but she wasn't ready to start just yet.

"Yeah, things are going pretty good so far. We had that talk, you know the one, and she's fine with mutants." Shan took a drink from her own bottle. "That was the big hurdle and we made it, so I'm thinking I might invite her over here for dinner some night."

They talked for a good three hours, and still Dani felt like she wasn't feeling any clearer. She felt guilty about not being able to look past the fact that Andrew was part woman, but still couldn't even imagine touching or kissing him now.

He'd been a good kisser, Dani thought with a sigh as she left Shan's rooms.

"I'm telling you, Ms. Frost was on a date." A student's voice traveled down the hall. "And it was with a woman. I saw them."

"You're a liar, take it back." An angry voice spoke and Dani started toward the darkened classroom before this got bad. Still the idea that Emma was dating was an odd one.

"She went into the comic book store with us, picked up Ginny like it was the easiest thing in the world and they went out. I saw them eating and smiling and touching, and Ms. Frost is a dyke." His voice rose on the last word, but Dani stopped walking a moment in shock.

"We don't talk like that here." Another voice spoke.

"Ms. Pryde!" Two boys sounded shocked and Dani shook herself out of her own thoughts and finished walking to the doorway.

"We don't use words like that here, and what the teachers do on their off time is not the students concern." Kitty stood there, parting in room and partly through the wall. "I could hear you through the walls. You two have detention tomorrow." Kitty finished stepping into the room.

"I'll take them for that." Dani added, her arms crossing in front of her as she glared at the boys.

"Good, I didn't have the time. I WAS," Kitty glared at the boys, "Working on the new network. The Professor wants it up by next week and I don't have a lot of spare time for gossiping students."

"No problem." Dani stared at the boys. "Go to your dorms and you can meet me at my office after dinner tomorrow." They left rather quickly, looking a bit embarrassed.

"Who gets to tell Emma why we nailed them." Kitty smirked and started to chuckle. Dani just looked away, to stare at the art in the art room.

"I don't want to." She spoke quietly.

"It isn't like it would bother her. They could have been saying she was seen having a barnyard orgy and she'd just raise and eyebrow and smirk." Kitty sighed, disappointment in her voice at Emma's unflappability. "Well, I'll report this if you want." Kitty turned away and moved toward the wall. "Nice seeing you, but I've got a killer deadline."

"Yeah, fine. See ya later." Dani moved for the door as Kitty went through the wall.


Andrew leaned against the side of his house as he stretched out his legs. The weekend was just wrong without a jog in the morning. He didn't want to run into anyone that might ask about Dani, but he couldn't change his whole life because he'd been disappointed.

The cool air felt good as he started to jog toward town. He'd go get a coffee and newspaper and come back.

A strange feeling hit him as he jogged along the main road and finally he had to look back. A woman in sweats and a blonde ponytail was jogging up to him and it took him a moment to recognize her. "Hey." He smiled and moved to the side to let her catch up and jog beside him.

"Surprised to see you out Andrew. I heard you've been missing." Emma said as she got closer. "Want some company?"

"What you said made sense." He moved to jog beside her and could tell Emma Frost was a jogger, she paced herself well, but she was a little fast, he lengthened his stride to normal when he realized he didn't have to slow down for her. "Thank you."

"No problem dear." Emma's eyes turned to look at him and she smiled. "I was wondering if you'd be willing to do me a favor. I have a function I have to go to and I need an escort. It wouldn't hurt for you to meet a few of the investors I work with." Andrew felt a little awkward about that. "I don't really care what form you come in, I'll be envied either way."

"What?" Andrew slowed down and stopped, Emma just jogged in place in front of him.

"I'm not caught up on what people think, so whichever form you think you can dress up the best is the one you should use. It's a black tie event."

"So you'd take me as Ginny if I told you I didn't have any suits?" He asked, not quite believing that Emma Frost would let people, her investors even, think she was dating a woman.

"Do you have any nice dresses?" Emma asked and smirked at her.

"Yeah," Andrew's voice was softer. "I have three."

"Well then, do you want to come?" Emma asked. "It would be good experience for you to see how I go about getting backers for new projects."

"Okay." He started to jog with her again, but both went slower. "What are you doing?"

"I'm asking a very attractive person out on a date." Emma smiled and started to run a little faster. "You need to keep up with me a little better if you aren't catching that."


