Chapter 9: Home Again

The Griffins and the Hills went to the child services center and explained the situation to the employees. They looked over the paperwork and voided the papers that the Hills had signed. Meg officially belonged to the Griffins. She was a bit uneasy, fearing more abuse from Peter. But Hank gave him a stern warning, telling him to clean up his act. Peter willingly agreed, fearing to get in another fight with Hank. After all, Hank was four inches taller than Peter and ten times as strong, so it was easy for him to win.

The Griffins and the Hills returned to the Griffin residence. "We're very sorry to cause all this trouble," Hank said. "We weren't aware of what was going on."

"It's all right," Lois said. "At least we got Meg back," she said, hugging her. "Won't you stay for dinner?"

"Yes ma'am," Hank said. "That would be very nice. Are you cooking our meal with propane?" Everyone groaned, and Hank laughed. "I'm just kidding, it's okay if your stove is electric."

That night, the Griffins and the Hills ate dinner together. Both families shared many hilarious experiences that they had. Even Brian joined in the conversation, and needless to say, the Hills were shocked to see a talking dog. Meg wasn't kidding after all.

Later, Hank, Peggy, and Bobby decided to leave for Texas. "Well, we'd better be on our way," Hank said. "Bye, y'all. Oh, and Peter," he said, taking him aside. Hank gave him a stern look in the eye. "Remember…I meant what I said. You mess with your kids, you mess with me. Got it?"

"Y-y-yes," Peter said, feeling very scared.

"Bye, now," Hank said, waving bye to the Griffins and shutting the door.

Lois went up to Meg and hugged her. "Oh, Meg, it's good to have you back," Lois said.

"You too, Mom," Meg said.

Peter walked over. "Meg…listen, I'm sorry about all that stuff I did," he said.

"All right, I forgive you," Meg said. Then, she and Peter hugged. "I'm going to my room now," she smiled. She then ran upstairs and suddenly screamed. "Who turned my room into an arcade?"

Everyone downstairs looked at Peter. "Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe," he giggled nervously.

The End