All President And Accounted For By FalconLobo

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What Do You Think Frankie Was About To Say Before Herriman Left After Losing The Presidency To Frankie? I Thought This How the Episode Should Have Ended

Herriman said to Frankie he was going to leave Foster's cause he felt he was not wanted.

Frankie said "I..." Herriman was almost out the door when Frankie felt her courage build up inside of her and she blurted out "I want you!"

Herriman was dumfounded by this, what did she mean she wanted him? She couldn't have meant she loved him could she?

He had to find out if she felt the same way about him that he felt about her. "Err Frankie what did you mean by you want me?" "What do you think it means you crazy rabbit?"

Herriman blushed and said "uh well I was hoping that it meant you liked or even loved me cause that's kind of the way I feel about you.

Also I'm sorry for the mudslinging. I was just a total idiot who could not express his feelings, and my wanting to keep being president got the better of me."

Frankie said blushing "I do love you ya long eared rabbit, but ya need to listen to the others for a change I mean if Two-head Fred needs a extra pillow why deny it I mean if you had an extra head I'd give you an extra pillow. Also if a Nocturnal Friend needs to sleep in the day and be awake at night well why go against nature and so on.

"All points noted I can see why they liked you better than me you are very smart and caring and I was a fool to think I could have beat you in a fair or unfair race.

Heck, even I like you better than me that's why I should leave, even though I love you I should not stand in your way."

"Herriman I think I have a better idea how about you stay the President and I could be your vice president to keep you in line and help ya out with my smarts and caring."

Herriman said "no that will not be good enough. But I might wonder if you would consider becoming my first lady?"

"Mr. H are you saying what I think you're saying?" He said "if you think I'm asking you to marry me then the answer might be yes, which depends on the question what will your answer be?"

"What Do Think Ya Crazy Rabbit?" Drawing him into a big kiss and with him kissing her back they both knew the answers to both questions were yes.

The End