Dani smiled just a little when she saw how Shan seemed to spring forward to get the door when Luna knocked. Luna was about to be initiated into the mansion, Dani sighed as she remembered how many of all of their dates didn't take this part well. No Xmen had been spared the pain of a potential lover that couldn't deal with their mutation, or their dangerous life.

Hopefully Luna wasn't another one to add to that endless list, Shan rarely dated. It would be nice for it to work for her.

"Come in, come in." Luna was saying and Dani just leaned against the stair railing to wait.

"Hey Luna." Dani spoke and they started to talk, but the words stopped too suddenly. Dani turned to look up the stairs Luna stared up at to see Emma walking down wearing a evening gown.

"Oh, I see you've brought a guest home." Emma stared at Luna a little and then turned to Dani with something too knowing in her eyes, and too confusing for Dani to interpret. "Well have fun, but I have a date with a young comic book store owner." Emma's eyes stayed on Dani and her eyebrow rose, before the blonde pulled her attention away from Dani and to the stairs she was walking down.

"Ginny?" Luna's voice sounded impressed. "Whoa, you do good work. Ginny almost never dates." Dani did her best to not flinch at that information. It made her feel less proud of herself, but then maybe Ginny did all her dating as Andrew.

"I know," Emma turned to look at Luna, but her eyes glanced past the woman toward Dani for a moment, "it is a shame that such a lovely person finds it so hard to date, but I'm working on her." Dani's jaw clenched a little as Emma continued. "It must have something to do with the lack of quality in her previous dates, it made her cautious." Emma's eyes were cold as she stared into Dani's. "Well, I best be going. She's waiting for me."

Shan shared a look with Dani as the front door closed again, Emma on the other side. Dani just shook her head and put a fake smile on her lips to talk with Luna, while her mind wondered what Emma was up to. Did she really plan to take Ginny out as Ginny?

Emma probably was bisexual, Dani decided while she pretended to listen to the conversation around her. Still, it wasn't a good feeling to know Emma was out there, probably pumping Andrew for all sorts of details about Dani now. Thankfully she hadn't done very much with him before he'd told her.

He'd been too honorable to not tell her until after they'd gone too far, Dani thought with a small pang of pain. He wasn't a guy, but if he'd been one he would have been one of the best Dani had ever dated.

Why couldn't he have been a guy? Dani's mind complained, but then she had to try and push these thoughts away, because Shan was giving her a strange concerned look.


Ginny stared across the room to see Emma talking with a small group of people while Ginny had taken a bathroom break. Ginny just stopped and looked at the blonde for a moment, noticing how very feminine she was, her every move grace. No, no one would have ever called Emma Frost a tom boy, or a lot of the other names people gave to girls that didn't act the way the world wanted them too. Ginny sighed as she glanced at the men in the room, the ones looking at Emma. A man coming to this event with Emma would have been looked down on for being merely eye candy to Emma's brains in these talks, because men were supposed to outshine women in conversations in business weren't they? These old men would have thought so, but with Ginny being a woman it was assumed she was just eye candy, even though she'd come here with a woman.

Ginny took a glass of wine from a waiter walking past and took a sip as she studied the woman she'd come here with. Emma had quickly given Ginny the chance to talk business with them all, but Ginny had caught the surprised looks in a few eyes that she could. If Ginny had come here as Andrew her opinions might have been given more attention, and that frustrated her. It was what made Ginny follow the leading women in business in the newspapers, this double standard she was aware of.

Emma's eyes caught Ginny's for a moment and Ginny smiled and moved to rejoin her date.

Later that evening, after the business talks and the networking, Ginny was finally alone with Emma again, in the elevator. "It was educational." She thought of the way Emma used a combination of charm and wit to get what she'd wanted.

"Good." Emma smiled. "Would you like a late dinner? We could see about educating you a little more." The teasing tone took on a sexual undercurrent.

"Oh, I've got a Master's degree in that subject." Ginny blushed just a little and smiled with her playful boasting.

"How interesting, I have a Ph.D." Emma chuckled.

"Mine's a double Master's degree." Ginny said with a semi straight face as she stared up at the number readout on their elevator.

"They really were intent on asking you about your education up there weren't they? Comparing schools as if it were measuring well," Emma glanced down indicating the area between Ginny's legs. Ginny smiled just a little at the comment, the men were acting like it was a competition.

