Sitting over by the bar was Logan and Asha.

"Asha you like Alec, don't you?" Logan asked

"That's a rather random question but yes. Not that it matters he's with Max" Asha stared into her glass of beer.

"Well, i've been thinking of a way to split them up but i'm going to need your help" Logan informed her.

"Sure spill" Asha smiled at the thought of them not being together.

"Well, we wait until Alec leaves the table and you can make Max jealous and hate Alec cause she'll see him kissing you" Logan told her revenge clearly shown in his eyes.

" you want me to kiss Alec so Max thinks he's being unfaithful" Asha replied

"That's the plan" Logan said

"Okay, i'm good to go. What about Max?" Asha asked

"I'm going to try and do the same to her" Logan answered

"This is a rather good plan" Asha smiled and both humans waited until Alec left the table.

"I'll get us another pitcher" Max stood up ready to leave the table.

"No, let me Maxie" Alec gently took her hand and placed it to his lips.

"Hurray back" she smiled

"I will" he returned the smile and left the table.

"Nows you chance" Logan whispered to Asha who immediately left the table and headed in Alec's direction.

Alec asked for a pitcher of beer at the bar once he was given it he felt a hand on his arm thinking it was Max he turned around and smiled. Lips pushed against his, Alecs senses couldn't pick up Max scent.

Mean while at the table Max turned around to see what keeping her mate. The smile was wiped right off her face when she seen Alec and Asha lock lips.

"Cindy i gotta bounce" Max said and shrugged on her jacket.

"What's up boo" Cindy turned to face Max then followed her gaze to Asha and Alec.

"You go girl. Let Original Cindy sort him out for messin with her boo" Cindy added quickly hugging Max.

"Thanks. Speak to you later OC" Max was on the verge of tears.

"Sure thing" Cindy answered and watched Max leave.

Only Max didn't reach the fresh air outside the door as there was a barricade in the way, Logan.

"Maxie, i'm sorry, you know i'm always here for you" Logan told her as he tried to hug Max.

"Get out of my way" she growled and pushed him aside.

"Max you should be with me not him doesn't this prove Alec doesn't care about you" Logan called but Max kept running and running until she was at the Space Needle where she let the hurt, pain and uncontrollable sobs consume her. Max fell to her knees and the rain came pouring down ontop of her as she hurried her head in her hands.

"Asha what are you doing?" Alec pushed her away and held her at arms length.

"Kissing you cause i love you" she smiled up at him trying to kiss him again.

"I love Max" he reminded her as he pulled away.

"Why do you want her when you can have me?" Asha asked

"Out of my way" Alec growled heading over to Cindy.

"Alec your throwing away us" Asha called from behind him.

"Cindy where's Max?" Alec rushed the words out.

"Ouch! What was that for?" Alec asked rubbing his face where Original Cindy just slapped him.

"Messin with my boo. Original Cindy don't like that and is now gonna put a smack down on your sorry ass" Cindy lifted her hand again but Alec caught it.

"Cindy i didn't kiss her. Asha came onto me i swear i wouldn't do that to Max" Alec told her.

Both Cindy and Alec turned to see Asha and Logan arguing about how their plan failed.

"I gotta find Max" Alec told both Cindy and himself.

"She's at the Space Needle" Oc informed him.

"Thanks, Cindy" Alec headed towards the door.

"Aiight" Cindy answered then went over to Asha and Logan and started shouting at them.

Alec ran all the way to the Space Needle then as soon as the door closed behind him Alec blurred to the top. He could clearly hear Maxs soft sobs. He slowly climbed out of the broken window and walked up to Max.

"Why was i so stupid?" she whispered to herself

"Max" Alec whispered as he kneeled down next to her and tried to hug her.

"Alec go away, i can't believe you'd do that to me" Max hissed at him as she stood up, turned her back to him while wiping her tears away and headed for the broken window.

"No, Max listen it isn't what you think. She came into me" Alec quickly found out how annoyed Max was when she turned around and punched him hard in the jaw.

"You didn't seem to be pushing her away" Max yelled at him.

"I thought she was you but realise it wasn't look just listen" Alec tried to explain.

"No, you listen. I finally managed to get the words out and tell you that i love you, Then you asked me to be your mate and this is what you do to me..go and kiss another girl. I don't want to talk to you anymore" Max cut in. she turned to leave but Alec blurred closer and grabbed her hand.

"Let go" Max growled looking into his eyes

"I can't lose you" he whispered

"Well you should have thought about that beforeing sticking you tongue down Ashas throat" Max snapped.

"Max i'm telling you i didn't make a move on her" Alec confessed.

"Whatever you need to tell yourslef" Max pulled her hand away from Alecs grip and blurred inside the broken window.

She sighed in relief as she couldn't sense Alec follow her but her senses kicked in at the last minute but it was too late as Alec blurredup behind her and tackled her to the ground. He pinned Max underneath him, she throw punch after punch until Alec caught both her fists in his hands and held them there.

"You can't run away from this Max. Logan and Asha teamed up to try and split us up" Alec softly told a wriggling Max who was trying to escape.

"Your liying" Max retorted

"No i'm not. If you don't believe me ask Cindy" Alec answered Max stopped struggling and looked deep into his eyes.

"How could you?" Max whispered

"I didn't do anything wrong" He answered

"But you did" Max replied

"Kiss me?" Alec softly ordered

"What?" Max thought she had miss heard him.

"You heard" he answered

"Hell no. Not after you've kissed her" Max said refering to Asha.

"Well if you do you'll know if i kissed Asha or not because her taste would be in my mouth" Alec informed Max.

Slowly Alec leaned over Max and their lips met for a slow kiss as both transgenics tongues searched and explored soon the kiss transformed passionately.

"Sorry i punched you" Max apologised as she gently rubbed the area of his face where it was slightly red. She now knew he didn't kiss her back but pushed her away.

"I'm alright Maxie" Alec stood up and held out his hand for hers which she took and he pulled her to her feet.

"I'm sorry about know" Max hugged him.

"It's fine i would have thought the same in that situation" Alec answered

"Let's go home" Alec smiled

"I agree" Max answered.

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