Dream Saga: Nakatsukuni

Author Notes: This is based on the "Extra Chapter" of Dream Saga: Takamagahara that Megumi Tachikawa is currently selling to anyone in Japan in the format of a CD (or is it a DVD?). Since I don't live in Japan, I am only going to base this off of her sample page on her official website. I want to know what happens but due to my circumstances, this fic will have to supplement my imagination.

Extra note: This prologue contains a spoiler from the last chapter of the entire manga series.

Disclaimer: I don't own Megumi Tachikawa's manga "Dream Saga: Takamagahara", her characters, her storyline, and also, her website. All of what has been mentioned is, and will always be, of Tachikawa-san's property.

: Prelude - Act 0 :

"Wake up!" a voice was shouting in the distance.

"Hn…," he groaned as he tried to open his eyes. Was he dead? He didn't know. The good thing though is that his pain has stopped. In the end, he could see nothing but brilliant light. The soft voice that was calling to him was familiar so he said the first thing that came to his mind, "Nakime?"

"Yes, Susano….I mean, Takaomi."

"What just happened? Where am I?"

"You're in the boundary that's between both Takamagahara and Nakatsukuni."

"………. So, I am technically not dead yet?"

"No, because, you still have a chance at living. Your Takamagahara body may be destroyed but your Nakatsukuni one is still in existence. I am going to transfer the remaining ounce of my energy so you can get to the other side."

"Wait! If you do that, won't you….?" Takaomi had a feeling that the woman was smiling at him even if he could barely see her.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine as long as Amaterasu's light is shining bright. I owe Yuuki just this much since I caused her grief back then."

"Nakime!" Takoami tried his best to get her attention. "Stop!"

"Good-bye. I hope to see you and everyone else again. I also can't wait to see Yuuki's smiling face," Nakime couldn't help to shed a tear as she stared down at Takaomi's body.

"Yuuki.. You don't have to do this Nakime!" his voice rang out one last time before he felt his vision dim into darkness.


Two shadowy figures were standing in a darkened room surrounded by tall poles. The only source of light was coming from the mirror that they were watching, which featured Takaomi floating. Their attire consist of long robes and fine velvet.

"Heh. He's returning to Nakatsukuni as we expected. Shall we implement the plan?"

"Oh yes. The time for Takaomi's 'awakening' has only begun."

"Then, I shall submit an analysis report to Master and ask Daes to go to Takaomi's current dwelling," one of the figures curtly bowed before teleporting himself out of the room. After the figure was fully gone, the mirror began to vibrate a small hum.

"It's been years, Takaomi. I wonder if you're any different now. Will you still remember me once you see my face?" the figure grinned to himself as he continued to watch the mirror.


The chimes of a giant clock rang ten times. A fifth grade boy woke up with a start as he found himself laying on the living room floor. His eyes looked around in puzzlement. The sounds of a soft padding of slippers could be heard coming from the first floor hallway.

"Takaomi? Is that you? Are you alright?" asked a concerned voice. The boy looked up to see a man's face popping out of the living room entrance with a look of concern.

"…..Eh? What happened? Why am I laying here? You could've at least have the decency to pick me up and put me to bed!"

"You don't remember? …..I'm sorry. It's just, your body wasn't… um… I was just worried that I might wake you up," his father, in truth, was afraid of saying that his body wasn't exactly there to begin with.

"Ha! Sure! I bet you want me to just lay here and suffer! That's what you're really thinking, right? What kind of parent are you anyways? Cruel? A heartless human being?"

"Takaomi… You're joking right? What's gotten into you?"

"……I… …," Takaomi responded with a shocked expression as if, he was suddenly splashed with cold water. What was he saying? Was this really him who's saying it? Suddenly, he felt his head starting to hurt. He clutched his head as his legs were now bending on the floor.

"Takaomi! What's wrong? Do you have a headache?" his father was fretting with panic and tried his best to support his son by holding onto his shoulders. Soon, after fifteen seconds of pain, Takaomi fainted letting his head hit his father's chest. Something terribly wrong happened that very night. Something incredibly wrong.

If everyone and everything was a dream, why am I still existing?

Because, not everything is as it seems, and not everything that's an illusion is false.

Well, if that's the case. I want to be someone who exists in truth.


>>>To be continued...