"I'm fully female in this form." Ginny spoke very quietly. "I have nothing to measure right now." Emma smiled a little wickedly.

"And Andrew, does he have anything worth measuring."

"I'm just fine." Ginny blushed and looked away. It was a little rude to ask something like that, but the fact that Emma was curious and not in a creepy what's the freak like way, was a little intriguing. "A little more than fine." Ginny's face reddened as she added that, her ego not able to let this go. "Actually using the word little is a bit…"

Emma started to laugh at her and Ginny's blush deepened.

"Yeah, well," Ginny struggled for a way out of this conversation. She couldn't believe she let herself get lead into it to begin with. It wasn't date conversation, at least not dates that didn't involve backseats and food delivered in a bag. The door started to open and Emma moved to walk past her to step into the lobby.

"And I could still teach you a few things." Emma said softly as she walked past Ginny out into the lobby, the scent of Emma's perfume caressing Ginny.

Ginny was starting to feel like she really had jumped into the deep side of the pool with this woman, and she wasn't sure she could swim well enough for the currents Emma was sending out. Was Emma actually serious or was this a fun flirtation with someone completely different for Emma, Ginny wondered as she followed the blonde for a few steps before catching up.


Dani was just walking into the mall when she saw a familiar person. Her body froze for just a moment as she considered turning around and walking back out before she was spotted, but when Andrew turned toward the door she just started to walk toward him. It would seem far too cowardly to let him see her leave, and really he deserved better than that.

Dani just didn't want to have this conversation. It wasn't one she was proud of, she disappointed herself really, but it had to be done.

And maybe she could find out what was going on with Emma and Andrew while she was at it.

"Hey," Dani's voice was softer as she spoke to him. Andrew's smile looked a little like a grimace. "I'm sorry I didn't call." Dani said, some regret in her voice as she moved to look around, seeing that while the mall was busy no one was paying attention to them. "I had no idea what to say. I still don't."

Andrew's jaw clenched a little. "No problem." He told her, but Dani felt even lower at that lie. She could see she'd hurt him.

"I am sorry." Dani said, moving a little closer to him. Her eyes tried to catch his, but Andrew wasn't looking back, he glanced around the mall instead. "I'm not as," Dani had no idea what the word was.

"Accepting, caring, sensitive?" Someone else started listing words and Dani turned to see Emma walking up to them, tossing out words casually. "intelligent? Open minded? Tell me when I hit the right word my dear, although I think they all apply."

"Emma." Andrew sounded tired. "Dani, it was nice seeing you again." He said and Dani watched the pain in his eyes, "but I need to do some shopping."

"I think you'll look very fine in a tuxedo Andrew." Emma said, while moving forward to rest her hand on Andrew's arm as they started to walk away.

Dani watched them walk away and sighed, glad that it was over, but still it felt wrong. She turned to the left where Andrew and Emma had gone right, determined to do her shopping far from those two.

She felt like she should have warned Andrew about Emma. Emma's interest in him seemed strange, but then maybe Emma had been with every other type of lover and it only left someone like Andrew as a new horizon for the blonde.

Dani did her best to push thoughts of Andrew out of her mind. She had a date. She didn't know the man very well, she'd met him at the grocery store, but after the mess with Andrew Dani decided the best way to deal with it was to get right back on the horse. Now she just wanted a little something new to wear on her night out with Lance.


Andrew looked at his reflection in the mirror and worked to straighten his tie. Emma had wanted a night out, a dinner and play, and had invited Andrew along. This time he decided to go as Andrew, but needed the clothes for the night. He looked at the way the suit fit him and knew that Emma had probably saved him from a bad purchase, offering to help shop. He'd never had clothes that fit this well, for either form.

Emma was coming to pick him up, and it felt a little odd. Andrew had hesitantly offered to do the driving for tonight, thinking that the woman would want him to, since he looked like the male tonight, but Emma just said she'd rather pick him up. He was glad, because going to the same place to pick up a different date was just a little odd. He didn't want to draw that kind of attention to the way Dani had dumped him, it would start talk and while he thought Dani was honorable and would not say things he'd rather others didn't know, he couldn't tell for sure if she was. He'd thought she'd at least deal with him in an upfront manner after he told her, but she avoided him. Andrew clearly hadn't been a very good judge of character.

