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It was not five minutes after they confessed their feelings that Duck and Fakir became the center of the school's gossip. Pique and Lilie had happened to walk by the corridor at the very moment the couple had exited the rehearsal room and begun their relationship-changing conversation. Their enthusiasm possessed them to run away and scream and squeal about the turn of events, often insulting Duck and occasionally Fakir in the process. Of course, such noise could not help but be overheard, and so a good majority of the school's small population overheard, who in turn told their classmates and friends about the gossip, who told their friends, and so on.

This shocking turn of events gave many students courage to talk to their secret crushes. "If Duck and Fakir can be a couple, then we definitely can be!" was a phrase often tossed around quite a bit. It became a day almost as lovey-dovey as Valentine's Day. Thus, when Duck and Fakir exited the school twenty minutes later, they saw very many couples blushing and giggling.

"What did we miss?" Duck asked, dumbfounded.

"No idea," Fakir replied.

A couple happened to pass by Fakir and Duck. They promptly did a double-take and gushed over how it's thanks to the knight and duck they were able to get together and congratulations and let them know if they ever want to go on a double date!

This consequently made Duck and Fakir turn dark red, and it also made the rest of the students on campus aware of the inspirational duo's presence. The other students came up with beaming faces, which made the new couple nervous and caused them to apologize and leave before any more embarrassing comments could be made. However, their sudden departure caused a fresh new rumor: that the reason they were leaving so suddenly was because they were going on their first date.

"H-how did they know?" Duck squeaked, feeling her heart pound as they quickly walked away from school grounds.

"I don't know, but whoever blabbed, I want to kill them."

"Well," Duck said with a nervous laugh, "I guess they were bound to find out soon enough."

Fakir only looked away, letting out something that sounded suspiciously like a childish "hmph!".

This only caused Duck to laugh again.

There was no handholding, kissing, or any other affectionate action. In fact, they were acting more like their old selves, like the people they were before love found them. In this awkward stage, which was much like uncharted territory, they were unsure and hesitant, not knowing what to do now that their mutual wish had come true.

But there were some barely noticeable differences. Fakir did not walk as far from Duck as he used to, and despite their embarrassment, they were still more relaxed than they had been when they were sort-of enemies.

The air between them was different as well. It was almost sparkling, or perhaps that was only Drosselmeyer's doing, trying his hand at writing a romance that wouldn't end in tragedy...hopefully. And there was an affectionate gleam in their eyes which they now no longer attempted to veil.

And there was also that small smile that Fakir wore when he was certain Duck wasn't looking.

Swan Lake received fantastic reviews. Fakir was honored for his bold and engaging adaption of Von Rothbart's character. Duck was declared in one paper as "very elegant, despite not being the best dancer mechanically. She stole our hearts." Fakir did not hesitate to point out to her that it was probably the only time she would be described as elegant, and she had better enjoy it while it lasted.

"You're mean," she had huffed.

To celebrate their success, Charon had invited Duck over to have dinner. He had gotten the truth out of Fakir after Charon had overheard some gossip about the new couple and wanted to see if they had indeed gotten together. Upon hearing Fakir's mumbled affirmation, Charon decided to back off and merely said, "Finally!"

And so, along with a boyfriend, Duck felt a bit like she had gained a family. Charon was what she had always imagined a father was, and he already thought of her as a daughter (and, he thought, it would not be surprising if she someday became his daughter-in-law...but that was a long way off).

Duck could not remember a time when she was happier.

And her joy increased when Fakir discovered a hidden ability: Apparently he was Drosselmeyer's successor. Kraehe, who had disappeared for some time, returned a few weeks after Swan Lake premiered, and Fakir quickly but carefully wove a peaceful and happy conclusion to the story. Kraehe returned to simply Rue, and Mytho's heart fully returned to him. And Fakir managed to enable Duck to stay human, although she was no longer able to transform into Princess Tutu. Furthermore, all the students at school returned to human form and were no longer the peculiar animals they had once been.

It was truly a happy ending.

"Hey Lilie?"

"Yes, Duck?"

"I was just wondering: Are you related to Drosselmeyer?"

Lilie tilted her head. "Who?"

"Well, you both love misfortunes and you both think it makes things so much more interesting... Doesn't she remind you of Drosselmeyer, Fakir?"

Fakir shuddered.

"I take that as a yes."

He glanced up at her. "I always wanted to ask: Why do we have to sit with them during lunch, anyway?"

"Hey!" Pique huffed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You guys insisted on making sure I wasn't going to go out with her just for kicks and to make her cry, and so you demanded on sitting with us that first month." His eyes were closed, but his eyebrow was twitching, giving away his irritation. "But it's been six months now. What the heck?"

"Because it'll be even better if you break up with her now!" Lilie said with a smile. "Now that Duck's in a steady relationship, she'll really cry if you break up with her!"

"I hate you guys," Duck muttered, her face paling at the very thought of breaking up.

"I'm not breaking up with her!" Fakir said, his eyebrow twitching even more now.

"Are you sure?" Pique and Lilie said in unison, leaning towards him.

"Yes! Now, come on, Duck!" he ordered, grabbing his lunch and going towards a different tree to sit under.

"Uh, wait!"

"Now, Duck!"

"Okay, okay!"

They sat under a nearby tree to make sure Pique and Lilie stayed away from them. For added emphasis, Fakir took out a piece of paper and wrote how Pique and Lilie grew bored of spying on them and tried acting like normal people for once.

Duck read this, and while she laughed--especially after seeing that Pique and Lilie had, in real life, shrugged and went inside the school--she couldn't help but ask, "Is it okay for you to abuse your power like that?"

"Probably not, but what I'm doing isn't on the scale of what Drosselmeyer did, so it can't be that bad."


The soft wind blew, ruffling their clothes and causing their hair to sway.



"Do you really think we'll last?"

Fakir glanced down at her. He sighed, as though it was some bothersome topic, and put an arm around her. "Let's see. After all we went through, I think we can handle staying in love, don't you?"

Duck glanced up at him, too. She smiled and laid her head on his chest. "Yeah." Because the feelings of a duck and her knight could not disappear so easily.

And so, as all stories not written by Drosselmeyer end, they all lived happily ever after.

The End.