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It had been several weeks now since that dreaded day. She smiled as he blew her a kiss before leaving the 1-6. They were dating for a year and she was already five months pregnant with his son. Their son. It was something that thrilled not only them, but everyone in the 1-6.

Finally, the two had seen how in love they were. Of course, everyone else knew it from the beginning, but being as stubborn as they are, you know? It was bound to never happen. But it did, thank God. Casey, Munch, and Fin even threw a party when it finally happened.

But in one instant, it was all taken away from her. One case, with her not being there, she lost her partner and the man she was deeply in love with. Elliot and Fin were out on a case when something when horribly wrong. The perp had escaped and they were in a shoot out. Of course, Elliot decided to split, against Fin's wishes. Next thing he knew, Elliot was on the ground and the perp took off. He never made it in the ambulance.


Olivia watched Elliot. He stood there, talking to the press with a huge grin on his face. For once, he had actually accepted being called a hero by the media. He was enjoying this and she knew she was going to rag him about it later. It's what best friends did. And he was her best friend. She knew he felt strongly about what he was talking about. Which, of course, was the sick pervert that tried to rape the little girl, but Elliot had stopped that, causing him to become a hero.

She tried to remember a time when Elliot wasn't a hero in her eyes. As many times as they had worked on a case together, he was always there for both her and the victim, never letting go of either. Elliot and the job were all she had. She couldn't lose either. If he felt the same, she wasn't sure, but she knew she couldn't lose him. She cared too much.

However, when she felt his eye look in her direction, she knew. She watched him excuse himself from the media and walked over to her. His hand immediately went to her cheek as she let the tears fall. He gently brushed them away before kissing each water mark they had left on her cheek.

"Liv…" he whispered. She smiled and brushed his hair back.

"I love you, El." It was out before she realized what she was saying. His only response was his lips crashing upon her lips, causing her heart to flutter and her to forget how to breathe. It made her smile.

End Flashback

A five month pregnant Olivia sat at her desk, thinking about that night. It was months before her Elliot was taken away from her. She couldn't believe it. It was still as a dream for her. Fin had apologized over and over again, feeling as if it was his fault. She tried to convince him that it wasn't his fault. Even if Elliot was with her, she knew there was nothing she could do. As stubborn as he was, nothing could've stopped him from going in there that day. Looking over at his empty desk got to her. She placed a protective hand on her stomach and a tear fell down her cheek. She got up and left, going to the one place she knew she could feel close to Elliot. The Cemetery. Cragen nodded at Casey to follow her as she walked out. Casey did just as she was told.

It was hard to believe he was gone. She hated it. She hated having to be in this place to feel close to him. "I hate this, El…I really do. I haven't slept since I was told about you. There's this…this…void in my heart." Tears fell down her cheeks and she really didn't care. "I can't do this, El. I need you in my life." She stood there crying for what seemed like hours. She heard a branch crack and turned around, the cop in her kicking in.

"It's just me, Liv," Casey said. Her heart sank, hoping it would be Elliot, even thought she would beat him. "Sorry to disappoint you."

"I just…I wanted…You know?" Casey nodded. She knew that she wanted it to be Elliot. Casey wanted it to be Elliot, but it wasn't. He was gone. Casey didn't speak. She just stood there, letting Olivia cry out her pain and frustration, shedding a few tears of her own for her best friend and the love of her life. A few minuets later, Olivia asked Casey for time alone. Casey agreed, but said she wasn't leaving without Olivia.

"It's getting cold, Liv," Casey whispered, coming up behind her. She only shrugged and stared at Elliot's grave. Casey wrapped her arms around her friend…her best friend…her only friend. "Liv…"

"I know, Case," she whispered, putting her head on her shoulders and allowing herself to cry. "I just miss him so much. I can't picture my life without him. I never saw him back down from what he believed in. Especially with us. I fought him on it for so long…maybe…just maybe if I didn't fight him, we would've had more time together."

"Don't talk about the 'what ifs' Olivia," she told her. "He wouldn't want it that way. You have to be strong for this little one." She pointed to her stomach and Olivia grinned a little. "Plus, you have to be strong for Maureen, Kathleen, Lizzie and Dickie. How would they react to you being like this after you telling them it was going to be alright?" She only nodded.

"I remember our last case. He was so proud of himself, which is unusual. It made me laugh to see him grin the way he did when he was being interviewed. I just stood back and watched. He truly was a hero that night, Casey. He did so well." She smirked.

"Heaven just needed him more then we did. It was his time, Liv." She nodded, knowing it was true and praying Elliot was happy being a hero in Heaven. She let Casey guide her back to her car.