He'd hoped.

He glanced out the window then the car lights hit it and smiled just a little. Emma may be a bit wilder than Andrew, but she was so accepting. It was what he wanted, someone to not even blink at his mutation or gender. Emma never blinked.

That blonde woman was certainly keeping him on his toes, and he was finding he liked that. Andrew moved to pick up a flower he'd purchased earlier and moved for the front door. The lady may be picking him up, so he couldn't really bring it to her door, but she deserved a flower.

It was so freeing to not have to think about giving her the talk, because she already knew. He didn't have to spend their second date wondering at what date he should tell her, he didn't have to try and determine if she was worth the risk. She already knew, and she was asking him out. She'd asked twice.

If tonight went well, Andrew would ask for that third date and make it very clear he did consider it a date. He'd treat her very well, and he'd let her pick his form. She seemed bisexual, but he wasn't sure if she had a preference in his forms.

When he reached her car, Emma got out of it and gently took the flower. She said while smelling the flower he'd bought her. "Thank you," Emma spoke softly and leaned forward, kissing him softly. Andrew's eyes closed and after she pulled away it took him a moment to reopen them, finding her smiling a little wickedly at him. "Just so you know, you can go for that goodnight kiss today. I won't make you wonder." Emma moved to get into the car, and Andrew took just a moment in his shock, before closing her car door for her, careful to not catch her dress in the door.

He did his best to wipe the goofy grin off of his face before he got into the car himself, so she couldn't see it.


Dani had started this conversation by reading out loud the headline on a magazine they'd seen in a convenience store. It read, "Mutants of Genosha are Angered by the United States Lack of Humanitarian Aid." And she was very familiar with the topic, but she didn't say more.

Lance said enough. Dani's fist clenched at her side as he said more than enough about mutants wanting handouts, how the government had enough real humans that needed aid, and the list of comments went on. This was going to be her last date with Lance. At least she hadn't told him about herself yet, he didn't sound like he would have dated her if he'd known.

"You know, I'm not really feeling very well." Dani spoke, interrupting him and making an expression of slight pain. Her hand went up to her temple to rub it as if she was getting a serious headache. "I think I need to go home."

"What?" He looked at her again, with some concern. "Are you sure? The movie starts in a half hour."

"No, I don't feel up to it." Dani glanced at the street. "I just need to go home, take a few pills and sit in a dark room."

"Oh, well I could take you back." He smiled just a little. "I'd finally get to see where you live." Oh, that was a very bad idea, since it's common knowledge that people living there were mutants, Dani thought and curse herself for having Shan just drop her off in town to meet up with Lance. She needed a ride home, but she wasn't letting him take her.

"No, no that's okay. You can go to the movie. I can catch a ride home with a friend." Dani said, noticing the comic books store down the street. Andrew or Ginny as she went by at work, would let her use the phone at least, and let her wait for Shan in the shop. It would be awkward, but a lot less awkward than telling Lance why she didn't want him to take her home.

It took a lot of talking to finally get rid of Lance, and Dani could tell he knew he wasn't going to be dating her again. He didn't know why, but he knew it wasn't going to happen. That saved her having to come out and say it.

She walked slower as she got closer to the lights of the comic shop, and pulled her coat closed a little tighter as she peeked in, to see Ginny sitting behind the register staring down at some papers. Dani looked into the shop and saw no customers. When she got to the door she checked the hours and noticed the store was actually closed. It had been for a while. Dani had really lucked out that Ginny was still there.

It took a lot of nerve to knock on that door and watch Ginny look up from her work. The recognition was too surprised and Dani gave a weak smile as she waited for Ginny to walk around the counter and to the door.

"Hey," Dani smiled again, more in a please forgive me way than just a friendly one, feeling like her shoulders were trying to come up and protect her head, so she forced them back down. "I was hoping I could borrow the phone. I need to call a ride."

Ginny stepped to the side, still holding the door, so Dani stepped into the store. "Car get a flat again?" Ginny asked as she locked the front door again. It took Dani a moment to remember Andrew helping her with that, because even though she knew Ginny and Andrew were the same person it was still a little hard to accept.

"No, Shan dropped me off and my date was cancelled." Dani glanced around, seeing a phone near the cash register.

