Come Fly With Me

A/N: My first and probably only attempt at Draco/Hermione. Before them, I was strictly canon, but I couldn't resist such a sizzling pairing forever, could I?

The title of this story "Come Fly With Me" is from a song sung by many people in the past, such as Frank Sinatra, but I'm using the newer Michael Bublé version as the theme song to this fic. If you get a chance youtube it!

Tie a Yellow Ribbon...

Chapter 1

Ginny's looking far along. The thought came to Hermione Granger as the two sat down at the little bistro where they met almost daily for lunch. Though, for only five months, she thought perhaps Ginny was on the larger side. Could it be twins? Didn't that gene usually skip a generation in families?



"If you're gonna just stare off into space for the next hour, I'll eat your lunch for you."

Hermione peered down the meal she had just bought; a plate of chicken salad and earl grey tea. Looking back up at her friend, she didn't doubt her food might be nicked if she wasn't careful.

"So, what's on your mind?"

Hermione shrugged. "Your pregnancy, I guess. I still can't get over it; you're gonna be a mum."

"You'll be an auntie."

"Not biologically."

"You could always give Ron another shot." Ginny wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione bit back her grimace. "We both know that's not happening again."

"Too bad, for a while there I thought we'd be sisters. But if you two are set on staying friends…"

"How's Harry?" Hermione changed the subject.

Ginny gave up and obliged. "Harry's fine. You haven't seen him in a while though, have you? Maybe you should come over for dinner tonight."

"Can't. You know Keeve's coming back from Blackpool tonight." She began to fork through her salad.

Ginny nodded, swallowing her lunch. "Shame you're dating a muggle. If he was a wizard, he could apparate from there to here in a second."

Hermione grinned playfully. "But unlike most wizards, he's got quite the car."

When their chuckles subsided, Ginny added, "but seriously, how's it between you two?"

"Same as I told you last time. Always the gentlemen, never pressures me."

Ginny nodded, "and you still suspect he might pop the question?"

Hermione became bashful, putting her fork down. "Well, we have been together for almost two years. We' pretty serious."

Ginny's suggestive eyebrow wiggling returned. "Maybe not serious enough. Maybe you need to give him a little encouragement to propose."

"Gin, you know I can't. I mean, sometimes I really wish I could, but I just can't."

'I know, I know. It's those damn morals your parents beat into you as a child. No shagging before marriage dear, no enjoyment, no bloody fun until you're tied down to one bloke. Blah, blah, blah."

Hermione ignored her friend's mocking voice and smiled on. "It's not all that bad. Sure, it's not really a modern view, but in some ways I think it's kind of romantic, to save yourself for—"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "You go ahead and be romantic Hermione." The girl was missing out! "What would I do without Harry every night—?"

"Well you wouldn't be five months pregnant for one." Hermione laughed. "And that doesn't count, you're married to him. I just gotta get myself married and then…"

Ginny reached over the table, patting her hand. "He'll propose soon, I'm sure. And then you can join in the excitement, see what it's all about." Her sympatric smile dropped ever so slightly however, when another thought came to mind. "For Merlin's sake Hermione, I just realized, you're going to be twenty-four next month and you're still a—"

"Shhh! I don't want the whole bistro knowing my business."

"Business? What business? You're not getting any, remember?" Ginny crossed her arms, looking down at her empty plate. "I'm not full yet."

Hermione pushed her plate forward. "You can have some of my chicken salad. I'm not that hungry."

Ginny gladly pulled the plate in front of her. "Come over for dinner on Saturday, 'Mione. Neville's stopping by as it is."

"Oh, and how is he doing? He doesn't show up at the flat for Luna anymore, they usually just meet somewhere."

"He actually just got back from a mission out east. Didn't Luna tell you? I was supposed to go with him, but ever since my tummy started showing the Ministry's got me doing strictly auror paper work. It's horrendous."

"Just think, another four months of it, and then you're off to take care of the baby."

"Don't remind me." Ginny groaned, dropping her fork. "I don't think I'm nearly ready. And I miss going out on missions now…wonder how I'll feel when I'm completely away from the job."

"You'll cope. You'll only be taking six months off work anyhow." She took a long sip from her tea. "So…what's this mission Neville's coming back from? Luna hasn't told me much lately, she's usually working late down in the lab."

"He just came back from Russia, and you know I can't tell you what for, that's auror top secret business." Ginny smiled, adding a moment later, "but as for Luna, I can tell you why she's been working late. The whole enchantist department is down there trying to formulate a spell for the Ministry to clean up this whole Death Eater business."

Hermione involuntarily shuddered at the name of Voldemort's followers. It had been five and a half years since his defeat, but sometimes when wizards and witches were caught off guard, the name could dig up nasty memories.

"What business is that? I remember Luna mentioning something about being assigned to create some new sort of spell that they were going to use on Azkaban prisoners, but—"

"That's the one, and from what I've heard at work today, they've finalized it. It's just awaiting Ministry approval and then the prototype is going to be tested—"

"Tested on prisoners? What exactly is this new spell going to achieve?"

Ginny took a moment to swallow some salad before answering. "You know how it was after Tom Riddle was defeated for good. With only about a quarter of his Death Eaters still alive, half of those were fighting all the way to Azkaban, the other half claiming they were under the Impervious. So now the Ministry's enchantists have been appointed to create a spell to figure out who's lying, and who's telling the truth."

"You mean like Veritaserum Potion?"

"Sort of, but the thing is, a lot of those people are crazy. They've spent three, four, even five years at Azkaban, so who knows what sort of lies they've been able to convince themselves of. No, this spell is a simple marking spell. It will mark anyone who was still free-willingly loyal to Tom Riddle at the time of his death. Quite the clever little spell."

"Sounds ingenious, though I wonder why the Ministry waited so long to create it." Hermione took another sip of her tea. "So…do you think you'll find any innocent victims there?"

Ginny shook her head. "Doubt it. The aurors who captured them were very careful about doing their job. The trials were a lot more thorough this time around. I suppose that's why this spell creation wasn't a Ministry priority. It has been five years after all."

"And if you do find anyone innocent?"

Ginny shuddered. "I don't even want to begin to imagine what they had to go through, being guiltless this whole time."

"But remember Sirius? It was his innocence that saved his sanity. If there is anyone in Azkaban that shouldn't be, maybe their sanity is still intact too."

Ginny pushed her plate away from her. "You know what? Suddenly I don't feel so hungry anymore."

A/N: Each chapter is the name of a song. Chapter one is "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" by Tony Orlando and Dawn. :)

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