Played by DD Agent

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me; all of them belong to CBS etc.

Spoilers: 'The Unusual suspect' Season 6, episode 18.

I was watching 'The Unusual Suspect' and I found that it was the best episode I had watched all series. So, I wrote a drabble. I'm so busy at the moment with school and other writing that I'm just going to be writing a collection of drabbles to entertain. Read and review if you like.


The little girl went back to her mother, and all Sara could do was stare after her.

A thousand things should have been going through her mind.

I have to tell Nick. I have to stop her brother walking out of this station.

But all she could think about was one tiny thought.

I was wrong.

She had let this girl play her. Using her kind attitude and her sympathy against her to make her feel sorry for the girl.

Because she wanted to believe the best in people a cold-blooded killer was walking out of their front door.