Chapter 3: Twenty-Five Years Later

Archie and Edith were much older at this point. Back in 1981, Archie threw his new IBM computer in the garbage, as he could not get it working correctly. From that moment on, he decided that computers were the evilest thing that ever existed, and he vowed never to buy or use one ever again.

It was now 2006, however, and it was harder not to use a computer. Archie was watching TV, when an advertisement appeared.

"Introducing Microsoft Windows Vista," a voice narrated. "The newest operating system and the descendant from Microsoft Windows XP. Get it on your PC now."

"Here we go again," Archie moaned. "I already said I ain't getting a computer, and I never will."

The narrator said, "But if you can't get Windows Vista on your computer because you don't even have a computer…then you're an old fart."

"Oh, shaddup, you!" Archie shouted.

The End