"Oh," Ginny stood looking at her. "Well, the phone is over here." Ginny started moving, but she slowed down and turned back to Dani. "Or if you can wait for ten minutes I could finish my deposit and drive you. I have my car today. It's grocery day."

"Oh, um, thanks." Dani took the offer, knowing it would take anyone at the mansion another twenty minutes at least to get to her. It might also be a good idea to talk. "My date didn't like mutants." She spoke softly, explaining her situation. "I figured there was no point finishing the evening."

"Did he hurt you?" Ginny's voice was a little tighter and Dani looked into protective eyes. Ginny was just as much a knight in shiny armor as Andrew, or well, Dani shook her head as she realized she was trying to think of Andrew/Ginny and two people again.

"No," Dani sighed, "he doesn't know why I cut the night short. I just brought up the topic of mutants to see how he'd act and he showed a few spots I didn't like."

"Yeah, that's always," Ginny's voice grew more awkward and quiet, "hard. I'll just finish the deposit." Ginny took a few steps to the counter and Dani didn't say anything else, feeling a painfully awkward cloud over both of them. It had been Dani that had the ugly spots with Andrew. Dani turned and started to slowly walk along the tables of comics for something to do, and to avoid the topic that was almost out in the open.

Dani lightly flipped through comics until she heard Ginny packing up. "I need to run by the bank on the way. Wednesdays are my busiest days and the deposit needs to go in."

"No problem." Dani put her comic down and watched Ginny pulling on a coat. "You know I'm sorry right?" She spoke softly. "I'm just not," Dani's words trailed off. She still didn't have the words.

"It's okay. I'm used to it." Ginny grabbed the deposit. "I just, it sucks that the world it like this, but I'm used to it." Dani felt like she was shrinking, her self esteem taking a huge hit with Ginny's pain. "But hey, I wouldn't have met Emma if we hadn't dated. I should thank you for that."

Dani didn't really know how to respond to that comment.

"She really doesn't care. She likes me just the way I am." Ginny unlocked the front door and held it open for Dani.

"You are a great person, I never thought you weren't." Dani sighed. There had been nights she'd stared at the ceiling, wishing that she wasn't so upset by Andrew's difference, because he had been pretty great. "I'm straight." Dani said and sighed, standing by the store front as Ginny locked the door.

"Yeah, well, I don't know what to say there." Ginny turned and started for the car, which was parked across the street. "Because you could have been straight with me, but I know it doesn't work that way." Dani watched as Ginny unlocked the passenger side first and held it opened without even seeming to notice the gentlemanly move Ginny was making for Dani. "I'm sorry your date didn't work out." Ginny said before closing the car door with Dani inside.

When Ginny got into the car, the topic of discussion was changed suddenly to movies, work, and banking hours when Ginny had to drop her deposit into the drop box. It stayed off the sensitive topic until Ginny was driving up to the gates to the mansion.

"I want to be able to pick Emma up for dates in either form I have. I just didn't want to embarrass you by doing it, because people might realize Emma isn't dating two different people. They might realize that you've dated me."

"I'm not embarrassed." Dani spoke softly, finally letting go of it. "I just regret that it couldn't work out, but I'm not embarrassed." Dani leaned forward and kissed Ginny's cheek softly before pulling back. She'd fix what she broke, Dani thought, still hating that it was Emma that was dating someone Dani had, but she couldn't deny that Emma was a better match. "You don't have to stay away because of me." Dani opened the door and stepped out.


"Thank you Ginny," Dani's voice got softer as she stared into familiar eyes, "Andrew." Dani closed the door and started to walk up the steps, feeling a little better about her self than she had in a while.

The End

A/N: Intersexuality is a real word, with real people, dealing with very real issues. In my fiction I'll often deal with real life issues in a fictional way, but I just want to say that the myth breaking of the hermaphrodite and the research I did into the intersexual opened up a whole new world to me. I am in no way an expert, I read a few articles, but I would hope that anyone that is interested in helping or learning more would start by visiting the website for the Intersex Society of North America.

Do we as a society really need to force people into the two main categories of male or female so desperately that we'd mutilate children? These surgeries aren't being done for any medical reason, just to make people fit into the boxes we've created ourselves on gender, and the child isn't getting to choose. I would rather live in a world where gender wasn't taken quite so seriously, it's hurting too many people. I wonder if the intersexuals are not just another victim of homophobia.